Married at First Sight Chapter 2202 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2202 by desirenovel“Mom, will you send it to Seren now?” Jasmine asked her mother while gnawing on an apple.

“Of course I will send it there now. Do you want to stay for dinner? I will send something to Serenity, and I can prepare dinner when I get back.”

Mrs. Sox asked her daughter as she opened the door to get in the car.

“Husband, you go with me, and help carry the things upstairs later.” Mrs. Sox called out to her husband again.

Mr. Sox smiled and said: “If you don’t call me, I will follow.”

He opened the door of the passenger seat, got in the car, and explained a few words to his daughter and son-in-law, and then the old couple left.

Josh stood on the steps of the house door, looked at his parents-in-law, prepared so many things for Serenity, and then sent them to Serenity in a hurry, and said to his wife who closed the yard door and came back: “Here is Serenity. The things I got are no less than those sent to our home.”

Jasmine: “I have been friends with Seren for more than ten years. My parents have watched Seren grow up, and they have long regarded Seren as another daughter. Now that Seren is pregnant, my mother is also very happy, and will naturally give something to her.”

She felt that this was the most normal reaction to her parents’ actions.

“Take a break.”

Josh held his beloved wife’s hand, and the couple entered the house together.

Jasmine: “Go to work if you want to go to work. I’ll sleep for a while and go back to the store.”

“I’ll sleep with you. I’ll go back to the company when you fall asleep. The York Corporation belongs to Zachary. If he doesn’t go to work, I have to go back and work for him. Alas, I owed him in my previous life.”

Josh complained, and finally had to go back to the company to work.

Wiltspoon Airport.

Elisa held her bag and walked with Remy’s fingers intertwined.

Remy helped her carry her suitcase.

As the two walked and talked, Elisa was clearly in high spirits.

Knowing that she was happy, Remy jokingly said: “Young Mistress York recently became pregnant and will not be able to give birth until next year. You will have to wait several months before you can hold your nephew. You’re overjoyed right now. Young Master York will reject me because you will rob the child.”

Elisa smiled and said, “I just can’t help being happy. Serenity is my cousin, and her child is my nephew. If I hug my nephew, Zachary dare to say no?”

Ever since Zachary knew that Elisa and Serenity were cousins, he was polite to her.

For Serenity’s sake, Zachary called her Cousin politely.

“Young Master York probably really dare not say a word.” Remy laughed, sympathizing with Zachary from the bottom of his heart.

But just sympathize, not too much.

He and Elisa were on the same line.

If Remy knew that Julian’s appearance was because of Zachary, he probably wouldn’t give Zachary any sympathy, and would join Elisa in grabbing Zachary’s child.

It would be best for Serenity to give birth to a daughter, so that they would have fun with Zachary in grabbing the baby.


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