Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3736

Chapter 810 – Frightening Ink Crystal

It was commonly known that while the Profound Skills of Divine Artifacts were powerful, they all had long Cooldowns. This could be regarded as a restriction imposed on Divine Artifacts.

Originally, Rin had already found it astonishing that Elise could multicast her Divine Artifact’s Profound Skill. With such an ability, Elise could easily destroy a Holy City and influence the outcome of a war by herself.

Yet, as if that wasn’t enough, Elise could seemingly bypass the Cooldown of her Divine Artifact’s Profound Skill and double the number of instances she used…

Is she really the Elise that I know?

At this time, even Verdant Rainbow, who was relatively familiar with Elise, couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. She never thought Elise was strong to such an extent.

Now, not even Demon’s Gate’s old monsters could hold a candle to Elise, let alone those from the human race’s younger generation.

Aside from Basic Attributes, what made Divine Artifacts powerful was their Profound Skills. They were typically stronger than the Tier 6 Skills and Spells of players. However, due to the rarity of Divine Artifacts, players tended to use their Divine Artifacts’ Profound Skills with caution. This was because Profound Skills had very long Cooldowns; players could often only use each Profound Skill once per battle.

Even so, one use of a Profound Skill was usually enough to turn the tide of battle. Hence, Verdant Rainbow found it unbelievable that Elise could go against common sense and use her Divine Artifact’s Profound Skill without Cooldown.

Meanwhile, when Shi Feng saw Elise using a Twofold Obsidian, realization dawned upon him. He was previously confused about why Elise would use Star Destroyer as soon as her fight with Ink Crystal began. Now, he finally understood why she had done so.

Although Elise could artificially raise her combat standard to the sixth-floor standard, she would be courting death if she tried to compete with a bona fide sixth-floor expert in combat standards. Hence, she could only rely on the Profound Skills of her Divine Artifacts to achieve victory.

Meanwhile, in a situation where both sides had two Divine Artifacts and could utilize them to their fullest extent, whether Elise could exhaust Ink Crystal’s arsenal of Profound Skills became critical. If Elise succeeded, even Ink Crystal would have difficulty resisting the full might of a Divine Artifact. After all, not everyone would have learned a technique like Obsidian. If Ink Crystal was caught off-guard, she would likely get killed.

“Try to block this if you can!” Elise shouted as she raised her hand and called the meteorites in the sky down on Ink Crystal.

Meanwhile, Ink Crystal’s situation was as Elise expected. Previously, Ink Crystal had exhausted Blooming Thorn to defend against Elise’s Star Destroyer. Blooming Thorn was the only Super-large-scale Destruction Profound Skill attached to the cane, and it had a long Cooldown of one hour. Although she still had other Profound Skills available, none could match the scale and power of Elise’s Star Destroyer.

However, even as the 30-plus meteorites were about to make contact, Ink Crystal did not panic. Calmly, she released her cane, letting it fall and submerge into the ground. Then, in the blink of an eye, spears made of vines emerged from the ground, forming several protective layers around Ink Crystal.

Subsequently, space across the battlefield distorted, and every meteorite that crashed into the vine barriers was deflected to the surroundings.

Divine Wheel?! Impossible! How did she learn it?!

When Rin and Dead Soul saw the spatial distortion induced by the vine barriers, their eyes bulged and nearly popped out of their sockets.

Gold-ranked Implement Manipulation Techniques were relatively common in the Crystallian race’s Greater God’s Domain. However, when it came to defense-type Gold Implement Manipulation Techniques, only one could be considered to have reached the Peak standard—Divine Wheel. It was also the only Peak Gold Implement Manipulation Technique made publicly available for all Crystallian players to learn by the Crystallian race’s sacred land.

However, although many years had passed since Divine Wheel was made publicly available, not a single player had learned it. Because of this, many regarded it as a technique that could not be learned.


“The Star Maiden lost? Just like that?”

“Incredible! That girl is an absolute monster! The storm created by those vines has definitely reached the standard of Peak Gold Implement Manipulation Techniques!”

“Is she really only in her teens? How can someone so young learn two Peak Gold Implement Manipulation Techniques already?”

Many among the spectators were in disbelief when they saw the devastated battlefield and the defeated Star Maiden.

In God’s Domain, very few players could successfully learn Peak Gold-ranked techniques. Those who managed to do so were typically old monsters who were centuries old. Yet, despite being in her teens, Ink Crystal had not only reached the legendary sixth-floor standard, but she had also learned two Peak Gold-ranked techniques…

A short moment after everyone was immersed in shock, though, the Crystallian players suddenly started to cheer in celebration.

Previously, many Crystallian spectators were devastated when they saw Rin and Dead Soul getting defeated by humans. Some even fell into despair, thinking they had fallen to the bottom of the three races. But now, because of Ink Crystal, the Crystallian race would become the undisputed champion among the three races.

In front of Ink Crystal, the likes of Garuda and Elise were nothing but jokes.

“All hail our Goddess Ink Crystal! Our race will become the champion this time!”

“Just this time? Don’t you mean this time and for many years to come? Have you forgotten that our goddess is only in her teens?”

“Indeed! Even if the Holy Race’s Divine Fist is strong, I doubt he is much stronger than the Star Maiden. The same goes for Black Flame, the guy who defeated Dead Soul. Not to mention, both Garuda and Black Flame are much older than our Goddess Ink Crystal. The gap between them will only grow bigger in the future.”

At this time, whether it was the Crystallian participants or spectators, they all wore looks of excitement and worship as they stared at Ink Crystal’s calm visage.

Although not clearly stated on the admission tickets, the three races had tacitly agreed to send only experts under the age of 35 to participate in the Continental Championship. With the Crucible of the Ancients being the home to countless powerful Legacies, so long as Ink Crystal could keep winning the Continental Championship and letting the Crystallian race secure the most admission tickets out of the three races, it would only be a matter of time before the Crystallian race became the strongest out of the three races.

Unlike the Crystallian players, the Holy Race and human players in the Crucible wore ugly expressions on their faces. They never thought Ink Crystal would be so terrifyingly strong, so much so that they couldn’t help but suspect she was an old monster in disguise. With her existence, it wouldn’t even be strange if the Eternal Realm fell into the hands of the Crystallian race in the future, let alone the Crucible of the Ancients.

While everyone in the Crucible was engaged in a heated discussion, the second match of the semifinals was announced.

“Next up will be the semifinals’ second match! May the Divine Fist Party and the Verdant Rainbow Party enter the ring!”

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