The Strongest War God – Chapter 728

Chapter 728: Assassinating the Northern King with a Bow and Arrow!

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“Not necessarily. Our six countries’ allied army is already at the borders. In an instant, we can drive straight into the hinterland of Hansworth and sweep through all the areas there!”

A high-level pinnacle expert responded.

The other pinnacles around them looked at Mount Tanish coldly.

Just as Martial Emperor Yanagi had expected, even if Braydon could be conferred a title on Mount Tanish successfully, these foreign pinnacles would definitely not allow King Braydon to walk down Mount Tanish alive.

On the altar of Mount Tanish, a chill gradually rose, and the north wind whistled.

Braydon’s white clothes fluttered in the wind as he watched the fate of the country that stretched for 800 miles. The might of the nation that accompanied it was truly shocking.

Under might a nation, martial artists were as insignificant as ants.

Braydon smiled faintly and said softly, “It is said that human beings are much inferior and cannot shake the heavens. Today, I want to try shaking it!” The soft voice fell!

In the dark night, the ninth wave of national fate slowly descended.

However, the first thing to fall was the might of the nation!

The might of the country was like a blade, and also like the might of heaven, descending on Mount Tanish.


The entire peak of Mount Tanish was flattened by more than three meters.

This was the might of the heavens!

Braydon, who was at the top of the altar, spat out blood as if he had been severely injured by an invisible force.

Just this attack alone was bound to cause serious injuries to Braydon.

At the same time, the mud altar under his feet instantly collapsed.

The altar that had been passed down for thousands of years began to collapse.

The significance of the altar was extraordinary.

It had been passed down for a thousand years. If it was broken today, there would be no place for Braydon anymore.

The moment the altar shattered, a green light appeared from within.

There was something inside the altar!

It gave off a majestic aura.

Before Braydon could take a closer look, the ninth layer of national fate fell like a torrential rain.

The huge pressure instantly shattered the foundation under Braydon’s feet.

A bronze cauldron appeared in the mortal world.

The bronze cauldron was covered in rust due to the passage of time. The patterns of birds and beasts on it were still clearly visible!

A bronze cauldron was born!

At the foot of Mount Tanish, Martial Emperor Yanagi exclaimed, “Nine

Prefecture Cauldrons!”

“After the First Emperor destroyed the six countries, the Nine Prefecture

Cauldrons were placed in Starville. After his death, the whereabouts of the Nine Prefecture Cauldrons were unknown.” Kieran Normand exclaimed.

Now, it seemed that the rumors were all false!

The First Emperor did not bring the Nine Prefecture Cauldrons into the mausoleum. One of them was left on Mount Tanish.

There were too many legends about the Nine Prefecture Cauldrons!

In the thousands of years of history of Hansworth, the Sinder Dynasty and the Sattle Dynasty appeared. The Zendey Dynasty replaced the Sattle Dynasty, and then the Zendey Dynasty only existed in name. It was divided into the six countries that fought against each other for hundreds of years.

After that, it was the ancestral dragon, the First Emperor, who swept through the six countries, unified Hansworth, established the First Nation, and established great achievements.

These were the ancestors of Hansworth!

The Nine Prefecture Cauldrons were born in the Sinder Dynasty, and the person who forged them was Crosby Sinder!

He ordered the nine states to contribute bronze to forge the nine cauldrons!

He even drew a map of the famous mountains and rivers in Hansworth and ordered skilled craftsmen to carve it on the nine cauldrons.

A cauldron represented a state.

The nine cauldrons symbolized the nine prefectures!

Since ancient times, there had always been a saying that the Central Plains was center the world!

Moreover, the cauldrons were national artifacts!

Now, one of the nine cauldrons was on Mount Tanish.

This cauldron weighed more than ten thousand pounds!

After the ninth wave of national fate descended.

Braydon raised the Nine Prefecture Cauldron with one hand and welcomed the descending national might and fate. He said softly, “Ever since the Sinder Dynasty, the nine cauldrons have been stabilizing the earth veins of Hansworth. Now that I have the Nine Prefecture Cauldrons, I wonder if I can bear the fate of the country!”

In Hansworth, the heavens had the fate of the country, and the earth had the earth veins.

Both were different.

Without exception, almost all of them were related to the rise and fall of Hansworth.

The Nine Prefecture Cauldrons suppressed the nine states’ earth veins.

The fate of the country was deeply recorded in heaven.

There was a huge difference between the two.

When Braydon saw the Nine Prefecture Cauldron, he decisively lifted it up and used it to carry the fate of the country.

It was indeed effective!

The terrifying national might was completely offset by the Nine Prefecture Cauldron.

The national fate swept over and was perfectly absorbed by the Nine Prefecture Cauldron. Braydon attracted the national fate into his body.

A large amount of national fate entered his body and purified it.

Braydon’s basic strength had increased by a large margin!

Nine consecutive waves of national fate had made Braydon’s frail body unimaginably strong.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes.

Braydon safely inherited the fate of the country.

If nothing else happened, after the ninth wave of national fate, the title conferment ceremony on Mount Tanish would end.

A hundred miles away from Mount Tanish, a group of people stood in the dark night!

A total of thirteen people, all of them pinnacle experts!

One of the middle- aged men slowly opened a wooden box. There was a golden bow sealed inside, and there were three golden arrows inside.

The middle-aged man’s eyes were filled with piety. He bowed slightly to the golden bow and said in a low voice, “Second Uncle, once we use the Sky Shooting Bow, we will become enemies with the Northern Army!”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as King Braydon is still alive, the aristocratic families will definitely be destroyed by him in the future!”

The goateed old man said slowly.

The middle-aged man was called Herman Leal.

Upon hearing his elder’s words, he took out his golden bow and took out a golden arrow.

In the next moment, he drew his bow into a full moon, and his vitality surged out of his body. He was a high-level pinnacle!

He was a high-level pinnacle with a vitality of 7500 Na!

His vitality surged out of his body and poured into the golden arrow.

This was the bow and arrow passed down in the Leal family.

There were only three golden arrows left.

“Second Uncle, must we do this?” Herman asked in a low voice.

“Attack! ”

The goateed old man said in a low voice-


Herman released the bow in his hand.

The golden arrow whistled through the air and brought with it a strong wind pressure. Wherever it passed, the grass and trees were shredded to pieces.

The golden light accurately landed on Mount Tanish.

Braydon resisted the Nine Prefecture Cauldron and bore the fate of the country. The next moment, his entire body turned cold as he felt a bone-piercing killing intent.

However, the fate of the nation was too heavy. Even if Braydon used the Nine Prefecture Cauldron to withstand it, he would not be able to move.

Moreover, Braydon didn’t have much time to decide.

If he dodged and abandoned the Nine Prefecture Cauldron…

The ninth wave of national fate that was about to land would collapse.

For a moment, Martial Emperor Yanagi was not the only one who was shocked and furious. Donovan Dudley released his pressure in anger and roared like a true dragon, ‘Who is it?”


He did not even finish his sentence.

The golden arrow accurately landed on the Nine Prefecture Cauldron. The powerful penetrating power and the arrow that contained all the power of Herman, a high-level pinnacle, were all contained in it.

It caused a crack to appear on the Nine Prefecture Cauldron that had existed for a thousand years.

The Nine Prefecture Cauldron had already reached its limits.

It was not easy for the Nine Prefecture Cauldron to last so long in the face of the vast pressure of the country’s fate.

However, who would have thought that someone would attack again?

Moreover, the materials used to forge the golden arrow were only available in ancient times thousands of years ago.

It had long been extinct in the modern era!

A crack appeared on the Nine Prefecture Cauldron.

Then, the crack widened.

Cracks appeared on the entire cauldron..

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