Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1225 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1225

“Let’s go inside. You must have dinner with us tonight,” Mr. Sox said to his future son–in- law.

For Josh to propose to his daughter before everybody, Mr. Sox was pleased with his future son–in–law. Unlike Mrs. Sox who took to Josh immediately, Mr. Sox needed some warming up.

Despite Mr. Sox’s approval of Josh, the man kept a stoic face and remained courteous to Josh.

“I will stick around for dinner even if you don’t invite me,” Josh brazenly commented. He said hello to Mrs. Lowe and nodded with a smile at Shawn.

“Call your father, Shawn. Tell your dad to join us for dinner here after work.”

Mrs. Lowe happily informed her son to call her husband over. Dinner together would be pleasant.

She had always hoped her niece would find a rich husband. To make it happen, Mrs. Lowe had been playing the matchmaker. It was a pity her niece was not too keen about it. Jasmine went so far as to lie prostrate on the floor at a banquet to stop her chances of marrying up. Since then, Mrs. Lowe refrained from introducing men to her.

Mrs. Lowe believed that since her niece did not want to marry into a rich and powerful family, she could at least find someone of equal status.

The Soxes were relatively well–to–do. Their business was in the rental market for domestic and commercial spaces. The family’s assets altogether were more than a hundred million dollars.

Mrs. Lowe was shocked and had mixed feelings about Serenity marrying the richest man in Wiltspoon–Zachary York. Alas, her favorite niece was not as lucky.

Later, Mrs. Lowe found out that Zachary and Serenity introduced Josh to Jasmine. Mrs. Lowe was happy her niece managed to find the one in Josh.

None of the men she had introduced to Jasmine could beat Josh.

The Lowe family had to send Shawn away to save him and Lowe Enterprise because Shawn had feelings for Serenity and nearly became a homewrecker.

Even so, it had always been a concern to Mrs. Lowe that it might be the end of Lowe Enterprise. Nevertheless, the worry was no more when Zachary and Serenity matched Jasmine and Josh together, and there was chemistry.

Thanks to Josh and Jasmine, Lowe Enterprise lived to see another day.

Shawn said with a smile, “Sure. I’ll call Dad right now and tell him to come over after work.”

Mr. Sox welcomed his future son–in–law into the house and uttered, “Josh, can you ask if your parents are free to have dinner? Since you are now engaged, we, as parents, can discuss your wedding when your parents come.”

Mrs. Sox chimed in. “That’s right. Call your parents to come now, Josh. We can discuss the wedding tonight.”

She then told Jasmine, “Jas, tomorrow is Friday. It’s the last working day of the week. You should go to city hall with Josh tomorrow morning and get your marriage license. The wedding reception can come later.”

Jasmine remarked, “What’s the rush?”

She turned to Josh and said, “I thought we could have an engagement party before getting our marriage license.”

Josh held her hand. He would fulfill her wish if that was what she wanted.

“Mom, Dad, you can talk about a date when my parents come over. Jasmine and I will have an engagement party. We can get our marriage license next. Of course, I hope we can be married sooner than later.”

He did not want a wedding like Zachary’s after fall.

Zachary and Serenity already had their marriage license. In fact, the couple had done everything a couple would have done, except for a wedding. That was why they were not in a rush to have a wedding.

Josh and Jasmine had not gone all the way, and he simply could not wait.


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