Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3744

Chapter 818 – Battling a Sixth-Floor Expert

Ink Crystal’s words elicited a series of gasps from the spectators.

“Is that little girl insane?! She has so many Half-step Mortal Gods on her party, yet she chooses to fight one-on-six?!”

“What a presumptuous little girl! She’s not placing any significance on the Verdant Rainbow Party!”

“She has a point, though. Those five Half-step Mortal Gods can probably take on the rest of the top eight parties simultaneously and win. We will only have a boring match if the Verdant Rainbow Party fights them fairly.”

Although many spectators found Ink Crystal’s suggestion wildly arrogant, even more found it interesting. Otherwise, the Continental Championship would conclude with a very boring final match. After all, even if Ink Crystal stood by and did nothing, her five Half-step Mortal God party members were strong enough to sweep away the rest of the top 8 parties.

At this time, even Elise couldn’t help but turn to Rin, who sat nearby, and asked, “Rin, what is Ink Crystal’s origin?”

It was already shocking enough that a Mortal God had appeared among the Crystallian race. Now, five more Half-step Mortal Gods had appeared among the Crystallians. They all even belonged to the same party. Such a party could reign supreme across the Eternal Realm. Not to mention, all six members of this party were ridiculously young. Elise found it hard to imagine that any power could nurture so many monsters.

If a power managed to nurture one peerless chosen one, the achievement could only be chalked up to luck. However, if a power managed to nurture multiple peerless chosen ones, it was proof of that power’s strength and foundations.

No matter how Elise thought about it, there was no way a power capable of producing one Mortal God and five Half-step Mortal Gods could be unknown.

“This… I don’t know, either,” Rin said, shaking her head. “My superiors merely told me to avoid provoking her party and behave like the party doesn’t exist.”

In reality, Rin was even more confused by this situation than Elise.

Royal powers were the strongest known powers among the Crystallian race, and there were only a few of them in existence. Although it was possible for a royal power to nurture a monster like Ink Crystal, simply being able to nurture one such monster would already be a miracle. There was no way any royal power could nurture a group of such monsters. Likewise, while apex and pseudo-apex powers could potentially nurture a monster like Ink Crystal, they would need ridiculous amounts of luck. As for the possibility of Ink Crystal’s party having independent origins, that was completely out of the question.

The development of every genius involved various resources. The stronger a genius wished to become, the more resources they needed to consume. No small team or ordinary power could afford the resources required to produce Ink Crystal’s party of six.

“You don’t know? Behave like they don’t exist?” Elise was astounded by Rin’s response.

Ninth Street, the royal power Rin originated from, was the second strongest royal power among the Crystallian race, and it was not much weaker than the Holy Race’s Thunder Empire.

Evidently, Ninth Street’s executives knew something about the Ink Crystal Party’s origins, yet they had warned the Earthen Princess not to have any contact with the Ink Crystal Party. This implied that the Ink Crystal Party’s origins were so powerful that even Ninth Street feared it.

While Elise questioned Rin, Ink Crystal moved her gaze from Verdant Rainbow to Shi Feng.

“I will only make you this offer once. Will you take it or not?” Ink Crystal asked as she looked at Shi Feng. She behaved like a child who had found a new and interesting toy, and a hint of eagerness could even be heard in her voice.

“Leader, how sly of you! We had to hold ourselves back this entire time, yet you’re going to steal our one opportunity to show off?” a bald young man from the Ink Crystal Party said in dissatisfaction.

The other members of the Ink Crystal Party nodded in agreement. They had to act weak throughout the entire competition. Now that they could finally show off their strength in front of everyone, Ink Crystal decided to steal their thunder.

“Scram!” Ink Crystal glared at the bald young man. “If you oppose me again, I’ll have you all banned from logging into God’s Domain for a month!”

Ink Crystal’s threat immediately silenced her party members.

A one- or two-day ban might be tolerable, but a one-month ban from God’s Domain was absolute torture. They didn’t doubt Ink Crystal’s ability to act on her threat, either.

“Back to the topic.” After silencing her party members, Ink Crystal turned back to Shi Feng and asked, “What are your thoughts?”

“We’ll pass on the one-on-six. We can’t afford such a humiliating situation,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “Instead, let’s fight one-on-one. It’s a fair arrangement, and neither side can complain if they lose.”

Verdant Rainbow and the others did not voice any objections. They all agreed with Shi Feng’s suggestion.

It didn’t matter whether they fought Ink Crystal one-on-six or one-on-one. The fight’s outcome would ultimately depend on whether Shi Feng could defeat Ink Crystal. After all, the last thing a Mortal God feared was group battles. If Shi Feng could not defeat Ink Crystal by himself, it wouldn’t matter if the rest of the Verdant Rainbow Party fought alongside him; nothing would change.

“Okay. We’ll do a one-on-one, then.” Ink Crystal nodded and entered the ring by herself.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, be careful. I doubt the strength she has revealed thus far is everything she has,” Verdant Rainbow said to Shi Feng.

“I understand.” Shi Feng nodded. He did not bother to say anything else, stepping directly into the ring.

Meanwhile, a minute after Shi Feng and Ink Crystal entered the ring, the mighty existence hovering in the air closed off the ring’s entrance and announced the start of the final match.

Subsequently, the map for the final match materialized. This time, the battlefield was set inside an ancient temple held up by massive stone pillars. Each pillar had a radius exceeding 100 meters, and there were an endless number of them throughout the temple.

However, despite the large temple, Shi Feng and Ink Crystal arrived on the battlefield with less than 1,000 yards between them, with clear line of sight of each other.

“Let me see the strength you used to defeat Garuda,” Ink Crystal said to Shi Feng before she released her cane and let it sink into the ground.

Immediately, spears made of vines emerged from the ground and rotated around Ink Crystal. As more spears formed, the speed of their rotation also increased, and after just three seconds, a powerful typhoon raged around Ink Crystal. The typhoon repeatedly shattered the surrounding space, and its power increased over time.

This move was none other than Thornstorm, the Peak Gold Implement Manipulation Technique Ink Crystal used to kill Elise previously.


With a wave of her hand, Ink Crystal directed the countless vine spears to scatter with explosive momentum, covering all her sides.

Fighting seriously right off the bat? Shi Feng’s scalp grew numb when he saw Ink Crystal’s attack, and he dared not hold back in the slightest.

Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection!

World’s Descent!

Goddess-ranked Mana Technique, Dark Moon!

Suddenly, a full moon rose above the battlefield, showering endless moonlight on Ink Crystal’s Thornstorm.

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