Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3729

Chapter 803 – Terrifying

“It’s finally beginning.” While watching Rin and Elise facing each other in the ring, Garuda glanced at his party members and said, “Rin is one of the few among the Crystallians’ younger generation who is about to cross that step. Her offensive measures are ever-changing and unpredictable, and she is one of the few experts who can put me under pressure.

“Elise is also incredibly talented, and I found myself shuddering when I saw the power she wielded previously. A clash between them can be regarded as an apex battle between the younger generation of our three races. If you all intend to achieve further breakthroughs, I suggest you observe the upcoming fight seriously.”

“Lord Garuda, is that human woman really strong enough to fight Rin?” Extreme Feather curiously asked as she looked at Elise, who was holding a black book. “Rin is an expert nearing the sixth-floor standard, while Elise… No matter how I look at it, she should have only entered the Unthinking Realm recently. In a situation where both of them are equipped with two Divine Artifacts, I can’t see how Elise is supposed to be a threat to Rin.”

Most Holy Race players operating on the Western Continent had never heard of Elise the Star Maiden. However, many knew of Rin the Earthen Princess. This was because Rin was one of the few experts who had reached the pseudo-sixth-floor standard, and she could be considered an apex existence, even if put among the Holy Race.

If not for the Holy Race having Garuda, a peerless paragon[1] that would only appear once every few centuries, Rin definitely would have been the champion of the last Continental Championship.

In contrast, not only was Elise from the human race, the weakest out of the three races operating in the Eternal Realm, but her combat standard was also inferior to Rin’s. In a situation where both sides had roughly equal Basic Attributes, Extreme Feather found it hard to imagine how Elise could defeat Rin.

It should be known that there were significant differences between a novice Unthinking Realm expert and a pseudo-sixth-floor expert. Although both could move their bodies entirely based on instinct, the pseudo-sixth-floor expert would have already developed their Concentration to the Tier 6 Peak standard. The pseudo-sixth-floor expert would have also relied on their Concentration to develop a complete set of Gold Combat Techniques, no longer having flaws in their offense, defense, and movement.

Meanwhile, players would have a much better foundation when using their self-developed combat techniques than combat techniques learned from others. Players could also execute their self-developed combat techniques perfectly and achieve stronger effects than combat techniques learned from others.

“You’ll know once you see Elise in battle. The combat techniques she has learned are far from ordinary,” Garuda said, chuckling. However, he did not bother offering any additional explanations.

Hearing this, Extreme Feather focused her gaze on Rin and Elise.

Meanwhile, aside from Garuda’s party members, Shi Feng and the others were similarly wondering how the fight between Rin and Elise would play out.

The match between the Star Maiden Party and the Earthen Princess Party took place in the middle of a tropical rainforest with a canopy over a hundred meters high. Raindrops the size of ping pong balls also constantly fell from the sky, reducing the visibility in the forest and preventing even Tier 6 players from seeing more than ten meters ahead.

When the match began, the members of the Star Maiden Party and the Earthen Princess Party were scattered across the map.

Initially, everyone spectating the match thought it would take a while before any fight started between the two parties. However, contrary to everyone’s expectations, shortly after the match began, two players already met and stood facing each other. One was Rin, a six-meter-tall Crystallian who wielded a staff, while the other was Elise, a petite human who wielded a black book.

“Star Maiden. I found it a pity that I didn’t get to fight you last time. Now, I can finally get my wish,” Rin said. Then, she glanced curiously at the book in Elise’s hands and asked, “Aren’t you going to open it?”

The black book Elise wielded was famous in the last championship. Nobody knew exactly what the black book’s quality was, but as long as it was open, it could help Elise chant her Spells and even increase the Completion Rate of her Spells. Hence, when Elise took a fight seriously, she would always open her black book first and foremost.

Yet, the Star Maiden had surprisingly chosen not to open her black book.

“I will open it when necessary,” Elise calmly said as she faced her giant opponent. “Make your move.”

Taking Elise on her offer, Rin initiated the fight without hesitation. Immediately, the staff she wielded separated from her hand and began to rotate in the air. Simultaneously, the land within a 10,000-yard radius began to rise like the folds of a dumpling while the hills and mountains transformed into earthen arms that grabbed at Elise. From afar, it looked like Elise had become enemies with the land, and it was a horrifying sight to behold.

Is this the Earthen Princess’s strength? Verdant Rainbow’s complexion turned ugly as she watched Rin’s display.

Everything within sight had virtually become Elise’s enemy. Additionally, the several dozen hands formed from hills and mountains possessed Strength rivaling Level 200 Ancient Gods, and each executed techniques that resembled Gold Combat Techniques. It was like several dozen Ancient Gods were executing Gold Combat Techniques against Elise simultaneously…



The Earthen Princess had achieved the extremes in both aspects, and Verdant Rainbow couldn’t even imagine defeating her.

However, unlike Verdant Rainbow, Elise remained calm, even after seeing the Earthen Princess revealing her trademark move. She also didn’t bother to open her black book as she faced the dozens of earthen hands threatening to crush her. Instead, she simply pointed a finger at Rin.

Suddenly, the sky above Rin shattered, and a meteorite spanning 10,000 meters emerged from the void. The meteorite’s descent was as fast as lightning, and it was obvious it would hit Rin before the earthen hands could crush Elise.

This scene startled Rin. In a panic, she manipulated the land surrounding her, calling forth waves of earth to stop the descending meteorite.


A loud explosion echoed across the battlefield, and a mushroom cloud rose tens of thousands of meters into the sky. Then, a devastating shockwave quickly followed, sweeping across the map and turning everything in its path into ruins. A massive crater spanning over half the battlefield and measuring 10,000 meters deep could also be seen forming.


At this moment, silence enveloped the Crucible of the Ancients as everyone tried to come to terms with what they had just witnessed.

The Earthen Princess was gone…

Rin, regarded as the strongest Crystallian representative in the Continental Championship, failed to survive even one move against Elise…

Meanwhile, Elise did not reveal any particular emotions, even after successfully eliminating Rin. She simply flew off to eliminate the other members of the Earthen Princess Party, behaving like she had just completed a trivial task.

TL Notes:
[1]peerless paragon:
So, it seems that “peerless paragon” is another way of referring to “chosen ones.” I guess “peerless paragon” can be used to cover independent players as well since unless they are part of an adventurer team, there isn’t anybody to “choose” them.

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