Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3748

Chapter 822 – Three Great Legacies

“What’s going on? Why are the rules different from last time?” When Phoenix Flame heard the mighty being’s explanation, her expression turned ugly.

Besides Phoenix Flame, Elise also wore an ugly expression, evidently dissatisfied by the central area’s new rules.

However, before anyone could vent their dissatisfaction, the mighty being continued explaining the rules.

“You will be restricted in what weapons and equipment you may use to challenge your desired Legacies. Members of the champion party may use up to one Divine Artifact, the runner-up party may not use any Divine Artifacts, and the second and third runners-up may only bring up to three Fragmented Divine Artifacts. That is all. I wish you a fruitful harvest.”

When the mighty being finished speaking, Garuda and the others couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Why is the difficulty so much greater this time?” Garuda grew confused when he sensed his Divine Artifacts being suppressed.

“Lord Garuda, are the Legacies’ challenges difficult?” Extreme Feather asked.

“If you were to challenge the easier Legacies here, you would likely succeed on the first try. However, it’ll be hell if you try to inherit a Legacy from the 60,000-meter-tall steles and statues,” Garuda explained frankly. “The last time I came here, I challenged a 60,000-meter-tall statue without any Divine Artifacts, and I had to make over a dozen reattempts before I managed to get an S-rank evaluation. Now that everyone only has one attempt…”

Extreme Feather, Phoenix Flame, and many others fell silent at Garuda’s words.

Everyone had seen how strong Garuda was. If they excluded the Ink Crystal Party’s five Half-step Mortal Gods, he would be a strong contender for the third-strongest expert in the current Continental Championship.

Although Garuda was not as strong in the last Continental Championship as he currently was, it still wouldn’t be easy for him to score a good evaluation on his first attempt. Naturally, it would be even more difficult for those who weren’t Half-step Mortal Gods.

When Garuda finished speaking, Gentle Snow suddenly pointed at the scattering fog in the distance and exclaimed to Shi Feng, “Guild Leader, look! Those steles and statues there are so tall!”

Gentle Snow’s exclamation immediately attracted everyone’s attention, and they couldn’t help but look at where she pointed.

As the fog in the central area scattered, more steles and statues became visible. Compared to those visible from the onset, these new steles and statues were much taller. Even at a rough glance, they were at least 100,000 meters tall.

“How is this possible?!” Garuda was astounded by this development.

Before today, the tallest steles and statues known in the Crucible’s central area were only 60,000 meters tall. Even so, the existences they represented were already far superior to those of the 10,000-meter-tall steles and statues in the starting plaza. Garuda couldn’t even begin to imagine what kind of terrifying existences the 100,000-meter-tall steles and statues represented.

Besides Garuda, even Shi Feng, who had known that changes would occur to the Crucible of the Ancients after the major system update, was rendered speechless.

In the direction that Gentle Snow pointed, Shi Feng could see that the 100,000-meter-tall steles and statues were still not the tallest. Farther beyond them, he could vaguely see three towering steles that blotted out the sky, and he estimated them to be at least 300,000 meters tall. Although he was nowhere near them, the Divine Might they radiated already felt as strong as that of Ancient Gods. He didn’t even dare to imagine how powerful their Divine Might would become once he got up close.

“Sure enough, the Crucible’s Three Great Legacies have appeared!” the bald young man from the Ink Crystal Party exclaimed when he saw the three towering steles in the distance. “Leader! Let’s hurry over there!”

“Let’s go!” Ink Crystal nodded and dashed for the steles without hesitation.

When Garuda, Elise, and everyone else saw this, they exchanged looks, not knowing how to proceed in this situation.

It went without saying that the three 300,000-meter-tall steles held Legacies beyond their wildest imaginations. After all, even the 10,000-meter-tall steles and statues in the starting plaza already held Legacies left behind by Primordial God-ranked existences.

However, nobody here was a fool. They only had one challenge attempt. If they tried to challenge the 300,000-meter-tall steles, they wouldn’t just risk getting a poor evaluation. There was a great likelihood they might not even get a passing evaluation. If that happened, all their effort to get here would have been for naught.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, what should we do?” Verdant Rainbow asked. She didn’t know what to do in this situation, either, so she decided to seek Shi Feng’s opinion. After all, Shi Feng was the only reason she and Death Wind could enter the central area. Without Shi Feng, they couldn’t have even entered the top 16, let alone the top 4.

Although players had to depend on themselves to secure the Legacies here, it would definitely help to have Shi Feng’s superior insight and knowledge.

“Let’s go and check them out,” Shi Feng replied without hesitation. “The other Legacies here might be good, but if we want to reach greater heights in the future, those three steles are probably the only ones that can help us. Of course, if you want to gain immediate improvements, going for the other Legacies wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

In his previous life, although the Three Absolutes had mentioned that the Crucible of the Ancients held clues about the path beyond Tier 6, they never revealed any details. However, he was willing to bet they were referring to the central area’s three 300,000-meter-tall steles.

As for the other Legacies here, if they couldn’t help him exceed the limits of Tier 6, it wouldn’t matter how many of them he acquired. Take the difference between fifth- and sixth-floor experts, for example. The former was only regarded as an apex expert, while the latter was regarded as a Mortal God. Between a mortal and a god, there was no comparison.

At Shi Feng’s words, Verdant Rainbow, Garuda, and Elise promptly decided to chase after the Ink Crystal Party.

“Guild Leader, can we get a passing evaluation?” Gentle Snow whispered to Shi Feng, a trace of worry in her eyes.

The Ink Crystal Party’s members could not only challenge the Crucible’s Three Great Legacies with one Divine Artifact, but each of them was also a Half-step Mortal God or above. In contrast, out of three other parties, Garuda was the only one who could compete in combat standards. Gentle Snow would be lying if she said she wasn’t worried about challenging the 300,000-meter-tall steles under such circumstances.

“Don’t worry. We have a greater advantage than even Ink Crystal’s party,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “While we might not have any Divine Artifacts, we have the God Chaser Sets.”

If the central area had not imposed any restrictions on the weapons and equipment players could use, Shi Feng would not have dared to let Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss challenge the Three Great Legacies. However, since such restrictions existed, the central area’s challenges were most likely designed around them.

In a situation where the current Continental Championship’s average level was set at Level 190, the God Chaser Sets would provide them with a significant advantage. After all, the new and improved God Chaser Sets granted Basic Attributes rivaling a full set of Level 220 Legendary Equipment. Even if Gentle Snow and the others couldn’t currently match Half-step Mortal Gods equipped with a Divine Artifact, they shouldn’t be too far behind.

Meanwhile, going by the behavior of Ink Crystal’s party members, it was obvious they were confident in passing the Three Great Legacies. They might even be confident in scoring a good evaluation. In that case, Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss shouldn’t have much trouble securing a passing evaluation.

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