Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3737

Chapter 811 – Battling the Divine Fist Party

“How unfortunate. Although the Divine Fist Party won the last championship, it’s destined to win only second place this time.”

“Personally, I think the Star Maiden Party is even unluckier. The party is clearly qualified to compete for second place, yet it encountered Ink Crystal in the semifinals.”

“I know, right? If the Star Maiden Party had not swapped opponents with the Verdant Rainbow Party earlier on, it could have very well finished in second place, receiving significantly better rewards.”

“Indeed. I wanted to see the Star Maiden Party fight the Divine Fist Party. The intensity of the fight should be equal to the fight with the Ink Crystal Party.”

Many spectators were still immersed in the previous match. They all sympathized with the Star Maiden Party’s situation. As for the semifinals’ second match, nobody really thought about it. After all, the previous match was so exciting and intense that it was difficult for anyone to recover in a short time.

Outside the ring…

“Your Highness, Black Flame has profited off us greatly this time,” Phoenix Flame said as she begrudgingly watched Shi Feng enter the ring with his party.

If the Star Maiden Party hadn’t swapped opponents with the Verdant Rainbow Party, it could have secured second place in the championship at the very least. Yet, now, it could only settle for a spot in the top 4.

In contrast, not only did the Verdant Rainbow Party get to avoid a fight with the Earthen Princess Party and enter the top 4 with ease, but Gentle Snow also learned a Legacy from the Sixth Goddess Tablet.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that,” Elise said as she glanced at Garuda’s figure in the ring. “Garuda is the former champion. He must have received an extraordinary reward from the Crucible, so even I can’t confidently say I can defeat him in my current state.”

“Let’s just hope they don’t lose too miserably. Otherwise, we really will be made fun of for swapping opponents.” Phoenix Flame agreed with Elise that the Divine Fist Party shouldn’t be underestimated. It was also why they decided to take the risk and face the Ink Crystal Party first.

Meanwhile, at the spectator stands…

“Commander Azure, do you think Guild Leader Black Flame’s party can win?” Frost Raven asked, her eyes glimmering with expectation when she saw Shi Feng’s party entering the ring. Although she knew the human race could no longer win the Continental Championship this time, she still couldn’t help but be excited to see Shi Feng, a fellow Swordsman, leading his party into the top 4.

The Swordsman class did not excel in Strength like Berserkers or Agility like Assassins. Because of this, the class was heavily disadvantaged when fighting Holy Race players, who were strong in all physical aspects, and Crystallian players, who excelled in Attack Speed.

Yet, Shi Feng still managed to defeat Daystar and Dead Soul, the former being the Holy Race’s Arbiter of Death and the latter being the player with the fastest Attack Speed among the Crystallian race’s representatives. How could Frost Raven not get excited after seeing these accomplishments?

“I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think the odds favor them,” Azure Dragon said, a hint of fear flashing in his eyes as he looked at Garuda’s figure on the screen. “Garuda is the former champion and superior to Rin when it comes to individual strength. It’s been some time since the last championship, so he should have already digested the Legacy he acquired from the Crucible’s central area and become much stronger.

“Although Black Flame managed to defeat the Arbiter of Death and the Dragon Hammer, I wouldn’t put my money on him beating Garuda one-on-one. Right now, I think the Verdant Rainbow Party’s only option to win is to eliminate Garuda’s party members before they can regroup. Otherwise, if Garuda is allowed to regroup with even a couple of his party members, the Verdant Rainbow Party’s chances will plummet. After all, Garuda isn’t the only strong player in the Divine Fist Party this time.”

Compared to the other participants, Azure Dragon had a much better understanding of Extreme Feather’s capabilities. This was because he had fought her in an ancient ruin in the southern region and near the Western Continent.

The fight’s outcome was so humiliating that everyone in the party agreed to keep the matter a secret. Hence, none of the other members of the Order of Twelve knew about it.

Moreover, it should be known that Extreme Feather had not been using the two Divine Artifact-ranked moon glaives she was currently using. Now that she was equipped with two Divine Weapons, she was definitely much stronger than when Azure Dragon faced her in the ancient ruin. Even if she wasn’t as strong as the Divine Fist, she should not be weaker than Dead Soul or Rin.

While Azure Dragon was watching Extreme Feather maneuver her way around a stone maze, she suddenly paused and turned toward a particular direction, looking like she had detected something. A moment later, she transformed into a streak of light as she advanced toward a corner of the maze, her speed so fast that it amazed even experts who had learned Gold Body Techniques.

“How fast!”

“What kind of Movement Speed is this? It’s practically as fast as my Attack Speed!”

The spectators watching Extreme Feather were shocked by her Movement Speed. Extreme Feather moved like she was using Instantaneous Movement, covering several hundred yards in the blink of an eye. Nobody could even begin to imagine how terrifying she could be if she paired this Movement Speed with her moon glaives, weapons known for having a high Attack Speed.

Meanwhile, after Extreme Feather sped down a corridor and turned a corner in the stone maze, she stopped a short distance in front of a human Swordsman. The human Swordsman was none other than Shi Feng.

“So it’s you.” Extreme Feather’s icy expression became several degrees colder as she looked at Shi Feng, who stood less than 100 yards away. “You might have gotten lucky and escaped after looting the treasury last time, but you won’t be as lucky this time.”

Outside the ring, Azure Dragon was greatly shocked when he heard Extreme Feather’s words. He hadn’t thought Shi Feng had encountered and clashed with Extreme Feather long ago. Moreover, it sounded like Shi Feng had emerged victorious in their clash.

Meanwhile, as soon as Extreme Feather finished speaking, she charged Shi Feng, leaving a trail of light, her moon glaives poised to strike. A moment later, several hundred glowing blades appeared around Shi Feng, the display of Attack Speed giving Dead Soul goosebumps as he spectated from outside the ring.

Dammit! Another Advanced Gold Holy Art?! How many of these monsters are there?!

Dead Soul suddenly felt old as he looked at Extreme Feather’s elusive figure.

In the last Continental Championship, Garuda was the only participant who had learned an Advanced Gold-ranked technique. Yet, in this season, aside from Ink Crystal, who had learned a Peak Gold Implement Manipulation Technique[1], the human race’s Gentle Snow had also learned an Advanced Gold Combat Technique, while the Divine Fist Party’s Extreme Feather had learned an Advanced Gold Holy Art. All of a sudden, it felt like Advanced Gold-ranked techniques were now available wholesale…

TL Notes:
[1]Peak Gold Implement Manipulation Technique:
I have decided to change “top-tier Gold…” to “Peak Gold.”

Hence, Flowing Space is now a Peak Gold Body Technique rather than a top-tier Gold Body Technique. It would also explain why Flowing Space’s Second Step, Phantom Body, can already rank number one out of all Basic Gold Body Techniques.

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