Married At First Sight Chapter 2839 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2839-Mr. Bucham over there just handed the phone to Mrs. Bucham.

Mrs. Bucham took a look at the phone and said, “That br@t has hung up the phone.”

“That kid actually hung up on me.”

When Mr. Bucham saw that the call was actually hung up, he cursed angrily. Then he sighed again, “I’m really worried about this br@t. I arranged so many blind dates for him in the past, but he didn’t like them. Only then did I realize that there was something wrong with him. Finally, someone was able to save him. He does things neatly, but his mother-in-law is procrastinating.

How difficult is it to confess, propose, get married, and have a baby?”

It’s true that the emperor was not in a hurry, and the eunuch was in a hurry.

Mrs. Bucham said, “Julian has never been in love and has no experience. He is also exploring now. He is different from others. Anyway, he is guarding Yonsburg. There will be no other men around Kiera. Don’t worry.

Marriage is a lifelong event, and I really can’t rush it. They have to be willing to do it, and then they can be happy after marriage. Our family can’t use force to get married; otherwise, it will be either a marriage or an enmity.”

The Caron family was not as good as the Bucham family, but the Caron family martial arts gym had been in Yonsburg for so many years and had taught many students and disciples. Naturally, there were also people who were very good at it. If the two families become enemies, no one will benefit.

What’s more, they couldn’t afford to offend their in-laws.

Kiera could remarry without Julian, but Julian couldn’t remarry without Kiera.

Mrs. Bucham: “Husband, do we want to go there?”

Mr. Bucham glanced at his wife and said, “That br@t hasn’t confessed his feelings yet. We could only pretend to travel in the past, but we couldn’t do anything. There’s no point in going there.

We can pretend to go on a trip and then show up in front of our in-laws to let them know that our family is kind, and we can add some points to Julian in the future. After all, our son is an old man, and Kiera is still a little girl.”

If their daughter was only twenty-four years old and wanted to marry a 35-year-old uncle, they would also hesitate.

Mrs. Bucham said, “You’re right. Let’s go over there and bring the gifts we prepared. Isn’t that br@t shameless enough to live in someone else’s house? As parents, we should always thank them more. I guess the br@t won’t give them rent money, so it’s normal for us to give them some gifts, and they won’t be too eye-catching. I’ll pick some ordinary, not very expensive gifts, and let’s go there.”

If the gift is too expensive, they’re afraid the Caron family won’t accept it.

But after Julian hung up the phone with his father, he leaned back on the black swivel chair and turned the chair back and forth. He wanted to confess to Kiera that he actually liked her and didn’t want to be her buddy.

He just wanted to be her husband.

He didn’t know if Kiera would accept his confession?

If she didn’t accept it, he might be kicked out of the Caron family and could no longer live in the Caron family.

He quite liked the atmosphere of the Caron family; it was very lively, and the whole family loved each other.

“Ring ring ring…”

Julian’s cell phone rang again.

He thought it was his father calling, so he quickly sat up straight. When he saw clearly that the caller ID was Kiera, a smile appeared on his face, even if Kiera couldn’t see him smiling.


When Julian called Kiera, he was in a happy mood. Kiera didn’t even need to look to know that he was smiling.

“I’m in such a good mood; I signed a big deal. We just concluded a big business deal, which can bring tens of millions in profits. I’ll invite everyone out for dinner tonight to celebrate.”

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