Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3752

Chapter 826 – First Generation Primordial God

When the gnome youth saw Shi Feng summoning six Level 200 War Goddesses, a hint of disdain flashed in his eyes, and his Strength Attribute skyrocketed once more. Evidently, he had used a Berserk Skill to counteract Sword Law World’s effects and return his black hole to full power.

“Activate your battle array to block it!”

Shi Feng wasn’t surprised to see the black hole recover its power. In response, he had the War Goddesses activate their battle array to defend against the attack.

The Feather of Oath, also known as the Twelve Heavenly Wings, was one of the Goddess of Space’s most prized possessions. While each War Goddess might not be as strong as an Ancient God of the same level, if all the summoned War Goddesses formed their unique battle array, they could hold their ground against even Primordial Gods of the same level.

As Shi Feng could only summon up to six War Goddesses, he could not reproduce the complete War Goddess Battle Array. Even so, with the effects of the incomplete battle array and Heroic Pledge, the six War Goddesses should have no trouble withstanding the gnome youth’s attack. After all, NPCs had much greater amounts of HP than players.

Meanwhile, after the War Goddesses formed their battle array, a spear-wielding War Goddess, the recipient of the Heroic Pledge, swung her spear and caused the surrounding space to stagnate. A moment later, a barrier made of divine patterns appeared before her and collided with the approaching black hole.

Advanced Gold Defensive Technique, God’s Protection!


A sizable portion of the ring vanished along with a loud boom, leaving behind a dark void.

“How resilient,” the gnome youth said when he saw Shi Feng still alive. After blocking his attack, the spear-wielding War Goddess had been sent flying 100 yards away and lost 5% of her HP. Meanwhile, because of Void Barrier’s protection, Shi Feng escaped unscathed. “But how many times can these War Goddesses protect you?”

After saying so, the gnome youth executed the same Peak Gold Fusion Technique, leaving no time for Shi Feng to catch his breath.

Is this a ranker’s strength? Shi Feng was shocked when he saw the damage the spear-wielding War Goddess had sustained. Although he had already estimated that the gnome youth could cause significant damage to the War Goddess, he didn’t think she would lose 5% of her HP from one attack.

Even the average NPC would have ten times or more HP than players of the same level and tier. Naturally, War Goddesses, who possessed superior Life Rating, would have even more HP. Even if a War Goddess stood still and did nothing, a player of the same level and tier would need considerable time to kill her.

Yet, the gnome youth managed to cause 5% HP damage to the spear-wielding War Goddess, even after she had used an Advanced Gold Defensive Technique. If it were a player standing in her place, the gnome youth’s attack could have killed them several times over.

When Shi Feng saw the second black hole approaching, he dared not let the War Goddess receive it as she had before. Immediately, he activated World of Frost and executed Sword’s Orbit with the summoned frost swords. Simultaneously, he executed Flowing Space, transforming into a streak of light as he frantically tried to evade the gnome youth’s attack.

Although Shi Feng could not use the Gold-ranked Sword’s Orbit to block the black hole, he could attack the gnome youth’s claws to disrupt the other party’s attack.

When it came to the Strength Attribute, Shi Feng had quite the advantage over the gnome youth. So, although he could only land some of his attacks on the gnome youth’s claws, he still managed to affect the other party’s attack rate to a large extent and buy himself precious time.

Twenty-eight seconds… Twenty seconds… Ten seconds…

“Despicable ant! Is running the only thing you know?!” The gnome youth gnashed his teeth as he watched Shi Feng scurry about.

When executing Flowing Space, Shi Feng could achieve speeds comparable to the gnome youth. Although the gnome youth could still accurately predict Shi Feng’s movements, the constant interruption of the frost swords and War Goddesses forced him to spend much more time preparing and launching an attack at Shi Feng.

Originally, the gnome youth could have killed Shi Feng in under one second. Now, he needed over one second to launch an accurate attack at Shi Feng and force the spear-wielding War Goddess to block it.

When less than three seconds remained, the spear-wielding War Goddess still had a little over 50% of her HP. When the gnome youth saw this, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

“Be proud that you have forced me to this point!”

Suddenly, the gnome youth stabbed his claws into his chest, and blood spewed all over. The spattered blood turned into 20 clones of the gnome youth, each a perfect replica of the original.

Immediately, the gnome youth and his clones scattered and executed the same Peak Gold Fusion Technique against Shi Feng from all directions.


When Shi Feng saw the 21 black holes around him, he inwardly cursed, feeling that this challenge was utterly ridiculous. Executing a Peak Gold Fusion Technique over 20 times simultaneously simply wasn’t something a mortal should be capable of.

While cursing, Shi Feng instinctively executed Flowing Space and activated Abyssal Eye’s Abyssal Power. He also had the six War Goddesses take the initiative to intercept some of the attacks, hoping to increase his chances of survival as much as possible.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The War Goddesses attempted to intercept as many of the gnome youth’s attacks as possible. However, even after all six of them died, one black hole still remained, and it threatened to pull Shi Feng into it with its powerful gravitational force.


When Shi Feng saw the black hole coming within ten yards of him, he swung the Shadow Incinerator at it with all his might.

The End!

A towering pillar of flames illuminated the ring, and a powerful shockwave shook the barrier protecting the ring.

When the black hole vanished, Shi Feng’s bloodied figure fell out of the void. Fortunately, just as he was about to crash into the ring’s shattered floor, he corrected his posture and landed on his feet.

How close. I nearly died. Shi Feng sighed in relief when he saw that he had less than 1% HP remaining and was heavily injured.

If not for the gnome youth being equipped with only Legendary Weapons and Equipment, Shi Feng would have died, even if he tried to defend himself with The End.

“Dammit!” When the gnome youth saw that Shi Feng had survived, he could only disappear from the ring in frustration.

Following the gnome youth’s departure, the system’s icy, mechanical voice rang inside the tower.

System: You have passed the first floor trial. You may proceed to the tower’s second floor, where you will be randomly assigned a mighty being based on the World Laws you have learned and undergo a Complete Possession Law Legacy. If you can replicate 80% of the Law Legacy, you may proceed to the third floor.

Before Shi Feng could react, he found himself fully recovered. Then, his surroundings changed as he was teleported to the tower’s second floor.

“It is detected that you have learned the Advanced Laws of Destruction, Space, and Darkness. The First Generation Primordial God ‘Abyss’ has been designated for you. Please get ready for the Complete Possession.”

When the notification ended, Shi Feng’s consciousness started to grow heavy. Then, he found himself dragged into a chaotic void.

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