Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3741

Chapter 815 – Complete Goddess Law Projection

“You can be proud of yourself,” the Garuda clones said, smiling at Shi Feng. “I was originally saving this move for that little girl, but I’ll let you have the honor of facing it first.”

After saying so, the 16 clones each conjured a 1,000-meter-tall phantom with their Holy Auras. The phantoms took up a large area of the spacious hall, and each radiated an aura stronger than the phantom Garuda had previously conjured. This development made the previous battle look like nothing more than a joke.

Following this scene, silence enveloped the spectators outside momentarily.

How is this possible?!

Is this the strength of the former number-one expert?

Death Wind’s jaw dropped when he saw the 16 giant phantoms displayed on the screen. Verdant Rainbow, Gentle Snow, and the others similarly wore ashen expressions. They never imagined Garuda could be strong to such an extent.

“Amazing! This Skill is simply amazing! Not only are the doppelgangers created stronger than the original, but they can also use Myriad Fists!”

“How generous of the Thunder Empire to let Garuda use the Purgatory Phantom Garb! With it, Garuda is truly invincible.”

“Black Flame sure is unlucky. If not for the Purgatory Phantom Garb, he would have totally had a winning chance against Garuda. Although Black Flame’s Law Projection is powerful, Garuda can offset most of its suppressive effect with his own Law Projection. With Garuda’s doppelgangers being stronger than the original, even after Black Flame’s Law Projection suppresses them, they should still be as strong as Garuda’s original body. There are also sixteen of them on the field. No matter how I look at it, the fight is as good as over.”

“Amazing! No wonder Lord Garuda can remain calm after watching Ink Crystal’s fight. Even a Mortal God will have trouble facing sixteen such doppelgangers simultaneously.”

Many spectators were shocked and excited by Garuda’s display. They never imagined that Garuda would have another trump card besides his combat standard.

Suddenly, many players started wondering what kind of exciting fight they would see when the Divine Fist Party and the Ink Crystal Party clashed. As for the current fight, the outcome was already apparent.

After all, Shi Feng had to rely on his powerful Law Projection to match Garuda before the latter activated Phantom World. Now that Garuda had produced sixteen doppelgangers that were stronger than himself, the effects of Shi Feng’s Law Projection would become negligible. At this time, even if Shi Feng was similarly at the Half-step Mortal God standard, he would still lose to Garuda.

Inside the maze hall…

“It’s over!”

Garuda’s 16 clones executed Myriad Fists against Shi Feng simultaneously, the conjured phantoms throwing over a thousand punches at Shi Feng.

Each of the phantoms’ punches was akin to a falling meteorite, generating sparks as they brushed against the air. Together, the phantoms created a vast and beautiful meteorite shower that dwarfed Elise’s multicast Star Destroyer.

As expected of the Divine Fist. Shi Feng was amazed by the sight before him. Garuda’s move was so powerful that Shi Feng was certain he would die if he tried to block it with Dark Moon. Hence, rather than attempting a futile action, he raised the Shadow Incinerator and muttered, “World’s Descent!”


Suddenly, the sound of glass shattering echoed across the hall. Immediately afterward, wisps of black smoke descended upon the entire battlefield and enveloped the entire ring in no time.

Before Garuda could react, he felt a powerful suppression on his body, suppressing him in all aspects and making him incredibly sluggish. Now, he could only execute Myriad Fists at 70% of its original speed.

“What a powerful Law Projection!” Garuda was shocked by the change in Shi Feng’s Law Projection. However, he quickly regained his calm. “Even so, you still can’t stop my Myriad Fists!”

Although Garuda’s clones were overall 30% suppressed, their combined might was still greater than what Shi Feng could withstand. At most, Shi Feng could take a few more hits than before.

“Is that so?” When Shi Feng sensed his perception of the world around him achieving unprecedented clarity, he smiled and vanished.

Third Step, Flowing Light!

Subsequently, a streak of light could be seen shuttling between the rain of burning fists. In the time it took to take a breath, Shi Feng maneuvered his way through all the phantom fists and appeared in front of one of Garuda’s clones.


The eyes of Garuda’s clones widened when Garuda saw Shi Feng intact. He failed to comprehend how Shi Feng could evade all his lightning-fast attacks. Logically, even a Half-step Mortal God shouldn’t be able to escape unscathed. Yet, Shi Feng had succeeded despite not even being at the Unthinking Realm standard.

What Garuda did not know was that Flowing Space was a Peak Gold Body Technique developed by the Goddess of Space. Even when executed to the third level only, Flowing Space could already rival the average Peak Gold Body Technique. Not to mention, Shi Feng executed the technique after strengthening his Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection into a Goddess Law Projection.

While Garuda was in a daze, Shi Feng swung the Shadow Incinerator at the clone before him.

Goddess-ranked Mana Technique, Dark Moon!

As the Shadow Incinerator fell, darkness enveloped the battlefield. The only thing visible was a beautiful moon that rapidly expanded across the entire ring.


Shi Feng was momentarily stunned when he saw the clone getting erased, and the land 1,000 yards before him becoming a bottomless abyss. He did not expect the Goddess Law Projection to amplify Dark Moon to such an extent.

Besides Shi Feng, the spectators outside were similarly astonished.

“What a terrifying attack!”

“Is that a Divine Weapon’s Profound Skill?”

“No way, right? Has his Concentration reached the Tier 6 Limit standard as well? Is everyone a monster this season?”

After a brief silence, the spectators fell into a frenzy. This was especially true for the spectating human players, who all started to view Shi Feng in a new light.

Shi Feng’s attack could only be considered lackluster compared to Elise’s Star Destroyer, which destroyed nearly half of the battlefield. However, there was no doubt that Shi Feng’s attack carried as much power as Elise’s Star Destroyer. Not to mention, Shi Feng’s attack had one-shotted Garuda’s clone.

Phoenix Flame was also stupefied by this situation.

“A Goddess-ranked Mana Technique!” Phoenix Flame’s heart was restless as she looked at the fading moon on the screen. “Has he fully mastered a Goddess-ranked Mana Technique?”

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