Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1232 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1232

“A grandson–trolling nana.”

Serenity defended Grandma May. “How did Nana troll you? Everything she does is for your own good. Tell me. How did she troll you?”

She gave Zachary a tiny shove, but Zachary caught her by the wrist. “Seren, you have not washed your hands after touching the dog. Go and wash your hands. Don’t use your grubby hands of dog fur to touch and push me. You know I can’t stand the fur.”

Serenity was lost for words.

Mrs. Lane said with a smile, “Go on and wash your hands, missus. I made you supper. You can have your supper when your hands are clean.”

The mention of food was enough for Serenity to let her man off the hook this time.

Retrieving her hand from Zachary’s grasp, Serenity got up to wash her hands. While cleaning her hands, she asked. “What did you make me, Mrs. Lane?”

“Your favorite.”

Mrs. Lane gestured for Snowball to retreat to its doggie pen.

Snowball was a smart dog. Knowing that its charms could not rub off on its male owner, it did not roam around the house. It docilely returned to its territory and lay on the ground.

Zachary did not have the habit of eating supper. He turned on the TV but nothing piqued his interest. Hence, he went to his room and took a shower before waiting for his beloved wife in bed.

Such was the couple’s routine after returning home.

The night passed.

Serenity and Liberty had to return to their hometown to sign a contract with the Hunt family today, so All You Can Eat was closed for the day.

Despite his mother’s urging, Duncan refused to leave Zachary’s place. Planning to get breakfast at All You Can Eat, Duncan woke up late, cleaned himself in a hurry, and went out.

He arrived at the diner to find the place closed. Nevertheless, there was someone standing at the entrance.

The person looked familiar to Duncan. It was Jessica.

Jessica came here to fish for some answers from Liberty.

This was a new task given to her by the unknown woman.

The woman wanted an update on Zachary and Clive’s investigation progress.

It had been rough for Jessica in the last two days.

The guilt was riding on her conscience as she committed a crime for the first time.

The worst part was her sister–in–law was still in the city. The woman had not gone back.

Chelsea found fault with everything Jessica did. The tension in the air and the mess caused by Lucas were getting on Jessica’s last nerves. She hoped Chelsea’s family would be hit by a truck.

“What are you doing here?” Duncan drew close and curtly asked Jessica.

The abrupt questioning from Duncan gave Jessica a jump.

She turned around to meet Duncan’s dark eyes. The menacing scar on Duncan’s deadpan face gave Jessica the creeps. She took a few steps back.

“I–I… I’m here to have breakfast.”

Jessica stumbled to put together a lie.

Duncan looked at the closed door and callously asked, “Where’s Liberty?”

“I don’t know. The door was closed when I arrived. I don’t see Liberty or Sonny around. Her workers aren’t here either.

“Why are you standing here if Liberty is not open for business?”

Jessica immediately answered, “I–I’ll leave right now.”

Holding onto her bag, Jessica quickly slipped past Duncan.

The man was a horrifying sight.

She would probably get nightmares if she stared at him.


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