The Strongest War God – Chapter 729

Chapter 729: The Master of Kylo

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The Nine Prefecture Cauldron was about to break apart!

“Braydon, abandon the Nine Prefecture Cauldron and come down quickly!” Martial Emperor Yanagi shouted angrily.

“Teacher, the Nine Prefecture Cauldron has been passed down from the Sinder Dynasty until today. It was passed down to the First Emperor and was not damaged. It has been more than a thousand years. How can it be damaged by me, Braydon Neal!”

Braydon was a proud man, how could he allow the Nine Prefecture Cauldron to be damaged like this?

If that was the case, how would Braydon explain himself to his descendants in the future?

The Nine Prefecture Cauldron had been suppressing Hansworth’s earth veins for thousands of years.

This was not just a symbol.

It also had a magical ability!

Immediately after, the Nine Prefecture Cauldron that weighed ten thousand pounds shattered with a loud bang.


It shattered into 108 pieces!

The insane power of the nation’s fate and the terrifying might of the nation all landed on Braydon.

The Northern King was known as an invincible legend.

Yet all the bones in his body were broken by the weight that landed upon him!

The enormous power of the national fate almost took Braydon’s life.

Kylo’s first disciple, Donovan Dudley, was about to climb the mountain and take Braydon away.

Not far away from Mount Tanish, a girl in a white dress had a worried look in her eyes.

This girl was Sadie Dudley.

However, Braydon said in a low voice, “Don’t come up. The Nine Prefecture

Cauldron cannot be destroyed by me. The Nine Prefecture Cauldrons of Hansworth stabilize the nine states. If the Nine Prefecture Cauldrons are destroyed, the nine states will definitely be in danger of being overturned!

“Tonight, everyone wants me to die. Heaven’s will and the fate of the country want me to die as well!

“Since that’s the case, why should I die in this world?

“Today, with my blood, I will reforge the Nine Prefecture Cauldron!”

Braydon then unleashed all eight of his techniques. His entire body was covered in white light, and his injuries were completely healed.

The terrifying healing power then passed.

With the eight techniques combined, the ninth technique, the banished immortal was summoned!

The white shadow of the banished immortal reappeared in the human world, just like another Braydon.

Braydon and the banished immortal held up the fate of the country. Their loud voices resounded between heaven and earth as they said, “Borrowing the power of the nation’s fate, using my blood, I will reforge the Nine Prefecture


The vast national fate was diverted by Braydon into the shattered bronze fragments of the Nine Prefecture Cauldron.

Don’t forget, Braydon himself was a blacksmith grandmaster!

However, due to his status, Braydon rarely forged weapons.

The vast national fate surged into the bronze cauldron fragment.

The bronze shards slowly melted, intertwining with the power of the national fate, and rolled back into Braydon’s hand.

It slowly formed a huge cauldron embryo!

The bird and beast patterns on the cauldron, as well as the patterns of mountains and rivers, were all there.

However, there was an additional image on the cauldron.

It was a connate-formed map!

The image on the Nine Prefecture Cauldron was clearly the towering Mount Tanish. On the top of Mount Tanish was an altar, and a youth stood on the top of the mountain, bearing the fate of the country and reforging the Nine Prefecture Cauldron.

This image was Braydon!

The image appeared during the process of reforging the cauldron. The nine cauldrons were carved with the map of the nine states. No one’s image had ever been engraved on them.

But today, Braydon’s figure appeared in the recast Nine Prefecture Cauldron.

Braydon didn’t think too much about it. The cauldron had already been reforged, attracting the fate of the country of eight hundred miles. The rain poured down, and the national might was vast.

Braydon jumped up and sat cross-legged in the cauldron.

The Nine Prefecture Cauldron weighed ten thousand pounds, and Braydon absorbed it all with the help of the Nine Prefecture Cauldron.

This was the strongest physique he had forged with the Nine Prefecture Cauldron!

Braydon didn’t let go of any opportunity. He sat cross-legged in the Nine Prefecture Cauldron and allowed the country’s fate to descend, absorbing it to refine his body.

It caused a faint old voice to come from the dark. “Reforging the Nine Prefecture Cauldron, using the earth vein of Mount Tanish to forge your pinnacle body, and using the fate of the country to strengthen your body. The fate of the country and the power of the earth’s veins will all belong to you.

Even the First Emperor didn’t have this courage you possess.”

The old voice was filled with the aura of old age, but it was also like a bronze bell.

His voice resounded through the sky like thunder, sweeping through Mount Tanish and targeting Braydon!

There were too many people who did not want to see King Braydon rise! The hundred countries outside the borders did not want to see Braydon succeed.

Even in Hansworth, the various hidden forces were not willing to let that happen!

The young Northern King was iron-blooded, and his martial arts talent was comparable to the First Emperor and Emperor Hansworth.

If such a monstrous talent truly walked into the great success stage…

There was no way for the major hidden entities to survive!

An old voice resounded through the sky, and an old man riding a green bull slowly appeared.

The green ox climbed the mountain as if it were walking on flat ground.

A sage-like old man was riding on the back of the ox. He wore a felt hat, a black Daoist robe, and small black cloth shoes.

His appearance stunned everyone.

Obviously, almost no one here knew him!

However, it was not difficult to tell from his clothes that he was an old Daoist priest.

An old Daoist priest riding the green bull was indeed very strange in modern


He shook his head and said, “Refining oneself with a cauldron is a great transformation!”

“Old Ox Nose, take another step forward and I will destroy the Sera Daoist Temple!”

A cold voice that sounded like the sound of nature came from the foot of Mount Tanish.

The person who spoke was Sadie!

The old Daoist priest on the back of the green ox could not help but be shocked.

“You’re here too?”

The old Daoist priest on the green ox stopped halfway up the mountain, not daring to take another step forward.

This was Sadie’s intimidation!

“Why are the people from the Sera Daoist Temple here?” Martial Emperor Yanagi frowned and asked.

“I don’t know. He’s very strong!”

Sutton Wall stood behind Martial Emperor Yanagi and reminded him.

The old Daoist riding the green ox looked like a carefree person, but he was extremely strong. Sutton felt a sense of danger.

It was unknown if this old Daoist priest was a friend or foe when he suddenly descended on Mount Tanish.

The current situation on Mount Tanish seemed clear.

In fact, their relationship was extremely complicated!

The identities of the 1,000 pinnacle martial artists from the hundred countries were unknown. The pinnacle martial artists of the four great entities were among them. Who was the person who had tried to kill Braydon with the golden arrow?

These people were hiding in the dark like a pack of wolves.

But there was one person who was fearless!

That person was a girl in a white dress.

Her figure was cold and untainted by the mortal world. With light steps, she stepped on the dark night and slowly walked out of the darkness. Her beautiful face seemed to be flawless.

Sadie’s eyes flashed with gentleness, as if she could not tolerate anything else in the world except Braydon.

“Worrying little brother, I shouldn’t have let you leave Mount Bliz.”

Sadie’s gentle voice sounded.

The moment she appeared.

The world fell silent!

The 1,000 pinnacle experts outside the borders were all terrified.

Everyone was terrified!

This girl in white was the person they feared the most.

Who was Sadie?

A young girl was making the 1,000 pinnacles of the hundred countries outside the border feel extreme fear.

Martial Emperor Yanagi frowned as he looked at Donovan Dudley and asked, “Is she really your daughter?”

Donovan did not pay attention to anyone. He went forward and bowed slightly. He was bowing!

Sawyer Quail bowed as well.

They were both bowing.

The old Daoist priest on the back of the green ox hurriedly got off the ox and bowed.. “Yuzo Quon of Sera Daoist Temple greets Master of Kylo!”

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