Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3740

Chapter 814 – Purgatory Phantom Garb
The instant Shi Feng’s Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection appeared, space within the hall became sluggish, and Garuda’s punches faced greater resistance. This, in turn, caused his lightning-quick punches to slow down considerably. Immediately afterward, the dazzling sword lights of Shi Feng’s Sword’s Orbit struck Garuda’s fists.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The clash between fists and sword lights lasted several seconds, and the outcome shocked the spectators outside.

He blocked them?! Phoenix Flame couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Shi Feng still standing in the hall.

It should be known that Garuda’s Myriad Fists had already reached the Advanced Gold Holy Art standard. Each of his punches should carry nearly 100% of his Strength. Additionally, they possessed speed that could overwhelm even Gentle Snow after just three hits.

Yet, despite using only a Gold-ranked sword technique, Shi Feng blocked Garuda’s Myriad Fists completely. He had even done so without losing a single HP…

Besides Phoenix Flame, the other spectators were similarly astonished.

“How is this guy so strong?! He’s actually matching Garuda!”

“Crap! What is going on with the humans this season? First the Star Maiden, and now Black Flame? Are the humans on the rise?”

“Luck! It’s all luck, I say! Lord Garuda is a Half-step Mortal God! There’s no way a human who hasn’t even reached the Unthinking Realm can compete with Lord Garuda!”

A heated discussion erupted among the spectators. Originally, when everyone saw Garuda displaying his strength as a Half-step Mortal God, they thought the match would conclude uneventfully. They didn’t expect another monstrous expert to emerge from the human race.

How did he become so strong?! Chalk Splendor looked dumbfounded as he stood outside the ring. That’s the Divine Fist’s Myriad Fists!

Chalk Splendor had a much better understanding of Shi Feng than the other players present.

The first time they met, Shi Feng was merely a Taboo-level existence who could barely withstand the might of the Sunlight Blade’s Sunlight Body. If not for Verdant Rainbow’s assistance, Shi Feng would have eventually collapsed from exhaustion.

At the time, Shi Feng’s overall strength was, at best, at the average standard of the various royal powers’ Holy Children.

Although Chalk Splendor was astonished when Shi Feng defeated his elder sister, Daystar, he could still more or less accept the outcome. After all, Shi Feng had won by a very small margin and heavily relied on the six Level 200, Tier 6 War Goddesses he summoned. If it weren’t for the War Goddesses, Daystar’s undead army could have easily worn out and killed Shi Feng.

Now, though, Chalk Splendor was truly dumbfounded.

Although Garuda was also regarded as a Holy Child, he couldn’t be put on the same level as the other Holy Children from the Holy Race’s royal powers. This was because he was the undisputed number-one expert among the Holy Race’s younger generation. Even Daystar and her dazzling accomplishments could not hope to hold a candle to him. Moreover, that was before Garuda had reached the Half-step Mortal God standard.

“Black Flame’s Law Projection is incredibly powerful. It is much stronger than even my Dual Advanced Law Projection,” Daystar explained when she saw her little brother’s look of surprise. “His Basic Attributes are also astonishingly high. Despite not having any Divine Artifacts, he has the Basic Attributes of a Level 190 expert equipped with three Divine Artifacts.

“In comparison, Garuda only has two Divine Artifacts. His Law Projection is also at the same standard as mine. Even if Garuda’s Myriad Fists has reached the Advanced Gold standard, it’s unsurprising that Black Flame can neutralize the technique with such advantages.”

“Doesn’t that mean Garuda can’t do anything against that bastard?” Chalk Splendor said reluctantly.

Garuda was the Holy Race’s strongest chosen one. If even Garuda couldn’t do anything about Shi Feng, Chalk Splendor had difficulty imagining how he was supposed to get revenge on Shi Feng.

It should be known that Garuda was already the ceiling of strength in the current Eternal Realm. Meanwhile, when dealing with experts of Garuda’s caliber, having numbers was meaningless. After all, they could simply escape whenever they felt their lives were threatened. This was also why the various powers feared the Greater God’s Domain’s old monsters.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that,” Daystar said as she returned her three eyes to the screen. Then, while looking at Garuda’s figure, she continued, “Garuda is our race’s strongest chosen one, after all. Even if Black Flame has a unique Law Projection, Garuda won’t lose.”

At this time, Rin and Dead Soul were seated near Chalk Splendor and Daystar. The two naturally overheard Daystar’s comments. Although neither of them said anything, their calm expressions as they looked at Garuda’s figure on the screen showed that they agreed with Daystar’s words.

As the discussions outside the ring continued, the dust and smoke in the hall settled. Currently, Garuda had already dismissed his phantom and was observing Shi Feng from a hundred yards away, a hint of joy and playfulness in his eyes.

“You are good,” Garuda said, chuckling as he glanced at Shi Feng’s Law Projection, which covered a radius of several thousand yards. “This Law Projection alone is enough to render my Myriad Fists useless against you for a long time. Had this fight taken place in the last championship, you might have become the champion.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Shi Feng was a little surprised to see Garuda talking to him so carefreely. Returning the gesture, he smiled and said, “But my petty trick is probably useless against you now, right?”

As the winner of the last Continental Championship, Garuda must have benefited significantly from the Crucible’s central area. Although a Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection was powerful, it should be as threatening as a gentle breeze to a peerless chosen one like Garuda.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, many had commented that Garuda’s abstention in the war between the two races was the only reason the human race could have any living space in the Eternal Realm. Even the Three Absolutes, who were bona fide sixth-floor experts at the time, had clearly expressed their inability to fight Garuda. This showed just how frighteningly strong Garuda was.

“You are right,” Garuda said as he worked his shoulders. Then, with a faint smile, he continued, “You are the first person in this championship to make me use my full strength.”

The moment Garuda finished speaking, the Divine Artifact-ranked breastplate he wore suddenly bloomed with purple-gold brilliance. Then, Garuda’s body suddenly split into 16 identical copies of himself, each copy radiating an aura stronger than even Garuda’s original body.

Phantom World!

A Profound Skill of the Purgatory Phantom Garb!

When Garuda activated this Profound Skill, even Shi Feng’s expression darkened.

Phantom World was one of Garuda’s trademark moves. Assuming that a player could utilize 100% of the Purgatory Phantom Garb’s potential, they could split into a maximum of 1,000 clones of themselves. In Shi Feng’s previous life, the most clones Garuda had ever created in battle were 100. This was because 100 clones were the most Garuda could control perfectly.

Seeing as Garuda had created 16 clones, it most likely meant he was already at the standard where he could perfectly control 16 clones.

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