Married At First Sight Chapter 2843 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2843-Josh asked, “Well, how did you confess your love to Ms. Caron? Did she accept it when you confessed your love? Did she ever reject you? After being rejected, did you feel embarrassed? How did you adjust your mentality?”

“Josh, don’t laugh at me. It’s the first time in my life that I like a girl. I really have no experience. Although I have seen the good show of Zachary and his wife, they are different from me. They got a marriage certificate directly.”

Julian felt that it was embarrassing to ask Josh for advice on emotional matters, and it would damage his image as the young master of the Bucham family.

But he didn’t know who to ask other than Josh. He didn’t like to let others know about his private affairs.

He was usually the one who inquired about other people’s private affairs.

Josh: “Brother, you really let me; I don’t know how to put it; aren’t you pursuing Ms. Caron now? I think you are very nice to her; she is not a fool, and she knows very well. Maybe she’s just waiting for you to confess your love to her.

Jasmine and I just let nature take its course. Zachary and his wife helped us get along. When we looked at each other, we naturally got together and went in both directions. I have never been rejected. We have never been in love. Everything went smoothly until the wedding.

Brother, you are not stupid. When you usually get along with Ms. Caron, what is her attitude towards you? If it is very good, it means that she is interested in you. It’s just that girls are shy and embarrassed to take the initiative. At this time, we men have to be shameless. It’s important to be honest and take the initiative to speak up.

If you take the initiative to pierce that layer of paper, the two of you will naturally get together. I believe that for a man as good as my brother, it will not be a problem to win over Ms. Caron. I guess in Ms. Caron’s circle, she has never seen someone like you, an outstanding man.”

“Kiera treats me as a buddy.” Julian said it distressingly. “What she said is that she treats me as a good friend. She also said that she would introduce me to a good girl when she met her. She wants to help me as a matchmaker. If she likes me, how could she push me toward other women?”

Josh chuckled. After laughing, he asked Julian, “Did Ms. Caron play matchmaker for you? She said she treated you as a buddy; do you really believe it? Even if she really treated you as a buddy or a friend, the relationship would change.”

After Julian thought for a while, he said, “She has never been a matchmaker for me. She knows very few girls. I have accompanied her on blind dates, but each time her date is rejected, she gets rejected as well.”

Josh said, “Brother, you must have asked her blind date to let her go.”

Julian said, “The previous ones had nothing to do with me. The next few times were my fault. Ms. Caron is my destined girl. Who dares steal her from me?”

Josh smiled and said, “Brother, you also know about Kevin and Hayden, right? Kevin’s initial strategy was to do everything possible to prove that Hayden was a woman. How could he prove it? Hayden disguised herself as a man for twenty years. He wanted to prove to her that it was very difficult for her to be a woman.

He changed his strategy, expressed his love directly, pursued it openly, and was fearless of the rumors of homos*xuality. I guess they will get engaged in the future. Brother, you can learn from this and don’t have to worry about Ms. Caron treating you as a buddy. Just go with your heart.

If you like or love her, just confess it directly. Tell her that you hold her in high regard but do not wish to be her friend. If she rejects your feelings, you can pursue her slowly. Chasing your wife is nothing more than sending a few bouquets of flowers, gifts, and luxury cars every day. If she encounters difficulties, you should help her immediately.

As time goes by, she will be moved and accept you. Come on, brother, I hope you will be the one to get married next time.”

Julian also wanted to be the next couple to have a wedding.

Julian said, “But Kiera is nearly eleven years younger than me. Will she think I’m old? I’m at the level of an uncle to her.”

“As long as your future mother-in-law doesn’t dislike you for being old, it’s fine. Ms. Caron is also twenty-four or five years old, not fourteen or fifteen years old. You two are ten or eight years old, so what? People who are more than twenty years old can still live their lives as usual. Be happy and happy.”

After Julian thought for a while, he said, “Josh, I understand. Thank you. I called you, and sure enough, the problem can be solved. I have been struggling for a few days and don’t know what to do.”

Julian had always been straightforward and resolute in doing things, but when it came to feelings, he seemed to be sloppy and hesitant.

He still didn’t dare confess that he liked Kiera.

Maybe the more he cared, the more scared he would be.

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