Married at First Sight Chapter 2197 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2197 by desirenovelAfter dinner, Josh went to chat with Mr. Sox.

Jasmine helped her mother clean up the dishes and went to the kitchen to wash them, so the mother and daughter could also whisper.

Jasmine: “Mom, Seren is pregnant.”

She did not forget to tell her mother the good news. She and Serenity had been friends for many years. In the eyes of her mother, Serenity had become another daughter of her mother.

After their marriage, Serenity had not become pregnant, and Mrs. Sox was also worried about it.


Mrs. Sox was overwhelmed with surprise, and immediately made a gesture of worshiping God, and said, “Thank God, Serenity is finally pregnant, so we can rest assured.
Serenity only has one elder sister, even though Mrs. Stone is her aunt. I always worry about her relationships. I can relax now that it’s all over. I don’t have to worry about it if she can give birth.”

Jasmine: “Mom, you worry too much. Young Master York will never abandon Seren. Grandma York personally chose Seren for Young Master York. Who dares to drive Seren out? Those people outside are jealous of Seren and don’t want to see her well. They were looking forward to Seren being kicked out of the house by the York family, but unfortunately, they will be disappointed. It just makes them envious and jealous, and there is nothing they can do about it.”

Jasmine believed in Zachary.

Even if her friend Serenity really couldn’t give birth, Zachary wouldn’t abandon her.

“Thank God, Serenity is pregnant.” Mrs. Sox was very happy and also inquired: “When did Serenity find out she was pregnant?”

Jasmine: “I just discovered it yesterday. She has been sleepy recently. We all thought it was caused by overwork and didn’t think about getting pregnant.”

Mrs. Sox smiled and said: “You have been here, and you didn’t think of it.”

“Sister Liberty’s son is in kindergarten. She didn’t expect that Seren has taken care of Sister Liberty. She has better experience in pregnancy and raising babies than me. She didn’t realize it herself.” Jasmine said while washing the bowl: “The big rock hanging in our hearts has fallen to the ground, and we can all relax.”

“Yes, we are all at ease. Shawn occasionally asked about Serenity’s recent situation in secret. He dared not ask openly, for fear that Young Master York will find out. This child…”

Mrs. Sox didn’t say any more.

“Didn’t Shawn start talking about girlfriends?”

Jasmine’s voice was much lower when it came to the cousin who had been secretly in love with Serenity for many years.

Her husband, Josh, was Zachary’s close friend; if Josh found out, who knows if he would tell Zachary?

“He’s talking about his girlfriend. Couldn’t he be concerned about Serenity’s recent situation when he’s talking about his girlfriend? After all, they’ve known each other for so many years. Serenity watched him grow up.” Mrs. Sox used to have a loud voice, but now she lowered her voice, “But don’t worry, Shawn doesn’t have any thoughts about Serenity anymore. He said that he now treats Serenity as his older sister. It’s normal for a younger brother to care about his older sister.”

Serenity had not been pregnant for a long time, as long as anyone who really cared about her was worried about her.

Shawn did not dare to miss Serenity for an extended period of time. He was young and vigorous a year ago, and he remained so, but he was now significantly more mature and calm.

Zachary was so domineering, and Serenity treated Shawn like a younger brother. Now Shawn’s deep affection for her finally gave up.


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