The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 633

Chapter 633: Gathering

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Ye Chen let out a long sigh. It was as if he was engulfed in a sea of blood.

To be honest, he had never killed so many people before. Had it not been for the Dragonslayer Sword and the help of the Samsara Graveyard, the one who would have perished today would have been him.

Suddenly, he noticed that there was faint blood qi condensing within the sea of blood, which then rushed toward Ye Chen in a frenzy!

“This is?”

Before Ye Chen could react, the blood dragon condensed once again and absorbed the blood qi. It seemed that devouring this thing was quite useful for the blood dragon, and Ye Chen noticed that the blood dragon’s body was flickering with red light and was growing larger.

Not only that, but the aura also seeped into Ye Chen’s body, pushing him toward his next breakthrough.

“Could it be that this thing can make me stronger?”

Ye Chen frowned and muttered to himself.

Back then, his master had said something similar, but he did not think much of it. Now it seemed that it might really be the case.

Ten minutes later, the blood dragon finished absorbing all of the blood qi, and returned to Ye Chen’s body.

Ye Chen placed the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword into the Samsara Graveyard and took out a jade pendant, which was the key to the Blood Alliance’s dungeon.

Since he had this key, it was time to make a trip to the Blood Alliance.

Although there was a mysterious force protecting his father’s body, he did not know how long it would be able to last. The Blood Alliance was likely also hard at work trying to dispel and nullify it.

He briefly wondered what had happened to the Kunlun Mountains in his time away.

Was everything the same?

Were the people he met five years ago still alive?

Ye Chen put the key away and walked out of the airport.

Before he got very far, he found countless figures waiting for him outside.

It was not only Bao Peimin and Bai Lixiong, even the old man came.

Ye Chen formed a hand seal with his fingers, and the formation dissipated.

“Mr. Ye!”

Bao Peimin took a step forward, an excited expression on his face.

“The battle just now enlightened me. Thank you, Mr. Ye!”

Bao Peimin and the guardians behind him were very respectful. Ye Chen’s feat was something no one from Huaxia could achieve.

He was simply monstrous.

Ye Chen nodded at Bao Peimin and patted him on the shoulder.

He could feel that Bao Peimin was close to a breakthrough. It seemed that this battle had a huge impact on him. Given how much Bao Peimin had supported him, Ye Chen naturally hoped that he would become stronger.

Then, Ye Chen’s gaze fell on the old man.

The old man naturally noticed Ye Chen’s gaze. His aged voice rang out, “Ye

Chen, come with me. There’s something I need to tell you.”


At the same time, in the Kunlun Mountains, on a lofty mountain peak.

Seven old men looked at the sea of clouds and discussed the situation in the Kunlun Mountains.

Any one of these seven old men was strong enough to shake the entire Kunlun Mountains, and they controlled the majority of the resources in the Kunlun Mountains.

One of them was the sect master of the Blood Alliance, Jian Ruxue!

An old man in a golden robe placed his hands behind his back and stroked his beard.

“I heard that something interesting happened recently. A great battle broke out near the entrance of the Kunlun Mountains, and a young man named Ye Shitian appeared out of nowhere!”

“Rumor has it that this Ye Shitian is extremely monstrous. Despite only being around 20 years old, his cultivation level has reached the saint realm or higher. Within the entire Kunlun Mountains, there is no one with such talent.”

“Furthermore, this person has a supreme sword technique and can control tribulation lightning and divine dragons. If such an existence is allowed to grow and develop, the Kunlun Mountains will probably never be at peace.”

Another old man had obviously heard of this news before as well. He looked at Jian Ruxue and said, “Although Ye Shitian only appeared once, his appearance has caught the attention of everyone in the Kunlun Mountains Moreover, the ones who suffered the most in that battle were probably Yibao Pavilion and Blood Alliance.”

As soon as he said this, countless gazes turned to Jian Ruxue, whose eyes were cold.

He had already sent people from the Blood Battle Hall to capture Ye Shitian. It should not be long before there was an outcome.

Seeing that everyone’s eyes were focused on him, Jian Ruxue snorted coldly, “He’s just a flash in the pan. Ye Shitian is not that powerful. Our Blood Alliance has indeed lost a few disciples. However, these disciples are all unremarkable existences. It is difficult for them to even enter the Blood Battle Hall!”

“Also, Ye Shitian killed the members of my Blood Alliance. It’s impossible for him to escape. I’ve already sent experts from the Blood Battle Hall to capture him!”

“Perhaps you will be able to meet Ye Shitian tomorrow.”

The corners of Jian Ruxue’s mouth revealed a confident smile.

When the others heard about the Blood Battle Hall, they all nodded.

“I’ve heard of Lei Jianyun before. To be able to become so powerful at such a young age and kill so many experts, it should be possible for him to take down Ye Shitian. It seemed that the mysteries behind Ye Shitian will soon be exposed.”

“He shouldn’t have offended you, Jian Ruxue!”

A hearty laugh rang out.

Jian Ruxue also smiled, but his smile soon froze!

The connection in his mind had suddenly been cut off!

Elder Zheng and Lei Jianyun had both fallen!

How was this possible?

At this moment, his face turned extremely pale. He subconsciously thought that he had made a mistake, but soon, the device hanging on his waist lit up..

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