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Married At First Sight Chapter 2840-Kiera smiled and said, “No need. It’s the same thing as buying more food and cooking it at home. It costs a lot of money to go to a big hotel for a meal. My mother feels bad for her. She always talks about how we young people are lavish. It means that if you use the money from a meal in a big hotel to buy food, you can prepare a full banquet.”

Julian knew that Mrs. Caron was always a nag. If he really invited her to a big hotel for dinner, she would run faster than anyone else, dress up more than ten years younger, and stand with Kiera like a pair of sisters.

He smiled and said, “It’s okay. I’m already immune to Auntie’s nagging. You have to spend the money you earn. If you earn more, spend it more freely. Don’t treat yourself badly.”

He had lived with the Caron family since he came to Yonsburg. At first, everyone thought he was only staying for three or five days. Later, he never left. The Caron family didn’t say anything. They just regarded him as one of their own. He couldn’t do that. In good times, Mrs. Caron would also nag him.

Julian: “Can I help you?”

Kiera rarely took the initiative to call him. He usually called her.

Julian asked her concernedly, thinking that she had something to ask him for help with.

Kiera smiled and said, “It’s nothing. My students are just talking about you and asking you when you are free to come and play. They miss you.”

When Julian was in Wiltspoon, he invited Kiera and a dozen students out to play, treated them to delicious food, and gave them each a gift. After coming to Yonsburg, he would also go to the supermarket with them and treat them to food.

The children liked him very much and would talk about him whenever they couldn’t see him for more than three days.

“I’ve also taken care of things in the company. I plan to have a good rest for two days. I’ll go over to see them after getting off work. I’ll buy whatever they want to eat and invite everyone to eat together.”

The people in the martial arts gym were either her senior brothers or her students, and they were all the ones he wanted to favor.

They believed that anyone who was not blind could see his doting on Kiera.

In other words, Kiera regarded him as a buddy.

Julian: “How about treating them to a barbecue?”

Kiera said, “Okay, I told them, they will jump with joy; don’t let my mother know; she will talk about it again; and then prepare a big bowl of herbal tea for us. Now among the students in my martial arts gym, you are my favorite person.”

Kiera’s words were a bit sour.

Before Julian came, Kiera was the most popular teacher and coach in the martial arts gym.

When Julian came, he was very capable. Not to mention the inexperienced students; even her fellow students got along with him and often praised him in front of her.

Julian smiled and said, “That’s because they like to eat barbecue.”

Kiera actually liked to eat barbecue, but her mother was in charge of her family. She only dared to try it occasionally when the weather was cold in the spring and winter. That’s it. Her mother found out and asked her to drink herbal tea. She was afraid that she would get angry.

Julian: “I won’t let Auntie know. You don’t eat barbecue often, and it’s not good to eat it often. Then I’ll go over after getting off work.”

Kiera: “You don’t have to socialize tonight?”

Julian: “Need not.”

Kiera said, “I feel like you are quite leisurely. You go to work during the day, and I don’t even see you going out to socialize at night.”

Wasn’t it said that the big boss socializes a lot?

Julian: I spend all my social time chasing my wife.

Chasing a wife was more important than socializing for him.

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