Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3749

Chapter 823 – Stele’s Evaluation

When Shi Feng and the others arrived before the three towering steles, their bodies and souls shuddered. It felt like they were standing before three living Primordial Gods rather than steles, and they had to steel themselves just to look at the steles.

What a powerful mental oppression! This should already be at the level of bona fide Primordial Gods. Shi Feng was astonished as he looked at the three steles.

Although his memories of his past life were incomplete, he vaguely understood that the three steles could already match the average Primordial God. If these steles were sentient, they could suppress Ancient Gods with just a thought. This included Ancient Gods who had reached Level 240 and above. These steles were no longer existences that those at Tier 6 could hope to resist.

The three steles had varied offerings. Starting from Shi Feng’s left, the words “Divine Law” were engraved on the first stele, the words “Divine Concentration” were engraved on the second stele, and the words “Divine Technique” were engraved on the third stele. Evidently, the three steles corresponded to God’s Domain’s Three Foundational Legacies.

The Three Foundational Legacies were the same for all races. Whether it was the human race or the Holy Race, the players of both races needed to study World Laws. As for technique, the human race’s combat techniques and Mana Techniques, the Holy Race’s Holy Arts, and the Crystallian race’s Implement Manipulation Technique could all be put under this category. The concept of Concentration was also uniform across all races. If players wished to advance to Tier 6, their Concentration must reach the Tier 6 standard. Additionally, if a player’s Concentration increased, so would their overall strength.

“Are we only allowed to choose one of these three steles?” Extreme Feather grew hesitant as she examined the three steles.

Every one of God’s Domain’s Three Foundational Legacies was of utmost importance. Players could achieve a qualitative transformation if they improved in all three categories. But now, the central area’s rules limited them to only one Legacy. If they wanted to inherit all the Legacies of all three steles, they would need to participate in and enter the top 4 of two more Continental Championships.

Shi Feng also grew hesitant as he looked at the steles before him.

When it came to World Laws, he had already learned three Advanced Laws. If he could merge them into one, he could cast a Goddess-ranked Law Projection without any external assistance.

Concentration was also of utmost importance to him. His Concentration had already reached the Tier 6 Peak standard. If he could advance his base Concentration to the Tier 6 Limit standard and apply the Mental Condensation technique, he could potentially undo the Shadow Incinerator’s third seal.

As for techniques, he was also lacking in this department. Presently, besides Dark Moon, there was nothing else in his repertoire that he could use against sixth-floor experts. Neither the Gold-ranked Sword’s Orbit nor Flowing Space’s Third Step were strong enough for the job. If he could improve his mastery over the two techniques, he wouldn’t be limited to using The End to threaten sixth-floor experts.

While Shi Feng and everyone else hesitated, Ink Crystal and her party members moved with purpose. As if premeditated, the six moved toward two of the three steles.

Ink Crystal alone chose the Divine Concentration stele, while her five party members chose the Divine Law stele.

“None of them chose technique?” The Ink Crystal Party’s choices perplexed Verdant Rainbow.

Out of the Three Foundational Legacies, Technique Legacies could provide players with the most apparent improvements. Take Gold Combat Techniques, for example. If a fourth-floor expert learned one, they could instantly put up a fight against fifth-floor experts. If a fourth-floor expert learned a set of Gold Combat Techniques, even defeating fifth-floor experts wouldn’t be out of the question.

As for Advanced Gold Combat Techniques, they could give even Unthinking Realm experts a headache in the right hands. If Shi Feng hadn’t learned the Goddess-ranked Mana Technique Dark Moon, he couldn’t have stood up against Ink Crystal. Their fight would have ended as soon as it began.

“They probably aren’t lacking such Legacies,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

When Verdant Rainbow looked at Ink Crystal’s fading figure, she couldn’t help but agree with Shi Feng.

Normally, Advanced Gold-ranked techniques were already considered an exceedingly rare treasure by the various royal powers, let alone the Legacy held by the 300,000-meter-tall Divine Technique stele. No matter how she thought about it, the Divine Technique Legacy should be a Peak Gold-ranked technique at the very least.

Yet, nobody from the Ink Crystal Party chose the Divine Technique stele. While this decision initially confused Verdant Rainbow, she quickly understood the reason behind this decision when she recalled the two Peak Gold Implement Manipulation Techniques Ink Crystal had used—the Ink Crystal Party did not lack Peak Gold-ranked techniques.

Since Ink Crystal did not lack techniques and her progress in World Laws had reached a point where she could cast a Primordial God-ranked Law Projection, the optimal choice here would naturally be to improve her Concentration.

Meanwhile, after realizing the intent behind the Ink Crystal Party’s choices, everyone quickly understood what they should base their decision on. They could either further enhance their strengths or compensate for their weaknesses.

While everyone considered which Legacy they should choose, the Divine Law stele suddenly lit up. Then, all five of Ink Crystal’s party members appeared in front of the stele and collapsed one after another, looking incredibly feeble.

“What happened to them?”

Everyone was stunned when they saw that Ink Crystal’s party members had spent less than 20 minutes challenging the Divine Law stele. Garuda and those experienced with the central area’s challenges were especially shocked.

Normally, when challenging the 60,000-meter-tall steles and statues, players needed at least an hour or two to secure an A-rank evaluation. Yet, these five Half-step Mortal Gods had concluded their challenge in just 16 minutes.

“Could the challenge be very simple? Is that why they finished it so quickly?” Phoenix Flame wondered as she started walking toward the five players, intending to ask them about the challenge they faced.

However, before Phoenix Flame could approach the five players, the Divine Law stele revealed two evaluations. At the same time, three of the five players transformed into streaks of light and disappeared, leaving only the bald young man and a girl with a ponytail.

Desert River—Crystallian Race—Age 17—Evaluation – C

Flaming Lotus—Crystallian Race—Age 16—Evaluation – C

Silence enveloped the area following this development as everyone stared at the Divine Law stele in disbelief.

Five Half-step Mortal Gods, each equipped with a Divine Artifact, had challenged the Divine Law stele confidently. Yet, their challenge concluded in less than 20 minutes, with three failing their challenge and the other two receiving only a passing evaluation. After seeing this, no one could imagine how difficult the stele’s challenge was.

Just when everyone was gradually returning to their senses, the Divine Concentration stele suddenly lit up, and a person flew out. This person was none other than the Mortal God Ink Crystal. However, the current Ink Crystal was riddled with wounds, and she was obviously heavily injured. When she landed on the ground, she even stumbled and nearly fell.

More importantly, it hadn’t been more than 10 minutes since Desert River and Flaming Lotus concluded their challenge…

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