Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3727

Chapter 801 – Second Seal Undone
Crucible of the Ancients, Private Lounge:

“Guild Leader, why did you call me here so urgently? Did something happen?” Gentle Snow asked when she entered the lounge and saw Shi Feng holding a stone tablet.

Currently, the parties remaining in the championship were taking advantage of the break time after the second match to either rest or study their opponents. This break period was especially important for their party, as their opponent in the second round would be the Earthen Princess Party.

Not much needed to be said about the strength of the previous championship’s runner-up. The Earthen Princess Party was undoubtedly one of the favorites to win the championship this time. In fact, after the Earthen Princess Party’s performance in the first round, many had already deemed it as strong as the previous season’s champion. After all, Rin was the only noteworthy member of the Earthen Princess Party in the last championship. Meanwhile, First Light, one of the Earthen Princess Party’s latest additions, had shown himself to be nearly as strong as Rin.

If Rin and First Light worked together, defeating Garuda, who was regarded as the strongest expert in the previous championship, wouldn’t be out of the question. Hence, the Earthen Princess Party was, without a doubt, the Verdant Rainbow Party’s biggest hurdle in getting into the top 8.

Yet, instead of researching the Earthen Princess Party, Shi Feng disappeared after the first match, leaving the five of them wondering how they were supposed to deal with the Earthen Princess Party…

“I made a deal with Demon’s Gate’s Elise. Her party will swap opponents with us in the next round,” Shi Feng said before handing the Sixth Goddess Tablet to Gentle Snow. “She also agreed to lend us this Goddess Tablet for a day. I have already learned the Legacy I wanted from the tablet, so I’ll leave it with you for the remaining time. If you can learn the Legacies inside before our next match, it will increase our party’s strength considerably.”

“The Goddess’s Legacies?” Gentle Snow revealed a shocked expression as she looked at the Goddess Tablet in her hands. “She’s even willing to share such a thing?”

For any player who had studied the Greater God’s Domain’s history, they would understand the significance of the Goddess of Space’s Legacies. Gentle Snow, who had received the Goddess’s Guidance, understood their significance even better. If any apex power were to discover the existence of any of the Goddess’s Legacies, they would do anything to make it theirs. This was also why Shi Feng required those he chose to sign a highly restrictive confidentiality contract before he allowed them to undergo the Goddess Armament’s trials.

Hence, Gentle Snow couldn’t help but find it unbelievable that Elise would share the Goddess’s Legacies with Zero Wing just to fight the Earthen Princess Party.

It should be known that the Goddess’s Guidance she received did not provide her with any specific Legacy. She was merely put through various combat situations to gain experience. If she wanted to inherit the Goddess’s Legacies, she would need to learn how to put these experiences into practice. In contrast, Legacy Tablets had clearly defined Legacies that players could learn simply through imitation. The difference in difficulty between the two learning processes was like night and day.

“Why wouldn’t she?” Shi Feng answered nonchalantly. “Elise is very ambitious this time around. She might even be aiming to become the champion, seeing as she has come prepared to fight the Divine Fist Party and the Earthen Princess Party. With the participants this season being much stronger, it would be in her best interest to encounter her strongest opponents as soon as possible. That way, she can face them before she exposes her trump cards. Even if she ultimately fails to become the champion, so long as her party enters the top four, the rewards she can receive will be no less than the Legacies contained in this Goddess Tablet.”

The Goddess Tablets were indeed precious. However, compared to going beyond Tier 6, even the Sixth Goddess Tablet could be regarded as insignificant.

Going by Elise’s behavior, it was likely she had learned something about the rewards. Hence, she was willing to enter the top four at all costs. Shi Feng wouldn’t even discount the possibility that the woman was aiming to win the championship. After all, even among the top four, there were significant differences between the rewards granted to each rank.

“I understand,” Gentle Snow said as she looked at the Goddess Tablet with a serious gaze. She was determined to learn at least one Goddess Legacy before their party’s next match.

“I’ll leave these three Eternal God Crystals with you. Try to learn at least one of the Legacies in this thing. If you succeed, our party will have an easier time in the next match,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he took out three Eternal God Crystals and gave them to Gentle Snow.

Normally, even talented players would need weeks to learn a Goddess Legacy. However, Gentle Snow had experience dealing with Goddess Legacies. If she also had the help of Eternal God Crystals, it should be possible for her to learn a Goddess Legacy in a day.

Not to mention, Gentle Snow’s talent for combat was superior to even Shi Feng’s, having achieved the pseudo-sixth-floor standard in Shi Feng’s previous life. Although Gentle Snow had her growth delayed for several years in the current timeline, the fact that she could pass some of the Goddess Armament’s trials proved that her talent remained unchanged.

If Gentle Snow could fully master a Goddess Legacy, paired with the gravity manipulation technique she had grasped, her combat power would skyrocket. At that time, it wouldn’t even be surprising if she could fight Unthinking Realm experts.

Subsequently, Shi Feng left Gentle Snow to her own devices while he made his way to a different lounge with protection that could withstand attacks from even Level 200 Ancient Gods.

VIP Advanced Lounge:

Shi Feng held the Shadow Incinerator with both hands as he sat in the middle of the room. At the same time, he repeatedly conjured mental blades in his mind, preparing to strike at the mental nodes of the Shadow Incinerator’s second seal.

I failed the last time I tried with my Concentration at the Tier 6 Peak standard. Now that I can elevate it to rival the Tier 6 Limit standard, I should have no trouble breaking the second seal. After inspecting the Shadow Incinerator’s second seal, Shi Feng immediately bombarded it with the mental blades he conjured.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Previously, Shi Feng could not damage the second seal in the slightest. This time, though, a tiny crack appeared after he had attacked the seal multiple times. Although the crack was so small that one would miss it without careful observation, it was a crack nonetheless.

It’s working! Shi Feng was ecstatic when he saw the tiny crack.

The Shadow Incinerator was a Godly Relic superior to even Divine Artifacts. This could be seen simply from the power the Shadow Incinerator could exhibit after having only its first seal removed. Although the current Shadow Incinerator was weaker than actual Divine Artifact-ranked weapons, it was already comparable to Fragmented Divine Artifact-ranked weapons. If all its seals were removed, it would definitely surpass Divine Weapons.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, Crimson Wing Ife, the strongest Demigod in the Greater God’s Domain, had slain eight Ancient Gods consecutively using the Shadow Incinerator. Under normal circumstances, even the strongest Divine Weapon in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain shouldn’t be able to let a Demigod slay even one Ancient God, let alone eight Ancient Gods.

Immediately, Shi Feng held back his excitement and resumed his bombardment of the second seal.

Although the Shadow Incinerator’s second seal was unimaginably tough, more and more cracks appeared under Shi Feng’s bombardment. Moreover, the rate at which the cracks appeared increased over time. Meanwhile, after Shi Feng persisted for over 40 hours and started to grow dizzy, a crisp shattering sound echoed in the lounge.


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