Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3730

Chapter 804 – Tier 6 Limit Concentration
A suffocating silence enveloped the Crucible of the Ancients as everyone stared at the screen above the ring in disbelief.

Rin, the Earthen Princess, was regarded as the number two expert in the last Continental Championship. She was strong in both offense and defense. Her ability to control the battlefield was also unrivaled, and facing her was akin to facing the land itself. Even Divine Fist Garuda, the number one expert in the last championship, had taken considerable time to wear her out and kill her.

Yet, now, the Earthen Princess had failed to survive even one move against Elise…

Is she really that Star Maiden? At this time, Verdant Rainbow was similarly in disbelief as she looked at Elise.

Although Demon’s Gate’s Star Maiden was known as a peerless paragon, her combat standard was not much stronger than the peerless paragons nurtured by other apex powers. This was information that the Seven Luminaries Alliance had obtained, so it couldn’t be wrong.

Additionally, in the last Continental Championship, although Elise was regarded as the strongest player among the human race’s representatives, she was only considered one of the top five experts in the whole championship. She was deemed to be considerably weaker than Garuda and Rin. Yet, now, Elise had defeated Rin with ease. It was like she had transformed into a completely different person.

“How did Elise get so strong?” Death Wind muttered. Compared to Verdant Rainbow, he was even more shocked by Elise’s performance.

As a spy planted in the Seven Luminaries Alliance by Demon’s Gate, Death Wind understood Demon’s Gate’s Three Great Chosen Ones better than anyone in the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

Although Elise’s combat standard was the strongest of the Three Great Chosen Ones, if pitted against the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Verdant Rainbow, she should only win six out of ten fights. But now, Elise had already ascended to a height that Death Wind couldn’t even comprehend.

“Is this the true strength of the various apex powers’ chosen ones?” Gentle Snow was also greatly shocked as she watched Elise proceed to eliminate the rest of the Earthen Princess Party.

Originally, when Gentle Snow successfully learned a Goddess Legacy from the Sixth Goddess Tablet, she thought her strength had risen to a point where she could match the various apex powers’ chosen ones already. In fact, she felt that she could even beat these chosen ones with the help of the God Chaser Set.

However, after seeing Elise’s performance, Gentle Snow couldn’t help but rethink her evaluation. After all, even if she put the Goddess Legacy she had just learned into practice, she doubted she could achieve strength anywhere near what Elise had just displayed.

“No, not at all. This strength is not something the various apex powers’ chosen ones can achieve right now,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “Elise can only achieve such strength because her Concentration has already reached the Tier 6 Limit standard, which, in turn, lets her utilize 100% of her Divine Artifacts’ potential. Meanwhile, Rin, caught unprepared, got one-shotted by Elise.”

“Does Tier 6 Limit Concentration grant such incredible strength?” Gentle Snow looked at Shi Feng in surprise.

The number of Divine Artifacts the Earthen Princess had equipped definitely wasn’t lower than Elise’s. Even if there was a difference in quality between Divine Artifacts, the gap shouldn’t be big enough for Elise to kill Rin in one move.

“Her Concentration has reached the Tier 6 Limit standard already?” Verdant Rainbow snapped around to look at Shi Feng when she overheard his explanation. “How can this be?!”

As one of the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s chosen ones, Verdant Rainbow’s knowledge of Divine Artifacts went beyond Gentle Snow’s. Hence, she knew how big of a difference in strength could result from whether a player could fully utilize a Divine Artifact.

It was generally known that when players equipped a Divine Artifact, they would gain the strength to transcend tiers. When Tier 6 players equipped a Divine Artifact, they would gain the strength of Taboos, which was also known as the entry-level of the Ancient God standard.

However, unbeknownst to many, Divine Artifact-ranked weapons and equipment had an additional feature compared to weapons and equipment of lower rank—the power of their Skills and effects were determined by their user’s Concentration standard.

The stronger a player’s Concentration, the greater the power their Divine Artifacts could exhibit. If a Tier 6 player could exert 100% of a Divine Artifact’s potential, they could exhibit power reaching the limits of the Ancient God standard.

The only problem was that players would typically need to have Tier 6 Limit Concentration to fully utilize a Divine Artifact’s potential. This was an impossible requirement for most players. Only a few individuals in the Greater God’s Domain had ever developed their Concentration to the Tier 6 Limit standard. Moreover, most, if not all, of these individuals were old monsters who had lived for many years.

However, Elise was, at most, 25 years old. At such an age, she would already be considered a paragon among paragons if she could develop her Concentration to the Tier 6 Peak standard. It simply shouldn’t be possible for her to have Tier 6 Limit Concentration.

“While unbelievable, it is a fact,” Shi Feng said earnestly as he looked at Verdant Rainbow. “Also, I believe Elise’s Concentration has already reached the Tier 6 Limit standard for quite some time. Otherwise, her Star Destroyer’s Completion Rate wouldn’t be so high.”

The black book Elise wielded was a top-tier Divine Weapon, and Star Destroyer, the Profound Skill that came with the book, was incredibly famous in Shi Feng’s previous life. It was so famous that it was even regarded as the strongest Destruction Spell beneath Primordial Gods.

Meanwhile, as Elise was the first person to have acquired the Sixth Goddess Tablet, Shi Feng didn’t find it strange that her Concentration had already reached the Tier 6 Limit standard. After all, Elise had similarly displayed exceptional talent in Concentration development in Shi Feng’s previous life. She was far ahead of other chosen ones her age when it came to this regard, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she was the best among her peers.

When Verdant Rainbow heard Shi Feng’s answer, realization suddenly dawned on her. She finally understood why Elise had agreed to swap opponents with their party, choosing to face the Earthen Princess Party in the round of 16.

Although the Earthen Princess was strong, she definitely wasn’t strong enough to face the full might of a Divine Weapon head-on. If she were to be caught unprepared, death would be the only outcome.

At this time, Shi Feng wasn’t the only one who discerned how Elise managed to one-shot Rin. Many of the key members of the remaining parties similarly noticed the reason behind the fearsome might of Elise’s Star Destroyer. Naturally, Divine Fist Garuda was no exception.

Tier 6 Limit Concentration, is it? How interesting. No wonder she dared to face Rin head-on. Garuda smirked as Elise finished the Earthen Princess Party’s last member. I initially thought it would be another easy victory. I didn’t think that, after that little Crystallian girl, I would meet another challenging opponent.

Following the conclusion of the match between the Star Maiden Party and the Earthen Princess Party, excitement and joy filled the spectating human players.

In the last championship, neither the Holy Race players nor the Crystallian players regarded the various human parties with any significance. After all, even the strongest human party failed to advance beyond the top 16 back then. But now, the Star Maiden Party had shown itself qualified to contend for the championship, leading to the two races no longer daring to underestimate human players.

Meanwhile, as the championship progressed, the intensity of the battles between parties also increased. Even though it was only the round of 16, the various parties displayed strength exceeding that of the former top 8 parties. The participants this time were so strong that even Garuda had to personally take action to ensure the Divine Fist Party’s victory.

“Next up will be the second round’s eighth match! May the Verdant Rainbow Party and the Dead Soul Party enter the ring!”

Following the mighty being’s announcement, the Crystallian players in the venue shouted their support for the Dead Soul Party.

“Go, Dead Soul Party! Our race’s reputation is in your hands now!”

“Dead Soul! Beat those humans up and avenge Rin!”

Many Crystallians felt ashamed when the Earthen Princess Party lost to a human party of all parties. So, they all hoped that the Dead Soul Party, which ranked fourth in the previous championship, could salvage some of the Crystallian race’s tarnished reputation. Otherwise, the Holy Race would definitely make fun of them.

“Black Flame is in trouble. Even the Divine Fist had a headache dealing with the Dragon Hammer last time,” Phoenix Flame said, smirking as she watched Shi Feng and his party enter the ring. “I bet they won’t make it past the top 16.”

Although the Verdant Rainbow Party had defeated the new and improved Holy Guard Party, it was still much weaker than the Dead Soul Party. After all, the Dead Soul Party was a strong contender for second place in the previous Continental Championship. The party was merely unlucky, encountering the Divine Fist Party in the previous semifinals and having its progress stopped prematurely.

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