Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3750

Chapter 824 – Choice

“Why is she out already?”

Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Ink Crystal emerge from the Divine Concentration stele.

It was one thing for Desert River and Flaming Lotus to return quickly. However, nobody expected Ink Crystal to return so soon as well.

They had seen for themselves how strong Ink Crystal was. She was the undisputed number-one expert in this season’s Continental Championship. Nobody would find it strange even if she spent half a day inside the Divine Concentration stele. Yet, she had concluded her challenge less than 40 minutes after she started it. Just how difficult was the challenge for her to be defeated so quickly?

However, unlike everyone else, Garuda still did not give up hope. Quickly, he turned to the Divine Concentration stele to check Ink Crystal’s evaluation.

As someone who had experienced the central area’s challenges in the past, Garuda knew that while time spent in a challenge could be used to estimate a player’s evaluation, it wasn’t always accurate.

Subsequently, Ink Crystal’s evaluation appeared on the Divine Concentration stele with a flash.

Ink Crystal—Crystallian Race—Age 16—Evaluation – A

“Sure enough!”

Garuda’s complexion brightened considerably when he saw this evaluation.

“That gave me a scare. Thank goodness she received an A.”

Everyone else was similarly relieved upon seeing the evaluation shown on the Divine Concentration stele. This was especially so for Extreme Feather, Death Wind, and those visiting the Crucible’s central area for the first time.

If even a Mortal God like Ink Crystal scored only a C- or B-rank evaluation, players who weren’t even Half-step Mortal Gods like themselves would have no hope of passing the Three Great Legacies’ challenges.

However, since Ink Crystal got an A-rank evaluation, players beneath Half-step Mortal Gods would still have a chance at securing a C-rank evaluation. So long as they could get a C-rank evaluation, they could at least receive some rewards rather than leave empty-handed.

“What an ignorant bunch!” Desert River, the bald young man of the Ink Crystal Party, sneered as he watched the members of the other parties sigh in relief. “Do they think that whatever we can accomplish, they can too? Do they think the term Half-step Mortal God exists for nothing?”

Flaming Lotus, the girl with the ponytail, nodded, surprisingly agreeing with Desert River’s words.

“Ignore them and focus on recovering,” Ink Crystal said as she consumed a Concentration Recovery Potion and sat down. “Once they’re done with their challenge and we receive our reward, we will leave immediately. We still have many things to do later.”

Hearing this, Desert River and Flaming Lotus stopped paying attention to the other parties and focused on their recovery while waiting for the other parties to finish their challenge.

“Guild Leader, what should we do?” Gentle Snow asked Shi Feng worriedly. “Should the three of us choose these three steles?”

“Guild Leader, I think these three steles are a little too difficult for us three. I think it would be better if we went for the other steles,” Fervent Samsara said.

“I agree. Otherwise, we could very well waste this precious opportunity,” Heavy Abyss added.

Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss were well aware of their respective circumstances. They couldn’t even match experts like Phoenix Flame in combat standards, let alone Half-step Mortal Gods like Desert River. If even Half-step Mortal Gods only had a chance to get a passing evaluation, it was very unlikely they could pass the Three Great Legacies’ challenges.

“No, you should still go for these steles,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Then, while looking at Ink Crystal’s group, he continued, “You only need to avoid the Divine Law stele. Depending on which you are most proficient in, choose between the Divine Technique and Divine Concentration steles.”

Shi Feng was certain that it didn’t matter how well they scored in the other steles and statues in the central area. Even acquiring an S-rank evaluation for the other steles and statues probably wouldn’t benefit them as much as acquiring a C-rank evaluation for the three tallest steles.

In his previous life, the Three Absolutes had clearly stated that the Crucible of the Ancients held the method to go beyond Tier 6. If any Legacies in the current Crucible held such a method, he felt it would have to be the three steles before him.

Not to mention, the Ink Crystal Party seemed to know a lot about the Crucible of the Ancients. Desert River and Flaming Lotus could have easily secured an S-rank evaluation had they challenged any other stele or statue. Yet, they insisted on the Divine Law stele. Moreover, they did not get upset even after acquiring a C-rank evaluation. This showed that merely acquiring a C-rank evaluation was already a worthwhile outcome.

Hence, it would be a shame for Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, and Heavy Abyss to not even try.

The Ink Crystal Party’s choices also gave a general idea of the three steles’ challenges. If players only sought to get good results, they should challenge their most proficient field rather than their weaknesses.

When Ink Crystal’s five party members chose the Divine Law stele, they did so to compensate for their weaknesses. On the other hand, Ink Crystal was incredibly strong in Concentration. The fact that she could accomplish Manifold Executions proved this. Hence, she got an A-rank evaluation, while Desert River and Flaming Lotus only got C-rank evaluations.

Meanwhile, Garuda and Elise evidently reached the same conclusion as they had their party members challenge the three steles based on their strengths. Then, the two challenged the Divine Concentration stele like Ink Crystal.

“Let’s go in as well.”

When Shi Feng saw Garuda and the others finish choosing, he walked up and entered the Divine Law stele. His achievements in World Laws were undeniably better than his achievements in Concentration and technique, so the Divine Law stele was his best option.

Meanwhile, Gentle Snow, Verdant Rainbow, and Death Wind chose to challenge the Divine Technique stele, while Fervent Samsara and Heavy Abyss chose the Divine Concentration stele.

“At least they’re smart enough to go for their field of expertise after watching us suffer,” Desert River said, clicking his tongue when he saw the three parties’ decisions.

Suddenly, Ink Crystal opened her eyes and looked at the three steles before her. Then, with a heavy expression, she said, “Even if they choose their strengths, it’s pointless. Apart from Garuda and Elise, the best the others can achieve is C-rank.”

Desert River and Flaming Lotus chuckled when they heard Ink Crystal’s words. They could imagine the looks of shock the three parties’ members would wear once they were inside the three steles.

Inside, these people would learn just how weak they were.

They would also learn that even the peerless chosen ones of an entire race were nothing more than ants.

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