The Strongest War God – Chapter 730

Chapter 730: I Didn’t Hear You Clearly, Say It Again!

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His words stunned the entire world!

Sadie Dudley was the master of Mount Kylo?

Even Martial Emperor Yanagi was stunned!

Not only Martial Emperor Yanagi, but also Zavier Leach and Kieran Normand were all petrified.

To many people, they all thought that Sadie was the daughter of Kylo’s first disciple, Donovan Dudley!

However Sadie needed an identity to walk in the world.

This fake identity was Donovan Dudley’s daughter, Sadie Dudley.

This identity had deceived countless people!

Only a few people were not surprised, and that was Syrus Yanagi and the other cowards.

When they saw Sadie, they quietly stood behind Zavier and the others.

Syrus and the others had been afraid of Sadie since they were young.

This was the reason!

The Master of Kylo, Sadie Dudley.

No one cared about Sadie’s original name because Jonah Shaw the others called Sadie Sadie. Since she was young, she had already gotten used to this name.

The 1,000 pinnacles from the hundred foreign countries were all terrified. They said in a serious voice, “The master of Kylo has personally descended upon Mount Tanish!”

“Why can’t I?”

Sadie walked lightly and reached the peak of Mount Tanish. Facing the thousands of pinnacle experts from the hundreds of countries outside the border, she asked softly.

The thousand pinnacle experts all lowered their heads, not daring to look at Sadie.

Sadie’s cherry lips parted slightly. “When pinnacles see me, they must kneel.

Why aren’t you kneeling?”

Her voice was like the sound of nature, but it made people feel extremely cold.

Pinnacle martial artists had to kneel when they saw the Master of Kylo.

One sentence made the thousand pinnacle experts tremble.

A hundred years ago, this girl in white sat on Mount Kylo and announced that the world had entered an era of no pinnacles.

At first, those who didn’t listen were all killed by Kylo!

They had forcefully killed the entire world, and there had not been a pinnacle in the past hundred years.

Immediately, someone lowered his head.

The first pinnacle slowly knelt down.

If he didn’t kneel, he would be killed!

If there was a first person, there would be a second person, and there would also be a third person.

After 15 minutes, the 1,000 pinnacle experts outside the borders all knelt down.

No one dared to stand!

Sadie had no interest in outsiders at all. She only had eyes for Braydon as she stood quietly at the side and watched him.

Braydon sat cross-legged in the cauldron. The power of the eight hundred miles of national fate was completely absorbed like a torrential rain. In the pitch-black night, the full moon was like a plate, and the stars hung high in the sky.

The ninth wave of national fate was slowly being absorbed.

The pale yellow scroll, which was the Qilin ranking, slowly closed.

Sadie raised her jade-like hand and gently put away the Qilin ranking. She quietly waited for the handsome white-robed youth in the cauldron to wake up.

Braydon sat cross-legged in the cauldron, breathing heavily. He was like a vacuum in the abyss, waiting to wake up one day and amaze the world. Today’s title conferment ceremony on Mount Tanish was finally coming to an end!

The sons of the Northern Army had reached the pinnacle realm.

The Qilin ranking had already been activated.

Braydon, with the body of a pinnacle martial artist and nine levels of national fate, was conferred the title of Garrison King. He was in charge of the Qilin Nation Protection Seal and held the power of the world.

The most powerful youth in the world was born from today onward!

Inside the Nine Prefecture Cauldron, Braydon slowly opened his eyes. His aura was restrained as he slowly walked out of the Nine Prefecture Cauldron. He stood on the top of Mount Tanish in the dark night. The white-robed youth had an extraordinary bearing!

A square seal appeared in Braydon’s hand.

The awe-inspiring Qilin Seal!

It was the Qilin Nation Protection Seal!

At the foot of Mount Tanish, except for Martial Emperor Yanagi, everyone else bowed and knelt!

Zavier Leach cupped his fists and bowed. “Zavier Leach of the nine departments greets the Garrison King!”

“Kieran Normand of the nine departments greets the Garrison King!” Kieran bent over and shouted.

Sawyer Quail bowed and said softly, “Sawyer Quail of the nine departments greets the Garrison King!”

“The capital garrison greets the Garrison King!”

The 80,000 capital garrison soldiers all knelt on one knee, lowered their heads, and shouted in unison. The sound waves rolled and echoed throughout Mount Tanish.

For today’s Mount Tanish title conferment ceremony, the capital had prepared for an entire decade!

Now, the Northern King held the power of the world alone, carrying nine layers of national fate, and personally started the pinnacle era.

The era that belonged to the pinnacle was about to begin!

The 1,000 pinnacle experts from the hundred countries outside the border clenched their fists. Their expressions were extremely ugly. No one dared to make a move!

Because the master of Kylo was on Mount Tanish.

In the entire world, how many people dared to compete with the master of Kylo!

Kylo was mysterious and terrifying.

It was not just a great hidden force in Hansworth. It was also a giant in the world.

Sadie held Braydon’s hand with her ice-cold hand and said with a gentle smile, “Annoying little brother, from today onward, you don’t belong to me alone.” Braydon naturally understood the meaning behind her words.

In the past, even though he was the king of the northern territory, he listened to the orders of the capital.

Ultimately, he was still the young master of Kylo!

A few years ago, Braydon belonged to Kylo!

Now. belonged to the world. to entire Hansworth.

Tonight, Braydon was filled with glory.

Martial Emperor Yanagi led his troops and the 80,000 capital garrison troops to welcome Braydon back to the capital.

From now on, Braydon would be in charge of the capital.

The heaven and earth had returned to silence, and the thousands of pinnacles from the hundreds of countries outside the borders were in despair. With the protection of the master of Kylo, no one could kill King Braydon tonight.

There were already some pinnacle experts who wanted to leave quietly.

In the next moment.

“What’s that?!” someone in the dark exclaimed in shock.

After the exclamation, everyone’s nerves tensed up again, thinking that the battle at the peak was about to begin again.

Everyone looked at the sky above Mount Tanish.

A terrifying throb quietly appeared.

In the night sky, the might of the nation once again emerged!

The might of the nation swept through the night, and the fate of the nation extended for thousands of miles, dispelling the darkness.

At this moment, the sky within a thousand miles of Mount Tanish was as bright as day.

The tenth layer of national fate had appeared!

Since ancient times, nine was the limit. In the history books of thousands of years, the emperors of the past had gone to Mount Tanish to worship and attract the national fate several times. There was no record of the tenth level of the national fate!

The shocking scene made Martial Emperor Yanagi’s eyes turn red. He roared in shock and anger, “Braydon, bring Sadie down with you!”

“Damn it, why is this happening!”

Kieran’s eyes were bloodshot, and he was filled with hatred.

“The fate of the country is a calamity,” Savvyer said hoarsely. “It wants to kill the Northern King. Why is this happening?”

“I once saw a record of the fate of the country on a stone tablet in an ancient tomb before the formation of the First Nation. The words were extremely blurry.”

Zavier said softly.

“What were they?” Kieran asked hoarsely.

“The fate of the country is a calamity. Killing a traitor of the country is considered a death sentence that no one can overturn!”

After Zavier finished speaking, he felt a wave of killing intent enveloping him. Swoosh!

The 80,000 capital guards instantly drew their cold swords from their waists, their tiger eyes filled with cold killing intent.

The sons of the Northern Army released their supreme aura and enveloped Zavier.

Syrus Yanagi, the seven-time champion, was filled with killing intent as he said, “Commander Leach, I didn’t hear what you said just now. Can you say it again?”

After saying that.

The Northern Army men drew their swords and pointed them at Zavier with their left hands, intending to kill him!

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