Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3754

Chapter 828 – Evaluation
Crucible of the Ancients, Central Area:

“Your Highness! You got a B for your evaluation!” Phoenix Flame said excitedly when she saw Elise getting kicked out of the Divine Concentration stele. “You’ve also exited slightly later than Garuda! This makes you the second best out of everyone here!”

B-rank? Elise sighed in relief when she saw her results displayed on the Divine Concentration stele. Thank goodness I saved a trump card. Otherwise, I would have concluded the challenge with a C-rank evaluation.

Meanwhile, Garuda couldn’t help but scrutinize Elise when he saw her results. He hadn’t thought Elise could also score a B-rank evaluation.

“It’s only a B. If we weren’t trying to compensate for our weaknesses, we could have easily scored a B,” Desert River scoffed when he heard Phoenix Flame celebrating Elise’s results.

Flaming Lotus nodded in agreement. She was similarly dissatisfied by this situation.

“Don’t feel disgruntled,” Ink Crystal calmly said as she glanced at her two party members. “They are not like you. With the current Legacies the Holy Race and human race have, their talent is already at the level of monsters. They can most likely reach the sixth-floor standard in the near future, so it’s normal for them to get a B-rank evaluation.”

“Leader, do you think that item will appear?” Desert River asked, diverting his attention from Phoenix Flame and Elise.

Whether it was Garuda or Elise, they were indeed talented individuals. However, compared to the members of the Ink Crystal Party, they were nothing but ants. Their goals in attending the Continental Championship had never been the same since the beginning.

“It should appear,” Ink Crystal said after some thought. “This is the first Continental Championship after the major system update. I have also scored an A. So, there’s at least a 50% chance that item will show up as a reward for me, while you two should have a 10% chance of acquiring it.”

“Only 10%?”

Desert River and Flaming Lotus started to feel regret when they heard Ink Crystal’s words.

“Even if you score a B-rank evaluation, the probability of that item showing up won’t reach 20%,” Ink Crystal said in consolation. “After all, that item is the key to advancing beyond Tier 6. Do you think it can be obtained so easily?”

“It seems we’ll have to try our luck again next time.”

After thinking it over, Desert River and Flaming Lotus agreed with Ink Crystal. To begin with, they had only participated in the Continental Championship to try their luck. After all, they were only Half-step Mortal Gods. Out of everyone in their party, only Ink Crystal had a chance to obtain that item.

While Ink Crystal and Desert River conversed, a figure was suddenly blasted out of the Divine Law stele.

“Your Highness! Black Flame is out!” Phoenix Flame smiled when she saw who got kicked out of the Divine Law stele. “I thought he could last a little longer inside, but he didn’t even survive for thirty minutes! It seems he has also scored a C-rank evaluation only.”

Phoenix Flame was greatly dissatisfied by the fact that Shi Feng had led the Verdant Rainbow Party to secure second place in the Continental Championship. It was especially so after she saw how the Verdant Rainbow Party performed when challenging the Three Great Legacies. Gentle Snow, Fervent Samsara, Heavy Abyss, and Verdant Rainbow had all scored C-rank evaluations in their challenges. The only person who failed was Death Wind. This was a truly confusing and frustrating situation.

Fortunately, Phoenix Flame didn’t have to experience even more frustration as Shi Feng concluded his challenge only a few minutes after Gentle Snow and the others.

“He didn’t even last thirty minutes?” Extreme Feather looked at Shi Feng with disdain when she saw how quickly he had concluded his challenge.

The Verdant Rainbow Party placed second in the Continental Championship. Although the party’s members could not equip any Divine Artifacts, they were not restricted in how many Fragmented Divine Artifacts they could equip. Hence, they had a significant advantage in Basic Attributes over the members of third- and fourth-ranked parties.

Since Shi Feng and his party members lasted only as long as she did, it meant that their talent was inferior to hers.

Sure enough, scoring a B-rank evaluation is tough for those who haven’t reached the Half-step Mortal God standard. When Garuda saw Shi Feng’s pale complexion and how quickly the other party had concluded his challenge, he wasn’t particularly surprised. Subsequently, he turned to look at the resting Star Maiden and thought, It seems Elise will be my only opponent in the next season.

At the same time, Elise also looked at Garuda, similarly considering him her greatest opponent in the next Continental Championship.

Unlike Verdant Rainbow, the two of them knew how important it was to perform well in the central area’s Legacy challenges after the major system update. Even if their scores were only one rank higher, the rewards they would receive later would be worlds apart, and such a difference in rewards would create an unimaginable gap between them in the future.

“Dammit! The Guild Leader is only one minute short of reaching the thirty-minute mark!” Gentle Snow felt frustrated as she looked at the system clock.

Based on everyone’s challenge results, the 30-minute mark could be regarded as a milestone. Those who lasted 30 minutes in their challenges were virtually guaranteed a B-rank evaluation, while those who failed to last 30 minutes would either score a C-rank evaluation or fail. The only exception to this rule so far was Ink Crystal.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng spent 29 minutes on his challenge. He was just one minute short of reaching the B-rank threshold.

Twenty-nine minutes? Shi Feng was a little surprised when he overheard all the discussion. Was I inside for that long?

As far as he could recall, he had only spent 30 seconds battling on the first floor and a few minutes possessing the Primordial Abyssal God and learning how to create the Abyssal World. Although he had also spent some time entering the tower, he wouldn’t get anywhere near 29 minutes even if he added everything up.

“Only a C?” Ink Crystal looked at Shi Feng. “What a pity.”

Originally, Ink Crystal thought Shi Feng could secure a B-rank evaluation. However, it seemed that she overestimated him.

As everyone waited for the system to announce the rewards for the Legacy challenge, the Divine Law stele suddenly shone with a golden radiance that illuminated the central area.

When the golden radiance faded, a line of information gradually appeared on the Divine Law stele. Upon seeing this information, everyone gasped.

“This… How is this possible?”

“Am I hallucinating?”

When Desert River saw the latest information on the Divine Law stele, he couldn’t help but rub his eyes and check again. However, no matter how many times he repeated this action, the outcome remained the same.

Black Flame—Human Race—Age 31—Evaluation – S!

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