Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3753

Chapter 827 – Law Projection That Exceeds the Primordial God Rank
Is this a First Generation Primordial God? Shi Feng wondered as he looked at the 10,000-meter-tall human-like being before him. Although the other party’s figure was shrouded in darkness, he could see countless worlds contained in the other party’s eyes.

Merely looking at these worlds made Shi Feng feel like they were weighing down his body, suffocating him. In front of this mighty being, even Ancient Gods and their ilk were merely jokes. He even felt the average Primordial God was nothing before the Primordial Abyssal God.

Before Shi Feng could inspect the Primordial Abyssal God, his consciousness was drawn into the other party.

Incredible! Shi Feng was dumbfounded when he sensed everything the Primordial Abyssal God sensed. Is this a Primordial God’s perception and strength?

Within the Primordial Abyssal God’s perception, Shi Feng could sense the existence of five Greater God’s Domains in the Void Sea. Although these Greater God’s Domains were far apart, he felt he could reach them instantly. He also felt like he could easily tear apart their seemingly indestructible World Barriers.

However, rather than these things, what astonished Shi Feng even more was the Void Sea’s magic elements. These magic elements, which were normally violent and uncontrollable, were currently orbiting the Primordial Abyssal God and forming World Laws naturally.

Just as Shi Feng was about to inspect these naturally occurring World Laws, a ten-headed behemoth 100,000 meters tall appeared in the distance. A hundred 10,000-meter-tall monsters followed the behemoth, and they swarmed at the Primordial Abyssal God as soon as they appeared.

Although Shi Feng could not see the level of these monsters, he recognized the 10,000-meter-tall monsters.

Void Eaters!

They were the nightmares of Greater God’s Domains. Even existences such as Ancient Gods were nothing more than food to Void Eaters. Even a lone Void Eater could easily destroy a royal power.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, a Void Eater invaded the Holy Race’s Greater God’s Domain. Five royal powers had to join forces at the time to defeat it. Even then, two participating royal powers suffered severe losses, and all five royal powers lost nearly one-third of their territories. Furthermore, four sixth-floor experts suffered permanent deaths.

Fortunately, the human race’s Greater God’s Domain never had to face such a fearsome monster. Otherwise, it really would have faced destruction.

As for the 100 Void Eaters the Primordial Abyssal God faced, not even ten Holy Races would be enough to defeat them. There was also a ten-headed monster that was clearly stronger than the Void Eaters.

Meanwhile, before these monsters could get within a million yards, the Primordial Abyssal God looked at them.

Suddenly, Shi Feng sensed all the magic elements within a radius of tens of millions of yards coming under the Primordial Abyssal God’s control. Then, they swarmed toward the Primordial Abyssal God like bees returning to their nest.

As this happened, the Primordial Abyssal God merged the Laws of Destruction, Space, and Darkness within his body. Then, the Primordial Abyssal God created a rotating miniature world using the three Advanced Laws as the core and the Laws of Water, Earth, Wind, and Fire as the foundation.

When this miniature world took shape, the magic elements within a 5,000,000-yard radius of the Primordial Abyssal God naturally formed a world of darkness that destroyed all forms of foreign energy.

The instant the Primordial Abyssal God’s Law Projection took shape, the ten-headed behemoth and the Void Eaters began rapidly losing HP. Additionally, the Void Eaters’ movements slowed to a crawl, and their Basic Attributes fell by over 90%.

The ten-headed behemoth, which was still able to move normally, turned around and fled as soon as this happened. As for the Void Eaters, they died before they could escape the Primordial Abyssal God’s Law Projection.

“Although my Law Projection still isn’t perfect, at least it has finally reached this step,” the Primordial Abyssal God said in a satisfied tone as he looked at the Void Eaters’ corpses.

When the Primordial Abyssal God finished speaking, Shi Feng’s consciousness withdrew from the other party’s body and retreated into the distance. A few minutes later, Shi Feng found himself back on the tower’s deserted second floor.

The Primordial Abyssal God truly is powerful. That Law Projection definitely exceeded the standard of the average Primordial God. When Shi Feng recalled how the Primordial Abyssal God utilized his three Advanced Laws and four Basic Laws, he was amazed.

Merely merging World Laws was already challenging for most Tier 6 players, let alone combining them to form a world. Yet, the Primordial Abyssal God did it. Although it must have taken the Primordial Abyssal God countless attempts to reach this outcome, he nevertheless succeeded.

The miniature law world’s rotation was like a galaxy’s rotation. It occurred naturally and did not require active control from the Primordial Abyssal God. Because of this, the Primordial Abyssal God’s Law Projection could achieve scale and stability superior to any Law Projection requiring active control.

System: You are required to recreate the Abyssal World immediately. You have three attempts. Your performance will be judged based on your best result. You have ten seconds to prepare.
When Shi Feng heard the system’s notification, he instantly snapped out of his daze.

I don’t even get time to think? The notification rendered Shi Feng speechless. However, he dared not waste time. Immediately, he consumed an Eternal God Crystal and began attempting to create the Abyssal World inside his body.

The Primordial Abyssal God’s Law Projection was completely different from the average Law Projection. The average Law Projection’s formation required active manipulation of magic elements. However, instead of doing that, the Primordial Abyssal God created a miniature world within his body. While the process of creating this miniature world was extremely complicated, since Shi Feng got to share the Primordial Abyssal God’s senses, he could view every step of the process with perfect clarity.

Although Shi Feng had not fully mastered the four Basic Laws the Primordial Abyssal God used, he could still imitate them since Basic Laws were much easier to learn than Advanced Laws.

On his first attempt, Shi Feng easily merged the three Advanced Laws. However, because he failed to merge the four Basic Laws properly, he didn’t even manage to create a miniature world. As a result, he concluded his first attempt with only a 16% Legacy Completion Rate.

On his second attempt, Shi Feng was extremely careful when merging the four Basic Laws. In return for his patience, a miniature world formed within his body. Only, because of a problem with how he manipulated the four Basic Laws, the miniature world collapsed two seconds after it formed, and his second attempt ended with a 49% Legacy Completion Rate.

On his third attempt, Shi Feng spent ten seconds familiarizing himself with the four Basic Laws’ operations before he started to construct a miniature world inside his body. Ultimately, he managed to create a miniature world and maintain it for ten seconds before it collapsed due to his Concentration giving out. His third attempt concluded with a 73% Legacy Completion Rate.

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