Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3731

Chapter 805 – Advanced Gold Combat Technique
The match between the Verdant Rainbow Party and the Dead Soul Party took place in an ancient town covered in fog. The fog was dense, and even Tier 6 players couldn’t see beyond 50 yards. Meanwhile, as always, the members of the two parties were randomly scattered across the map when the match began.

This fog suppresses perception quite heavily. I can’t sense anything outside of 100 yards. When Death Wind appeared on the battlefield and saw the fog around him, he quickly jumped onto the roof of a house and observed his surroundings. Fortunately, I’m not far from the town center. I can prepare an ambush in this area.

Crystallian players had weaker senses than human players. With visibility being reduced to just 50 yards, if he concealed his presence, he could virtually guarantee the enemy could only detect him once they were within 50 yards of him. For Tier 6 players, this was a distance that could be covered in an instant. If he could detect the enemy’s movements before he was at risk of being discovered, he would undoubtedly have the upper hand in battle.

Immediately, Death Wind hid on the roof and concentrated on his senses, quietly waiting for his prey to show up so that he could vent his frustrations on them.

Originally, Death Wind thought he could make a name for himself through the Continental Championship. However, not only did he lose his bet with Shi Feng and have to surrender his Divine Weapon to the other party after the championship, but he had also failed to make any noteworthy accomplishments until now. If he still failed to display his worth, both the Seven Luminaries Alliance and Demon’s Gate would stop taking him seriously.

Hence, it was imperative he killed a member of the Dead Soul Party in this match. Only by doing so could he redeem himself in front of the two apex powers. After all, the Dead Soul Party came in fourth in the last Continental Championship. Every member of the party was superior to the average chosen one nurtured by the various apex powers and destined to become an apex expert in the future.

If he could kill one of these experts by himself, whether it was the Seven Luminaries Alliance or Demon’s Gate, they would invest heavily into his development so long as they weren’t fools.

While Death Wind was patiently waiting on the rooftop, he sensed a presence entering his perception.

Dead Soul? Death Wind panicked a little.

The person who entered Death Wind’s perception was a robust, seven-meter-tall Crystallian man. The man wore simple clothing and carried a war hammer as large as his body. The war hammer was the iconic weapon of Dead Soul, so the man’s identity quickly became apparent to Death Wind.

Currently, Dead Soul was leisurely walking along the streets of the town. He behaved like he was only out for a stroll rather than participating in the Continental Championship.

Dammit! When Death Wind sensed Dead Soul moving closer to his location, he promptly turned around and fled. He originally thought he would catch a rabbit. He didn’t expect to encounter a dragon.

“Not bad. That’ll be one already.” A moment after Death Wind began his escape, Dead Soul turned to look at the rooftop Death Wind previously hid on and swung his war hammer in its direction.

Suddenly, Death Wind, who had already fled over several hundred yards away, found himself immobilized. Then, his body crashed into the ground like a cannonball, sinking hundreds of meters deep. Before Death Wind could even wrap his mind around what happened, he was already standing outside the ring with the other participants.

Meanwhile, this development stunned the spectators.

Currently, in the screen that was supposed to show Death Wind’s perspective, a crater measuring several hundred yards in radius could be seen, and it looked like a giant beast had walked through the area.

“A monster! He’s an absolute monster!”

“So, this is the Dragon Hammer, huh?”

For players watching Dead Soul in action for the first time, they couldn’t believe what they just saw. Even Death Wind, the person killed by Dead Soul, couldn’t help but widen his eyes in disbelief.

Not only did Dead Soul’s attack cover a massive radius, but it was also executed with incredible speed. In fact, everything happened so quickly that Death Wind could still see his body dissipating when he respawned outside the ring…

“What incredible Attack Speed!” Extreme Feather exclaimed as she watched Dead Soul making his way to the town center after eliminating Death Wind. “How is he considered only the second strongest expert among the Crystallians’ representatives?”

“It’s because his party only came in fourth in the last championship. But if we are comparing only in Attack Speed, Dead Soul is the best,” Garuda explained. “Honestly, If I hadn’t relied on my special Bloodline, I doubt I could have defeated him in the last championship. Unless he engages Rin in a fight, nobody can tell who is stronger.”

Garuda did not lower his voice when speaking. Hence, everyone in the venue could hear what he said, and those watching Dead Soul fight for the first time were greatly shocked. They never thought Dead Soul would be as strong, or possibly even stronger, than the Earthen Princess.

“Hmph.” Rin, who was now seated on the spectator stands, naturally overheard Garuda’s comment as well. However, she simply snorted and didn’t refute it.

While the spectators were discussing Dead Soul’s strength, the Dragon Hammer encountered another member of the Verdant Rainbow Party. His opponent this time was a woman clad in a suit of white holy armor and armed with a greatsword. Currently, the woman quietly stood in the middle of the street as she watched him walk up to her.

“What an interesting human you are. You’ve clearly noticed me long ago, yet you chose not to run away,” Dead Soul said in a surprised tone as he entered within 50 yards of Gentle Snow.

“Our two parties will have to battle sooner or later. Since I can have a one-on-one fight right now, why should I run away?” Gentle Snow said calmly as she unsheathed the Chaos Windblade.

“Those are some bold words. I hope you have the strength to back up those words.” Dead Soul did not get angry at Gentle Snow’s words. Instead, he casually swung his war hammer at Gentle Snow like he was shooing a fly.

At the same time, Gentle Snow also made her move, her speed far exceeding what she previously exhibited. Immediately, the Chaos Windblade transformed into a dark thunderbolt.

Fleeting Thunderclap!

This was the Advanced Gold Combat Technique Gentle Snow had learned from the Sixth Goddess Tablet. The combat technique involved the user executing three consecutive strikes, each strike being stronger than the other. All three strikes were also executed beyond the user’s maximum Attack Speed, and they would eventually merge into one attack that could exhibit power rivaling Primordial God-ranked Mana Techniques.

Subsequently, the dark thunderbolt could be seen splitting the sky and causing Dead Soul to stumble backward by half a step. Meanwhile, Gentle Snow stumbled three steps backward and lost 5% of her HP.

How did her Strength improve so much? When Daystar saw Gentle Snow taking barely any damage from her exchange with Dead Soul, she couldn’t help but grow confused.

Daystar vividly remembered that Gentle Snow’s Strength was inferior to hers when they had previously fought. Naturally, Gentle Snow should not be a match for Dead Soul, either. After all, Dead Soul similarly had two Divine Artifacts equipped. And if he executed the Gold-ranked Implement Manipulation Technique he developed, he should thoroughly outclass Gentle Snow.

However, unbeknownst to Daystar, Gentle Snow had upgraded her equipment using Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls. Now, her equipment provided her with 30% more Basic Attributes than before. Combined with Fleeting Thunderclap, the power she could exhibit was not much weaker than what Dead Soul could exhibit with his Gold-ranked Implement Manipulation Technique.

Before Daystar could recover from her surprise, Gentle Snow executed Fleeting Thunderclap a second time against Dead Soul.

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