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Married At First Sight Chapter 2844-Julian said, “It’s okay. Since you are at home on vacation, you should spend time with your wife. I will be busy for a while. In the evening, I will pick up Kiera from the Caron Family Martial Arts Gym and go home for dinner.”

Josh knew that Julian lived with the Caron family. He smiled and said, “Brother, you live in the Caron family, but you also need to have a good relationship with everyone in the Caron family. As long as you deal with their family, even if Ms. Caron hesitates, her family will also advise her to accept you.”

It was especially important to deal with his future father-in-law and mother-in-law.

Josh was particularly popular in the Sox family.

Julian said confidently, “The Caron family all likes me.”

Mrs. Caron no longer treated Julian as an outsider. If he eats hot food with Kiera, Mrs. Caron will make herbal tea for him while talking about him, completely losing her initial politeness.

Mrs. Caron: You want to marry my daughter, but you are still treated as an outsider and as a son-in-law, who is like a son-in-law.

Of course, she would say something to her family members when they didn’t do well.

Josh said, “I think so. I still trust you, brother. Come on, brother, that’s it. I’ll take Jasmine around for a ride.”

“Drive carefully; Jasmine is pregnant, so don’t hurt my nephew.” Julian warned.


Josh was very careful.

Of course, he also secretly took Jasmine out for a ride. If his parents found out, they would scold him to death.

He was afraid that he would not be able to take good care of Jasmine, and he was also afraid that he would drive Jasmine over if he drove too fast.

The baby in Jasmine’s belly was not only his flesh and blood but also his little ancestor in the eyes of the elders of the Bucham family. Before going out, his cousin also told him not to take Jasmine out to eat, saying that no matter how delicious the food outside was, it would be bad to eat too much because there were too many seasonings.

Josh finally understood how his beloved wife felt.

The brothers ended the call.

“What’s wrong with young master?”

Jasmine couldn’t clearly hear what Julian said. She only heard what Josh said, which was related to feelings.

Josh called himself a love consultant.

Josh said, “It’s okay. He just wants to confess to Ms. Caron, but he is afraid of being rejected. He said that Ms. Caron treats him as a buddy or a good friend. He is worried that confessing will scare Ms. Caron, and Ms. Caron will ignore him.”

Jasmine smiled and said, “I feel like the high-quality men around you only know how to work and make money. They have a high IQ but a low EQ. They always come to you when they encounter relationship problems. Only you are online with both IQ and EQ.”

Josh said, “That’s right, they all have only IQ but no emotional intelligence. I am the dual-quotient online. Wife, you have a vision.”

After boasting a lot, why didn’t he praise her wife too much?

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