Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3738

Chapter 812 – Half-Step Mortal God
As expected of the Angel of Death. Shi Feng smiled when he saw the several hundred glowing blades attacking him from all directions. It’s a pity this move is useless against me.

Suddenly, Shi Feng vanished, and over 50 phantom bodies appeared behind the congregating blades. The phantom bodies looked incredibly realistic, and it was impossible to distinguish Shi Feng’s real body from them.

Impossible! Extreme Feather was dumbfounded as she looked at Shi Feng’s scattering phantom bodies. She couldn’t believe that Shi Feng managed to evade all her attacks.

The Holy Art she just used was Void Body. It was considered top-tier, even among Advanced Gold Holy Arts. The technique involved strengthening her body with Holy Aura to better integrate with the surrounding space. This, in turn, allowed her to achieve incredible speeds, which consequently increased the power she could exhibit.

When she paired Void Body with the Thunderclap Moonglaives, the Divine Weapons she wielded, she was confident she could kill even Dead Soul in one exchange. Yet, the hundreds of attacks she had just executed failed to even graze the edge of Shi Feng’s equipment…

At this time, the spectators were similarly surprised and confused by this development.

“When did he become so fast?” Moon Demon and Holy Blood were in disbelief when their eyes failed to keep up with Shi Feng’s movements. “Was he still hiding his strength when we fought?”

Previously, Shi Feng had to rely on his Law Projection to kill them. Even in his fight with Dead Soul, Shi Feng still needed to rely on his Law Projection to defeat the Dragon Hammer despite having Gentle Snow’s assistance.

So, what in the world was happening right now?

Currently, simply looking at the speed Shi Feng was achieving with his body technique was enough to instill a feeling of helplessness in Moon Demon and Holy Blood.

Besides Moon Demon and Holy Blood, Dead Soul similarly couldn’t help but widen his eyes when he saw Shi Feng’s speed.

All the afterimages Shi Feng created were indistinguishable from the real deal. It wouldn’t matter if Dead Soul’s Attack Speed remained superior in such a situation. If he failed to locate the real Shi Feng and attacked an afterimage, he would have exerted himself for nothing and become open to attacks. If comparing threat levels, Shi Feng’s Movement Speed was greater than even Gentle Snow’s Fleeting Thunderclap.

What Moon Demon, Holy Blood, and Dead Soul didn’t know was that Flowing Space was a Peak Gold Body Technique developed by the Goddess of Space. Even though Shi Feng was only executing the technique’s second level, Phantom Body, it could already rival Advanced Gold Body Techniques in speed.

Additionally, although Extreme Feather had two Divine Weapons equipped, it should be known that Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes were currently on par with that of a Level 190, Tier 6 player equipped with three Divine Artifacts. So, even though Extreme Feather had two Divine Weapons equipped, she would still have difficulty landing any attacks on him.

After all, even small differences in Basic Attributes could lead to significant differences in the effects that combat techniques of the same rank could achieve, let alone a difference in one Divine Artifact’s worth of Basic Attributes.

Before Extreme Feather could create some distance between them, Shi Feng unsheathed the Shadow Incinerator and Winter of Eternal Night. Subsequently, the two swords transformed into countless dazzling stars that followed Shi Feng’s phantom bodies across the maze corridor.

Gold Combat Technique, Sword’s Orbit!

Gold Combat Technique, Flowing Space’s Phantom Body!

The simultaneous use of two Gold Combat Techniques. This was something Shi Feng could only accomplish after his base Concentration had reached the Tier 6 Peak standard. Although Sword’s Orbit was only a Basic Gold Combat Technique, when paired with the extraordinary Flowing Space, it could rival offense-type Advanced Gold Combat Techniques.

Although Extreme Feather did her best to defend against the countless sword lights that filled the maze corridor, she failed to block them all. In less than three seconds, her HP zeroed out, and she died.

“She got killed? Just like that?”

“How is Black Flame so strong?!”

Many spectators were stunned when they saw Extreme Feather getting eliminated. Phoenix Flame, who had been paying close attention to Shi Feng, was especially shocked.

Extreme Feather’s performance was in no way inferior to Dead Soul’s and Rin’s. In Phoenix Flame’s opinion, if Shi Feng had to work together with Gentle Snow to eliminate Dead Soul, he should not stand a chance against Extreme Feather by himself.

Yet, Shi Feng had defied expectations and eliminated Extreme Feather. Moreover, he had accomplished it so quickly that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he was nearly as strong as Elise. After all, although Shi Feng’s performance was not as spectacular as Elise’s, he still managed to eliminate an expert of Rin’s caliber in a very short time.

Meanwhile, following Extreme Feather’s defeat, many spectators started to take an interest in the match that they previously thought would be uneventful.

As the former champion, there was no doubt Garuda was stronger than Rin and Dead Soul. If Shi Feng’s strength was limited such that he could only defeat an expert like Dead Soul by relying on his Law Projection and Gentle Snow’s assistance, the Verdant Rainbow Party would definitely lose. However, if Garuda had to fight two experts of Rin’s caliber simultaneously, the outcome would become uncertain.

While the spectators were discussing the match’s outcome, Gentle Snow, Verdant Rainbow, Fervent Samsara, Heavy Abyss, and Death Wind had successfully regrouped and encountered the four-armed Garuda in one of the maze’s halls.

“What the F*ck?! Can Black Flame get any luckier?!” Phoenix Flame subconsciously cursed out loud when she saw the latest development shown on the screen.

Currently, in addition to Gentle Snow’s group encountering Garuda by himself, Shi Feng was also within 3,000 yards of them. Once Gentle Snow’s group engaged Garuda in battle, the commotion generated would definitely catch Shi Feng’s notice. With Shi Feng’s monstrous speed, it wouldn’t take him more than a couple of seconds to reach the battlefield.

At that time, Garuda would have to face the entire Verdant Rainbow Party by himself. In such a situation, the Divine Fist’s chances of victory would be slim. After all, Gentle Snow and Verdant Rainbow were not pushovers. Gentle Snow was strong enough to hold her ground against Dead Soul, while Verdant Rainbow could rely on her Divine Weapon to attack Garuda from range. If an expert like Verdant Rainbow attacked with all her might, not even Garuda could afford to ignore her attacks.

However, contrary to Phoenix Flame’s expectations, Garuda remained calm despite facing Gentle Snow’s group of five.

“Your luck truly is rotten to encounter me first,” Garuda said as he leisurely stood up. He did not put his guard up in the slightest, behaving like Gentle Snow’s group was akin to a small pack of harmless monsters.

“Don’t get so full of yourself, Garuda. There are five of us here. Even if you are stronger than Rin, you won’t have an easy time defeating us,” Death Wind said, sneering.

“Don’t get careless. He is definitely stronger than he was in the last championship,” Verdant Rainbow said as she glared at Death Wind. Although she somewhat agreed with what Death Wind said, she doubted the five of them could defeat the player regarded as the number one expert in the last Continental Championship. At the very least, it wouldn’t be an easy victory.

“If any of you were as strong as Elise, I might have taken you more seriously.” Looking at Death Wind, Garuda said coldly, “But none of you are, so don’t talk yourselves up so much.”

As soon as Garuda finished speaking, a giant phantom over 1,000 meters tall appeared around him. The phantom had a hundred arms, and it radiated an aura as strong as that of an Ancient Saint.

Meanwhile, the moment the hundred-armed giant appeared, a look of surprise flashed in the eyes of both Elise and Ink Crystal.

“A Half-step Mortal God?”

TL Notes:
[1]Half-step Mortal God:
The “God (神明)” in this instance isn’t referring to the Gods (神灵)/Ancient Gods (上古神灵)/Primordial Gods (远古神灵) in God’s Domain. Instead, it is referencing Chapter 808’s title “God Among Mortals.” (神,神明,神灵 all translate to God, so idk man.)

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