Married at First Sight Chapter 2196 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2196 by desirenovelShe only ate chicken legs and chicken wings after the chickens were k!lled at home.

“You are now in confinement, and you don’t lack nutrition. When you were in confinement before becoming a mother, you could eat a few chickens in a month. You bought so many things and came back, and I said it all: don’t buy it; it’s a waste of money, and your dad and I can’t finish it.” Mrs. Sox scolded her daughter for buying so many things.

But she stretched out her hand and took something from her daughter, worried that her daughter would be tired.

After entering the house, Mr. Sox hurriedly went into the kitchen and brought out a few sets of bowls and chopsticks.

The two bodyguards ate with them.

Knowing that the Sox family had no airs and didn’t pay attention to so many rules, the bodyguards were used to it. If they didn’t sit together to eat, Mr. Sox would be angry.

“Mom, do you have porridge? I want white porridge.” Jasmine saw the pickles her mother had pickled on the dining table, so she sat down and asked her mother, “I want to eat porridge and pickles, especially.”

At her husband’s house, Jasmine couldn’t eat these.

The nutritionist won’t let her eat pickles.

Her mother-in-law also said to eat less pickled things.

She never dared to put her own pickled things in the things sent by her mother’s family.

“The porridge was cooked in the morning. If you want to eat it, Mom will heat it up.” When Mrs. Sox said this, she glanced at her son-in-law.

Her daughter married a wealthy family, and the son-in-law was very nice, but Mrs. Sox was still worried that the son-in-law would not like it.

She knew that her daughter’s three meals a day at her husband’s house were arranged by a nutritionist.

Even if her daughter worked in a bookstore, she didn’t have to cook for herself most of the time. The son-in-law would have the food delivered, or the in-laws would arrange for someone to deliver it.

Josh knew what his mother-in-law was thinking. He smiled and said, “Mom, don’t say that Jasmine wants to eat white porridge with pickles. I think so too. It’s hot and I don’t even want to eat, I just want to eat porridge.”

“I’ll then go heat it up. It’s still edible; I made it this morning. If you call back or notify me in advance, I will prepare fresh porridge for you to eat.”

Mrs. Sox went into the kitchen to heat porridge while talking.

There was an air conditioner in the Sox family’s hallway, but the old couple never used it; instead, they used fan.

Mr. Sox rushed to close the doors and windows and then turned on the air conditioner in the hall as soon as Josh and Jasmine arrived.

Mrs. Sox heated up the porridge and brought it out together, letting her daughter and son-in-law eat as many bowls as they wanted.

Jasmine had always had a good appetite, and after she became pregnant, she was able to eat and sleep even more.

She ate two bowls of porridge in a row, and wanted to eat a third bowl. Mrs. Sox said to her, “Jasmine, don’t hold on, you will feel uncomfortable again.”

Jasmine: “Okay, don’t eat it, I’ll eat some pickles, mom, your pickles are delicious.”

“It’s good to eat once in a while, don’t eat so much.” Mrs. Sox said to her, “Let your nutritionist know…”

Mrs. Sox didn’t say any more.

If the nutritionist knew that the young mistress didn’t eat according to the recipe she arranged, but ate pickles and porridge, he would definitely recite it, and he would recite it in front of Mrs. Bucham.

Mrs. Bucham could be regarded as an enlightened parent. No matter who Josh liked, as long as her son liked Jasmine, she would agree to the marriage.

She was also very satisfied with Jasmine, the daughter-in-law.

It’s just that many living habits were different. Jasmine didn’t dare to ask her mother-in-law to accommodate her. It was her who accommodated her mother-in-law. After a long time, Jasmine felt that she was not as comfortable as her friend.

She used to be able to comfort herself that she was pregnant.

Now that her friend was also pregnant, Grandma York’s attitude represented the attitude of the entire York family.

Only then did Jasmine feel that she was never as comfortable as her friend.

It’s not easy to be a daughter-in-law of a wealthy family.

A wealthy daughter-in-law like her was already very good, and others had less freedom than her.

She had heard that many women who married into wealthy families could only support their husbands and raise their children at home, unable to appear in public.

She desired to start her own business, perhaps a shop, but her in-laws would criticize her for doing so. In the end, she was forced to close the store for the sake of family harmony, and she lost her desire to do business.


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