Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3735

Chapter 809 – Two-Fold Primordial God-Ranked Mana Technique

“Manifold Execution? You’ve reached that realm already?”

Elise’s expression grew solemn as she looked at Ink Crystal, behaving like she was looking at some kind of monster. Although she spoke like she was asking a question, her tone was that of shock rather than questioning.

“It seems you know a lot.” Ink Crystal did not answer Elise’s question. Instead, she leisurely walked up to Elise and said, “Since you know I’ve reached that realm already, you should know that whether it is the Holy Race or the human race, neither has any hope of defeating me. Naturally, the champion’s reward will be mine.”

However, Elise suddenly chuckled when she heard Ink Crystal’s words.

“So what if you’ve reached that realm?” Elise said. Then, she opened the black book she wielded and smiled, saying, “I initially thought Garuda was the only person I needed to take seriously in this championship. I didn’t think you would be the first opponent I would take seriously.”

As soon as Elise finished speaking, the aura she exuded skyrocketed in intensity. Simultaneously, over a dozen meteorites appeared above the battlefield, blotting out the sky and creating an apocalyptic scene.

This scene stunned everyone spectating the match. They never thought such a development would occur in this match.

Not only did a monster like Ink Crystal appear, but even Elise, whose party only made it into the top 16 in the last championship, had become a monster that everyone present could only look up to in awe.

How is this possible?! Rin was dumbfounded when she saw the meteorites above the battlefield.

When Rin previously fought Elise, the latter had obliterated her using Star Destroyer. Hence, she knew exactly how powerful the Skill was.

Originally, Rin thought that Star Destroyer should be Elise’s strongest move, but what was going on right now?

At this time, Ink Crystal was similarly surprised to see the meteorites Elise summoned.

“Have you also reached the sixth-floor standard?” Ink Crystal asked, surprise coloring her face.

Star Destroyer was a Profound Skill that came with Elise’s Divine Weapon. Under normal circumstances, players shouldn’t be able to use multiple instances of a Profound Skill. Only players who had reached the sixth-floor standard should be able to do so. This was also one of the reasons sixth-floor experts could crush those beneath the sixth-floor standard.

However, out of everyone watching the match, nobody was more surprised than Shi Feng right now.

What is going on? Shi Feng couldn’t help but feel the entire world had become foreign to him as he looked at Elise.

As far as Shi Feng could recall, the human race had only started to give birth to sixth-floor experts after the war between the human race and the Holy Race began. In fact, even the Holy Race, as mighty as they were, did not have any sixth-floor experts before the war.

Yet, now, not only had an absurdly young sixth-floor expert like Ink Crystal appeared among the Crystallian race, but even Elise had reached the sixth-floor standard already. This was simply unbelievable.

“Madness! This is madness!”

“I must be dreaming! How are the Crystallians and humans’ younger generation so strong?!”

Meanwhile, amidst the spectators’ silence and ravings, the dozen or so meteorites descended toward Ink Crystal. The power the meteorites exuded was so overbearing that even players outside the ring knew evasion was not an option. The meteorites would most certainly obliterate the entire battlefield, and they were no longer a force that individual players could hope to stop by themselves.

However, Ink Crystal did not panic. Instead, she calmly stared at the descending meteorites as the cane she wielded emitted a dark green glow. Immediately afterward, countless massive vines emerged from the ground and attacked the meteorites.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

As the meteorites and vines collided, deafening sounds of explosions and devastating shockwaves spread across the battlefield. The entire canyon map crumbled, and the falling debris crushed Elise’s and Ink Crystal’s remaining party members.

When the dust settled on the battlefield, the spectators subconsciously gasped when they saw Elise and Ink Crystal again.

At this time, the two could be seen standing in the middle of a desolate wasteland. What used to be a forested canyon was now a barren desert with mending spatial fissures in the background.

Although many parties had performed beyond expectations thus far, their performances were still within everyone’s acceptance range. However, that was not the case for the battle between Elise and Ink Crystal. Their battle could no longer be considered a battle between players. Or, more specifically, it couldn’t be considered a battle between mortals. Instead, it looked more like a battle between Gods, and even experts like the Earthen Princess would likely die from just the shockwaves of this battle.

Meanwhile, after Elise was done unleashing her barrage of Star Destroyers, her complexion turned slightly pale, and drops of sweat flowed down from her forehead. It was obvious the move had taken a significant toll on her Concentration. In contrast, Ink Crystal looked no different than before, and it did not look like she had exerted herself in defending against Elise’s attack.

“Although I don’t know what method you used, it doesn’t seem like you’ve truly reached the sixth-floor standard,” Ink Crystal calmly stated as she looked at the bottomless craters surrounding her. “If this is all you’ve got, your defeat is inevitable.”

Ink Crystal’s words shocked the spectators.

“What did she just say?”

“Elise still hasn’t reached that realm despite being so strong?”

When the spectators saw Elise’s strength, many felt that she had already reached the rumored sixth-floor standard. Yet, according to Ink Crystal, that didn’t seem to be the case.

“It is true that I have yet to reach the sixth-floor standard. I can temporarily reach it only with the power of the black book,” Elise frankly admitted with a smile. “However, even if my expenditure is greater, which one of us will emerge victorious remains to be seen!”

After saying so, Elise raised her black book and created a twofold magic array covering the entire battlefield. As soon as she did so, her complexion turned deathly pale, a sign that she had pushed her Concentration to its limits.

Meanwhile, when the twofold magic array appeared, Shi Feng, who was seated outside the ring, couldn’t help but be shocked.

Obsidian! Shi Feng shouted in his mind when he saw the twofold magic array above the battlefield. He never thought Elise would have such a trump card hidden.

Obsidian was a Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique. It was also one of the Legacies recorded in the Sixth Goddess Tablet. The Mana Technique allowed players to reproduce any Skill or Spell they had recently used, and this included the Profound Skills of Divine Artifacts. However, the stronger the Skill or Spell, the more difficult it would be to reproduce. Normally, it would already be challenging to reproduce a Divine Artifact’s Skills, let alone do it twice simultaneously.

Subsequently, apocalyptic meteorites appeared above the battlefield once more. This time, though, their numbers had doubled.

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