Married at First Sight Chapter 2203 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2203 by desirenovel“Ms. Stone.”

Julian’s familiar voice came from ahead.

Elisa and Remy, who were in a good mood, changed their minds as soon as they heard Julian’s voice and went home instead of smiling at Julian’s aggressive and handsome face.

After seeing Remy by Elisa’s side and the two of them clasping their fingers tightly, Julian became aggressive.

Julian was still the light bulb that blinds other people’s eyes.

Remy’s handsome face darkened in an instant.

He was glad that he followed Elisa back to Wiltspoon in advance despite his mother’s persuasion. If Elisa was allowed to go back to Wiltspoon alone, Julian would definitely pick her up.

Julian wasn’t sincere with Elisa, and they were still engaged, so it was fine for him to give her gifts every day. As long as Elisa left Wiltspoon, he would send the plane away, and the person who picked up the plane was even more attentive than him.

“Ms. Stone, I have been waiting here for half an hour, and finally I waited for you. I thought you had already left.”

Julian was wearing sunglasses, a black mask, and a black dress, which covered his appearance tightly. In addition, he was usually a blind man, so no one could recognize him.

If it was before, Elisa and Remy would not recognize Julian.

After being “pursued” by Julian for a while, Elisa could easily recognize Julian.

Even more than Remy, Julian was a love rival for him. Remy knew Julian’s voice by heart. When Julian spoke, Remy’s whole body tensed up, and his handsome face turned pale.

After all, he recruited whoever he wanted, and wanted to arrange a “rival in love” like Julian for him.

If it was someone else, Remy could attack his love rival, but the other party was Julian, he was helpless, and he couldn’t offend the ruthless Julian, otherwise he couldn’t afford to be punished and suppressed by Julian in turn.

Remy complained to his elder brother, he thought he had never done anything harmful to nature, and he treated his feelings sincerely, why did God dislike him, and it was so difficult for him to chase a wife.

In the past, Remy felt that Zachary’s flash marriage was a bit pitiful because he had no feelings after all.

Now, he thought Zachary’s flash marriage was also pretty good, since at least one step was done and he didn’t have to chase after his wife.

Julian waved at the couple.

“Ms. Stone, I told your driver that you don’t need to come over again. I’ll just pick you up.”

As Julian said, he walked to the back of the car, lifted the lid of the trunk, and said to Remy, “Mr. Johnson, Here is where you can put your suitcase. I drove this car over here so you could put your suitcase in it.”

He usually liked to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

Elisa: “…Julian, how do you know we came back today?”

Julian smiled and said: “I can usually know what I want to know, unless it is something I don’t want to know.”

Elisa choked, feeling that she had asked an idiotic question.

Remy coldly rejected Julian’s kindness, and said, “Mr. Bucham, Elisa and I stopped a taxi to go back, and we dare not bother you.”

Before boarding the plane, Elisa told him that she had notified her family’s driver in advance and asked the driver to wait at the airport, so Remy didn’t let her own people wait for them at the airport.

Who knew that Julian told the Stone’ driver not to come, and he ran over by himself.

Was Julian very free recently?


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