Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3728

Chapter 802 – Star Maiden vs Earthen Princess

VIP Advanced Lounge:

Following the crisp shattering sound, the Shadow Incinerator ignited into flames, the dark red flames impacting the room’s defensive barrier and causing it to tremble violently.

What a powerful mental deterrence!

Shi Feng felt he was looking at a Primordial God awakening as he looked at the Shadow Incinerator. If he hadn’t artificially elevated his Concentration to the Tier 6 Limit standard, he might have even had difficulty moving in the Shadow Incinerator’s presence.

Moreover, the Shadow Incinerator’s mental deterrence wasn’t the only thing that had undergone a significant transformation. The weapon’s body turned completely pitch-black, with faint black smoke rising from it. The weapon also radiated an intense heat that scorched the space within the lounge.

[Shadow Incinerator (Dark Soul)] (One-handed Sword, Sealed Godly Relic)
Equipment Requirement: Soul-Bound
Attack Power (1,400% of Strength)
Attack Speed (5% of Strength and Agility)
All Attributes (Increases according to the user’s level)

When equipped:
Attacks ignore 100% of all defensive effects;
Attacks have a 50% chance of triggering the Soul Devour effect;
Attacks have a 100% chance of being elevated by one rank and dealing 1,000% damage;
Attacks cause an additional 200% damage to all creatures below Tier 6;
Ignore Levels +80;
All Attributes increased by 300%;
Physique increased by 200%;
Reaction speed increased by 120%;
Effects of all attacks increased by two ranks (up to Tier 6 Limit);
The strength of Mana increased by one rank (up to Tier 6 Limit);
Concentration increased by one rank (up to Tier 6 Limit).

Additional Passive Skill-
Incinerator’s Body: Weakens all damage received by 80% and increases World Perception by one rank.

Additional Profound Skill 1-
Incinerator’s Phantasm: Sacrifice 20 Levels to summon the Phantasm of a player. The Phantasm can only be two tiers higher than the Shadow Incinerator’s wielder (up to Tier 6).
Duration: 10 minutes
Cooldown: 3 natural days

Additional Profound Skill 2-
The End: Sacrifice the wielder’s soul, reducing the wielder’s level by one as a result, to incite all of the Shadow Incinerator’s power to deal a devastating blow to a 50,000-yard radius. The stronger the soul sacrificed, the stronger the attack will be (up to Tier 6 Limit).
Cooldown: 30 minutes

Additional Profound Skill 3-
Scorching Flame: Sacrifice a portion of the wielder’s soul to attach the Flames of Shadow to the Shadow Incinerator. The Flames of Shadow can destroy all weapons and equipment below the Legendary rank and damage those below the Divine Artifact rank.
Duration: 5 minutes
Cooldown: 1 natural day

Additional Profound Skill 4-
World’s Descent: With the wielder as the center, call down a complete world to strengthen the wielder’s Law Projection.
Duration: 5 minutes
Cooldown: 1 hour

The myriad Ancient Gods have placed four seals on the Shadow Incinerator. Two of the seals have been lifted thus far. Wielding the Shadow Incinerator will cause continuous mental scorching. Deaths while wielding the Shadow Incinerator will result in a loss of 50 points in all Attributes.

What heaven-defying Attributes!

Shi Feng’s jaw dropped when he finished reading through the Shadow Incinerator’s updated Attributes.

Even when comparing Basic Attributes only, the Shadow Incinerator was superior to most Fragmented Divine Artifacts. As for its Attack Power, it was simply absurd. For comparison, Gentle Snow’s Chaos Windblade, despite being a two-handed weapon, only took 1,600% of its wielder’s Strength Attribute as its Attack Power. Meanwhile, the Shadow Incinerator, despite being a one-handed weapon, took 1,400% of its wielder’s Strength Attribute as its Attack Power.

However, compared to the Shadow Incinerator’s Basic Attributes, the absurdity of its offensive effects and the limits of these effects was on a whole other level.

As a Fragmented Divine Artifact, the Chaos Windblade had already reached the rank’s limits. Even so, the limits of the weapon’s effects could only reach the Tier 6 Peak standard. This was also the limit of virtually all other Fragmented Divine Artifacts. Yet, the Shadow Incinerator had broken this norm, its effects having the potential to achieve the Tier 6 Limit standard.

What did it mean to reach the Tier 6 Limit standard?

Most players in God’s Domain would only assume it to be the limits of Tier 6 players, which, in the best-case scenario, would translate to the Tier 6 God standard. Hence, it couldn’t be considered anything significant.

However, players with experience fighting Ancient Gods would know that wasn’t actually the case. Instead, the Tier 6 Limit mentioned in weapon and equipment introductions referred to the limits any creature could achieve before they went beyond Tier 6.

Currently, only Primordial God-ranked existences were known to have gone beyond Tier 6. Besides them, the strongest creatures in God’s Domain had yet to go beyond Tier 6. In other words, the Shadow Incinerator’s effects could achieve near-Primordial God standards and rival the effects of many Divine Artifact-ranked weapons.

My current Basic Attributes can rival Holy Children armed with three Divine Artifacts. When Shi Feng sensed the improvement in his Basic Attributes, he discovered that the overall improvement he received from the Shadow Incinerator was comparable to that of a Divine Artifact-ranked one-handed weapon. Once he paired the Shadow Incinerator with the new God Chaser Set, not even players equipped with three Divine Artifacts should consider surpassing him. Now, he truly was strong enough to win the entire championship.

Before Shi Feng could familiarize himself with the Shadow Incinerator, he suddenly received a call from Verdant Rainbow.

“How is your rest coming along, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Verdant Rainbow asked anxiously. “The second round’s first match is about to begin.”

“So much time has passed already?” Shi Feng was a little surprised. He didn’t think he had spent over 40 hours undoing the second seal.

“We need you to come over quickly. Although the Star Maiden Party has agreed to switch opponents with us, we can’t do the switch unless all party members are present,” Verdant Rainbow said, feeling exasperated when she saw Shi Feng’s look of realization.

Shi Feng was the one who negotiated the deal with Elise to switch opponents. Yet, even though the match was about to start, he was nowhere to be seen.

“Okay, I’ll go over immediately,” Shi Feng said, smiling awkwardly. Then, he disconnected the call and hurried to the main event venue.

Crucible of the Ancients:

At this time, the first round of the main event had concluded, and the members of the top 32 parties were quietly waiting outside the ring for the second round to start.

“What’s gotten into the Star Maiden? Why did she agree to switch opponents with the Verdant Rainbow Party? Does she not care about ranking this time?”

“It is indeed strange. Not to mention, aren’t Demon’s Gate and Zero Wing hostile to one another? What’s with the sudden change?”

“Aren’t you guys jumping to conclusions? Don’t forget that Elise was regarded by many as a strong contender for the top five experts in the last championship, and the primary reason her party got stopped in the top 16 was her weak party members. Now that the Star Maiden Party has recruited stronger members, the Earthen Princess Party should be in for a tough fight.”

A heated debate erupted among the spectators when they saw the Star Maiden Party walking into the ring with the Earthen Princess Party. On one side, some cast doubt over Elise’s decision to fight the former runner-up so soon into the championship. On the other side, some looked forward to the clash between Star Maiden Elise and Earthen Princess Rin.

In the previous championship, Elise was the strongest female expert among the human race’s representatives, while Rin was the strongest female expert among the Crystallian race’s representatives. Although Rin’s party had won second place in the last championship, as the two women had never clashed, nobody knew who was stronger. Now, though, everyone would finally get to see who was stronger.

Amidst the spectators’ cheers and debates, the ancient being hovering above the ring announced the start of the second round’s first match.

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