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Married At First Sight Chapter 2841-Julian smiled and said, “I’ve done everything. What do the people under me do? I have to give them a chance. It’s good that I can go back to the company during the day.”

If he were in Wiltspoon, he would not return to the company for ten and a half days. All matters relating to the company would basically be left to the senior management team.

Unless it’s something particularly important, he will go back to the company.

How could a person as busy as him return to the company every day? He was not only concerned with business matters; he was also concerned with the success of many, many things. Who told his father to retreat to the second line so early and support the head of the family? In the name of the family, in fact, he, the young master, had done all the affairs of the head of the family.

“It sounds like you are giving face to others by going to work. The company belongs to you, and the money you earn goes into your wallet; it does not belong to the employees of your company. If you want to socialize in the evening, just say so. Don’t worry about getting home late. If you can’t enter the house, as long as you call me, I will come out and open the door for you.”

Her mother usually locks the door around 11 p.m.

If Julian gets home later than 11 p.m., he needs to call her family to open the door.

“There’s really no need to socialize; I’ve taken care of all the important things.” Julian quickly said, “I’ve been on a business trip for such a long time. If it hasn’t been handled well, it’s a problem with my ability. Are you busy? You go ahead, and I’ll go over there after getting off work.”

Kiera: “Well, I have two more classes to attend. See you in the evening.”

“See you in the evening.” Julian did not say that he liked Kiera in the end.

It’s hard to tell on the phone. He didn’t dare to say it.

Why was it so difficult to confess his love?

He didn’t even dare to send her a bouquet of roses every day for fear that she would know that he was pursuing her.

In fact, he spent several hours with her every day and was very obedient and caring toward her. That is his feeling for her, and most people could feel his feelings.

Kiera said that when she first met him, she had some thoughts, but after getting along with him, she had no thoughts. She said that she was used to treating men she got along with as buddies, so how could she be tempted by a buddy?


He liked Kiera no matter who told him to, and he could only like Kiera.

After ending the call, Julian also processed some documents, but he was a little absent-minded and found it difficult to calm down.

He knew the reason for his absentmindedness.

After thinking about it, he picked up the phone again and made a call, this time to Josh. In this generation of their Bucham family, Josh was the first to get married, and Jasmine was several months pregnant.

Although the relationship between Josh and Jasmine was smooth, there was no trouble at all; they just let nature take its course and got together. After all, they were married people with experience.

Josh quickly answered his call. He said, “Brother, what’s wrong?”

Josh was taking Jasmine for a ride outside. Zachary gave him two days off, and he stayed with his wife for these two days.

Julian: “Are you busy?”

Knowing that Josh was the second-in-command of the York Corporation, Zachary almost handed over the company to Josh because of his new marriage. Josh was no easier than him, Young Master Bucham.

“No, I’m on vacation.” Josh smiled as she spoke. “Zachary has finished his honeymoon and has returned to the company to work. He is at work. Of course, I have to take two days off to spend time with Jasmine. During the time when Zachary is not in the company, I am too busy. D*mn it, Jasmine wants to have hot pot, but I don’t even have time to accompany her.”

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