Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3745

Chapter 819 – Black Flame and Ink Crystal
When the moonlight shone on the rotating vines, the latter stopped in place, looking as if they had collided with an impenetrable wall. This situation lasted several seconds before the initial clash between Ink Crystal and Shi Feng ended with their attacks canceling out each other.

However, Ink Crystal did not intend to stop after their initial exchange. Immediately, she executed Thornstorm again, sending another batch of vine spears flying at Shi Feng.

When Shi Feng saw this, he similarly executed Dark Moon without hesitation.

Once… Twice… Three times…

Over a dozen exchanges occurred in no time, the sight shocking the spectators outside.

The once-majestic and ancient temple looked devastated on the screen. The towering pillars within 10,000 yards of Shi Feng and Ink Crystal were covered in cracks, and the ground looked like a meteorite had struck it. The destruction caused was comparable to that of Elise’s Star Destroyer.

“Are these two monsters?” Phoenix Flame muttered as she looked at the calm expressions on Shi Feng and Ink Crystal.

Seated nearby, Rin and Dead Soul were similarly astonished. They never imagined Shi Feng and Ink Crystal could remain unfazed in such an intense fight.

Whether it was Ink Crystal’s Implement Manipulation Technique or Shi Feng’s Mana Technique, both exhibited power comparable to that of the Profound Skills of Divine Artifacts that were utilized to 100% of their potential.

Yet, despite the two having used their respective techniques over a dozen times, they didn’t look the slightest bit exhausted.

“This Black Flame fellow is quite good to be able to match the leader so far,” the bald young man from the Ink Crystal Party said as he watched the ongoing fight. Then he smiled and continued, “But if strengthening his Law Projection is all he can do, this match is as good as over.”

The spectators couldn’t help but be shocked at the bald young man’s words.

Although the bald young man didn’t speak loudly, everyone present was a chosen one of their respective race. They were also Tier 6 players. So, they could overhear even conversations taking place a thousand yards away.

So far? As good as over? Elise looked at the bald young man in astonishment. She felt like the other party was joking. After all, if what he said was true, it meant that Ink Crystal had not been fighting seriously this entire time.

Although Elise acknowledged that sixth-floor experts were powerful, she did not think that Shi Feng was as fragile as the bald young man described.

There weren’t many experts who could utilize a Divine Artifact’s potential to 100%. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there were only a handful of such experts in the human race’s Greater God’s Domain, and the various apex powers feared them greatly.

Meanwhile, given Shi Feng’s ability to unleash power rivaling the Profound Skill of fully exerted Divine Artifacts over a dozen times in a row, even the current Demon’s Gate would have to rethink its decision to persecute him. In fact, even the Sun Dynasty would have to consider whether continuing to persecute Shi Feng would be worthwhile.

Yet, the bald young man spoke as if Shi Feng’s strength was insignificant…

However, Elise knew better than to dismiss the bald young man’s words. After all, despite his deceptively young age, the young man was a Half-step Mortal God. There was no way he couldn’t understand the strength Shi Feng was currently displaying. Even a bona fide sixth-floor expert should have difficulty defeating Shi Feng quickly.

While Elise was wondering about the reason for the bald young man’s somewhat arrogant claim, Ink Crystal stopped attacking Shi Feng and quietly inspected him for a moment. Then, she began walking toward the ground like she was descending a flight of invisible stairs, each of her steps causing the surrounding space to condense.

When Ink Crystal arrived on the ground, the spectators were given another shock. This was because an illusory forest had appeared around Ink Crystal and pushed back Shi Feng’s Law Projection. In the blink of an eye, the two Law Projections shared the battlefield equally, and Ink Crystal’s strength made a full recovery.

A Goddess-ranked Law Projection?! Elise couldn’t help but doubt her eyes.

As the owner of the Sixth Goddess Tablet, Elise was no stranger to the concept of the Goddess-ranked Law Projection. She was even working to achieve it.

Unfortunately, achieving the Goddess-ranked Law Projection was easier said than done.

The base requirement to cast a Goddess-ranked Law Projection was to master and combine three Advanced Laws. However, without sufficient Legacy Guidance, even mastering the three Advanced Laws needed would be nigh impossible, let alone merging them into one.

In Shi Feng’s case, he could only barely achieve a Goddess-ranked Law Projection because of a Skill. Ink Crystal, however, did not rely on any external forces. She relied only on herself to form a Goddess-ranked Law Projection…

Garuda and the other experts who had mastered two Advanced Laws were similarly stunned by this development.

A monster! She’s an absolute monster!

Rin felt her worldview crumbling as she looked at Ink Crystal. Not only did Ink Crystal possess a one-of-a-kind talent for combat, but she also possessed an equally astounding comprehension of World Laws.

Inside the temple…

“I commend you for making it this far despite not having reached even the Unthinking Realm,” Ink Crystal said, smiling as she looked at Shi Feng. “But you’re not the only player who has grasped a Primordial God-ranked Law Projection in this championship! For making me use this move against you, you can be proud!”

After saying so, Ink Crystal raised her hand once more. Immediately afterward, countless vines emerged from the ground, each easily piercing through space. Together, the vines transformed the battlefield into an empty void in the blink of an eye, and their aura was significantly stronger than before. Meanwhile, hovering in the middle of these vines, Ink Crystal looked like she was the world’s ruler.

This scene dumbfounded the spectators outside.

A Mortal God!

This was a real Mortal God!

With a lift of her hand, Ink Crystal had reduced an entire map to nothing!

Before the spectators could recover from their astonishment, the countless vines traversed across the void and attacked Shi Feng from all directions. Each vine rivaled Elise’s Star Destroyer in power, and a hundred attacked Shi Feng at a time.

Sure enough, dealing with a sixth-floor expert isn’t easy. When Shi Feng saw the vines attacking him, he understood he could no longer hide his cards.

Tier 6 Super Spell, Sword Law World!

Holy Mana’s Shadow!

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