Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3751

Chapter 825 – Geniuses of the Myriad Worlds
Upon entering the Divine Law stele, Shi Feng found himself in an endless sea of stars. Amidst this starry sea was a three-story tower of epic proportions, and its presence here was akin to that of an overlord as countless worlds orbited it.

When Shi Feng looked at these worlds, he could see countless players residing in them. Not only did these worlds house human, Crystallian, and Holy Race players, but there were also players whose races Shi Feng had never seen before.


Upon inspecting these worlds, Shi Feng was dumbfounded. This was because he could vaguely see many foreign players whose strength matched Garuda’s. Some even felt as strong as Ink Crystal.

What shocked Shi Feng the most was that these worlds housed players even more terrifying than Ink Crystal.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng flew into the tower’s first floor, an icy, mechanical voice rang in his ears.

System: You are required to survive against a genius from the myriad worlds. You may choose your opponent from one of three grades. Your opponent will be fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment. Survive for thirty seconds, and you may proceed to the next floor. The quality of the Legacy you will receive on the next floor will depend on your opponent’s grade.
Subsequently, Shi Feng appeared on a ring with a 1,000-yard radius, and a translucent screen appeared before him.

The screen showed three grades based on the World Tower’s standards. The first grade corresponded to the pseudo-sixth-floor standard, the second grade corresponded to the sixth-floor standard, and the third grade corresponded to the sixth-floor ranker standard.

Assuming he could ascend to the second floor, he would receive a Complete Possession Law Legacy of a different quality, depending on which grade he chose his opponent from. The first grade would grant him a Pseudo-Primordial God’s Legacy, the second grade would grant him a Primordial God’s Legacy, and the third grade would grant him a Legacy from a mighty being, even among Primordial Gods.

No wonder three of the Ink Crystal Party’s members got disqualified. Realization dawned on Shi Feng as he looked at the screen. He also couldn’t help but be surprised.

Possession Legacies were among the best kinds of Legacies in God’s Domain. Unlike Legacy Guidances, which only unilaterally allowed players to experience the use of a technique or World Law, Possession Legacies allowed players to possess the bodies of the Legacies’ creators. This, in turn, allowed players to gain and experience the creators’ perceptions and even thoughts as they used their Legacies.

Meanwhile, Complete Possession Legacies were even more incredible. This was because they allowed players to go through their creators’ breakthrough process. Players could experience firsthand the birth of a Legacy. This would greatly help them avoid detours when learning a Legacy.

Most of the players who could reach this mighty tower were unlikely to settle for a Pseudo-Primordial God’s Complete Possession Legacy. They would definitely make the third grade of experts their first choice, as this could help them break through the confines of Tier 6 in the future.

However, sixth-floor rankers were not ordinary sixth-floor experts. Based on Shi Feng’s past life experiences, experts of this standard were likely to be at the late stage of the sixth floor. They were not opponents an entry-level sixth-floor expert like Ink Crystal could match, much less Half-step Mortal Gods like Ink Crystal’s party members.

Even if the selected sixth-floor ranker was only equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment, a Half-step Mortal God equipped with a Divine Artifact would have difficulty surviving against the other party for a long time.

While Shi Feng pondered which grade he should select, the mechanical voice from before began to urge him.

“You still have ten seconds to decide! You will be teleported away if you do not make a choice!”

Subsequently, a countdown timer appeared on the screen.

Ten… Nine… Eight…

To hell with it! Gritting his teeth, Shi Feng chose to challenge an opponent from the third grade.

Although the safer choice here would be the second grade, he couldn’t give up on the Legacy of an existence considered mighty even among Primordial Gods. Not to mention, he was equipped with the God Chaser Set. With it, his Basic Attributes could rival Level 190 players equipped with three Divine Artifacts. He had a much greater advantage than Desert River and Flaming Lotus. If they could survive for 30 seconds, there was no reason he couldn’t.

The instant Shi Feng made his choice, a gnome-like young man who wasn’t even one meter in height appeared before him. The gnome youth was fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment, and he was similarly at Level 190. However, the gnome youth was in a completely different league from Ink Crystal. The instant the gnome youth appeared, Shi Feng felt like a mountain had fallen onto his shoulders, and his Basic Attributes started to plummet.

“Crap! What is this Law Projection?!” Shi Feng couldn’t help but curse out loud as he looked at the gnome youth before him. He also couldn’t understand how Desert River and Flaming Lotus survived this challenge.

Currently, Shi Feng already had his Pseudo-Goddess Law Projection active. Yet, his Basic Attributes still fell by 50%. This suppression was even greater than when he used his complete Goddess Law Projection to suppress Garuda’s Pseudo-Primordial God Law Projection.

Under such suppression, even Level 190 players equipped with three Divine Artifacts would have their Basic Attributes reduced to the same standard as the gnome youth’s.

Before Shi Feng could recover from his shock, the gnome youth raised the two claw-like weapons he wielded and instantly split into a hundred doppelgangers. Then, each doppelganger tore apart space with their claws as they converged their weapons at a single point, creating a black hole-like object.

A Peak Gold Fusion Technique? Shi Feng was stunned by this scene.

A Twofold Peak Gold-ranked technique was the limit of what most sixth-floor experts could achieve. An example would be Ink Crystal, who could use the Twofold Thornstorm. The control required to execute such a technique was already freakish.

Nevertheless, the gnome youth had merged two Peak Gold-ranked techniques. The complexity of this technique was leagues above Ink Crystal’s Twofold Thornstorm. It was comparable to the difference between Tier 5 and Tier 6 Spells.

Upon seeing the Peak Gold Fusion Technique, Shi Feng threw his calm aside and frantically used his trump cards one after another.

World’s Descent!

Sword Law World!

Void Barrier!

Immediately, Shi Feng’s Law Projection was no longer suppressed thoroughly. Even so, he could only extend his Law Projection up to 50 yards in the presence of the gnome youth’s Law Projection, and his Basic Attributes were still weakened by 20%. Meanwhile, due to Sword Law World’s effect, the power of the gnome youth’s black hole fell by 30%.

However, despite this change, Shi Feng still saw the Void Barrier cracking bit by bit the instant the black hole touched it. Evidently, the Void Barrier could not withstand the black hole’s power.

War Goddess Summoning!

Heroic Pledge!

When Shi Feng saw the Void Barrier cracking, he knew he would face certain death if he couldn’t block the gnome youth’s attack. Immediately, he summoned six War Goddesses, intending to resist to the very end.

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