Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3742

Chapter 816 – Third Advanced Law
Unlike the other spectators, Phoenix Flame had studied the Legacies of the Sixth Goddess Tablet. Hence, she knew what Goddess-ranked Mana Techniques were. The Goddess-ranked Mana Technique recorded on the Sixth Goddess Tablet was also something Elise had been trying to learn all this time.

Unfortunately, Elise never succeeded. The best she managed to learn was a Primordial God-ranked Mana Technique. Although it was a powerful Mana Technique, it was still inferior to Goddess-ranked Mana Techniques. Had Elise learned a Goddess-ranked Mana Technique, her fight with Ink Crystal would have gone much differently.

Meanwhile, when Phoenix Flame saw Shi Feng gathering his mana into his sword before one-shotting one of Garuda’s clones, she could only link the attack with a fully mastered Goddess-ranked Mana Technique. Apart from that, she could not think of any other possibility.

“He has indeed learned a Goddess-ranked Mana Technique,” Elise said with a complicated expression. “But he shouldn’t have fully mastered it yet. Otherwise, his mana wouldn’t scatter so quickly after his attack landed.”

“This still isn’t the technique’s perfect form?” Phoenix Flame stared at the bottomless abyss on the battlefield in astonishment.

Shi Feng’s attack had obliterated everything within 1,000 yards in front of him. Moreover, this was done within the battlefield of the Crucible of the Ancients’ main event. The attack could have obliterated a large map if this fight had occurred in the outside world.

“Naturally. But going by the power of his attack, he shouldn’t be far off from fully mastering the technique,” Elise said. Then, after taking one last glance at the bottomless pit, she got up from her seat and left. “Let’s go and rest.”

“Are we not going to watch the rest of the fight, Your Highness?” Phoenix Flame asked.

“The outcome has been decided. What else is there to watch?” Elise responded nonchalantly before making her way into the rest area.

“The outcome has been decided?” When Phoenix Flame saw Shi Feng executing the same Mana Technique again, she stopped paying attention to the fight and followed Elise.

Indeed, it was exactly as Elise stated. While others might still have difficulty determining the fight’s outcome, it was a different story for those who knew about Goddess-ranked Mana Techniques.

In a situation where Shi Feng was close to perfecting his mastery over a Goddess-ranked Mana Technique, unless there was a huge gap in Basic Attributes, even a Half-step Mortal God equipped with a Divine Weapon would have very little chance of beating him. After all, Shi Feng could exhibit the power of a Divine Artifact’s Profound Skill every time he attacked, whereas actual Profound Skills had long Cooldowns. Not to mention, Shi Feng’s Law Projection severely suppressed Garuda.

Inside the ring…

Dammit! Why is his sword technique so powerful? His Movement Speed as well! Defending against his attacks is simply impossible! While manipulating his remaining clones, Garuda no longer had his previous composure. My only choice is to go on the offense. Otherwise, my defeat will be inevitable.

Although Garuda had the numerical advantage, he couldn’t keep up with Shi Feng’s speed. Shi Feng could strike and retreat whenever he wanted. He was also strong enough to eliminate a clone each time he attacked. This situation gave Garuda a huge headache. Currently, the only thing Garuda could be happy about was that Shi Feng was investing a significant amount of Concentration into each of his attacks, which, in turn, limited the number of attacks he could execute.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s excitement grew as the fight progressed.

This Profound Skill is simply amazing. Not only did it elevate my Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection into a Goddess Law Projection, but it also integrated a Law into my Dark Moon. Although I still can’t unleash all of the mana I have gathered, I am getting closer to achieving the perfect Dark Moon with each subsequent execution. After eliminating another of Garuda’s clones, Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astounded by the Shadow Incinerator’s Profound Skill, World’s Descent.

Shi Feng had only reached entry-level in his mastery over Dark Moon. More specifically, he could only use the Law of Space as the technique’s foundation to gather mana.

However, when he activated World’s Descent, the Profound Skill introduced a new Law into his Dark Moon, allowing the technique to improve qualitatively. Additionally, whenever he executed Dark Moon, the operations of the magic elements involved would be displayed in his mind. The clarity of this display even grew with each subsequent execution. Because of this, even though it was incredibly taxing on his Concentration to use Dark Moon, he kept doing so in an attempt to grasp the introduced Law.

Laws related to the magic elements were of utmost importance to any player. Nobody would ever complain that they knew too many Elemental Laws.

This was because every Elemental Law a player grasped would strengthen their control over mana. At the same time, the Law Projections they could cast would also become stronger. Hence, when players reached Tier 6, apart from weapons and equipment at the Legendary rank or above, they would primarily seek out the Laws contained in various Legacies.

Now that World’s Descent could integrate and display a Law into Dark Moon, Shi Feng naturally had to make the most of this opportunity. Not to mention, said Law was the Law of Darkness.

The Law of Darkness was an Advanced Law like the Law of Destruction and the Law of Space. Normally, opportunities to learn an Advanced Law could only be found in Primordial God Legacies, while God and Ancient God Legacies only contained Basic Laws. Now that Shi Feng had an opportunity to learn the Law of Darkness, how could he let it slip by?

Once… Twice… Three times…

Subsequently, Shi Feng executed Dark Moon one time after another. Unfortunately, even after all of Garuda’s clones were eliminated and the winner of the match was declared, Shi Feng still did not grasp the Law of Darkness.

If only I had more time… Shi Feng sighed when he appeared outside the ring.

Sixteen executions of Dark Moon only allowed Shi Feng to reach entry-level in his mastery over the Law of Darkness. Although he could now manipulate mana using the Law of Darkness, he couldn’t integrate it into his Dark Moon like he could when World’s Descent was active.

While Shi Feng felt dejected, many spectators were jumping for joy.

“What an incredible human! I can’t believe he defeated the Divine Fist!”

“Indeed! I originally thought the Star Maiden would be the human race’s strongest representative this time! But after watching this match, I think Black Flame should be the strongest! I look forward to the finals!”

Previously, after watching Elise and Ink Crystal’s fight, everyone lost interest in the fight between Shi Feng and Garuda. Now, though, everyone started to look forward to the fight between Shi Feng and Ink Crystal.

It was especially so for the human players. They never imagined that the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, a Guild with no background, could defeat Garuda, the former champion, and lead the Verdant Rainbow Party to the finals.

Amidst the spectators’ cheers and expectations, Garuda walked up to Shi Feng after he was resurrected outside the ring.

“You are good; I’ll give you that. I didn’t think I would lose to you,” Garuda said as he crossed his four arms across his chest. Then he turned to look at the departing Ink Crystal Party and continued, “But you are most likely going to have a tough time against Ink Crystal. I hope you can defeat her and become the champion. That way, we might be able to become fellow travelers.”

After saying so, Garuda left for the rest area with his bitter party members. Like everyone else, he intended to stay behind and watch the finals two hours later.

Fellow travelers? Shi Feng couldn’t help but grow curious as he watched Garuda leave. He could sense that Garuda sincerely did not care about losing. Garuda behaved like his goal was never to become the champion but to achieve something greater instead. Is it the path beyond Tier 6?

Garuda was the champion of the last Continental Championship, so Shi Feng couldn’t help but suspect that the other party had learned the method to go beyond Tier 6.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng became even more determined to win the championship. By the time the following season arrived, the entrance to the Eternal Realm might very well have been discovered already. At that time, even more talented experts and top-tier Divine Artifacts would appear in the Continental Championship, making it exponentially harder to become the champion.

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