Married At First Sight Chapter 2845 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2845-Jasmine smiled and said, “Of course I have vision. When Serenity told me that she wanted to introduce you to me, I already had an impression of you. You are Zachary’s right-hand man. Although at that time I’m not in the same circle as you, and I know your name very well.”

Josh chuckled. “I thought you didn’t like me. When we went on a blind date, it didn’t seem to go well.”

Jasmine said, “Really? Anyway, I like you very much.”

Josh said, “Me too; your personality suits me very well. We both like to listen to gossip. Wife, at first I thought you were with me just to hear gossip.”

Jasmine glanced at him and said, “Although I like eating melons very much, marriage is a lifelong event. I will not marry you just to eat melons. If you don’t love me, I won’t marry you. If you do, you will still be happy. Of course I got married.”

Their relationship was the smoothest.

There was no wind and rain, and no love rival.

The elders of both families were very happy when they knew they were together. Especially the elders of the Bucham family were very fond of Jasmine. When they proposed marriage, they kept praising Jasmine and saying that Josh was in the Sox family.

The elders of the Bucham family almost wanted to pay Josh to marry Jasmine.

“Let’s drive. I want to go to the lake. Take me there for a walk. It will get dark soon. If you get home late, your cousin will nudge you.”

Jasmine also knew that her cousin cared about her. She might have been a little disgusted with her before and felt that she was not worthy of Josh.

After getting along for a long time and receiving some verbal education from Jasmine’s mother-in-law, the cousin, who was the nutritionist of the Bucham family, had a better attitude towards Jasmine. Because she loved her cousin Josh, the nutritionist ultimately loved the house and the bird and sincerely accepted Jasmine.

However, that nagging temperament couldn’t be changed.

Mrs. Bucham talked to Jasmine and said that her natal niece had such a good character and that there was no bad intention in people. She asked Jasmine to be more tolerant.

Josh smiled and said, “Let’s go back later. My cousin usually goes to bed around nine o’clock in the evening. Her schedule is very regular. If we go back later, we can avoid her perfectly and won’t have to listen to her nagging. After my mother told her a few times, she nags less now.”

His cousin’s nagging and overbearing temper really couldn’t be changed.

Jasmine said, “At first, I still hated hearing her nag, but now that I’m used to it, it doesn’t matter. She used to look down on me, but now she really does it for my own good. I’m greedy and will eat whatever I can and can’t eat. If I don’t control my mouth and I eat a lot of junk food, which is not good for our baby,

Jasmine touched her slightly bulging belly.

About fourteen weeks into her pregnancy, she sometimes felt the fetus in her belly moving, but it was not obvious and always made her think it was an illusion.

She got pregnant earlier than Serenity, who was about two months pregnant.

“You can eat whatever you want, but don’t eat too much of anything.” Josh said while driving. “Do you still want to eat hot pot tonight?”

Jasmine said, “I don’t want to anymore. The food I want to eat changes very quickly. At that time, I really wanted to eat hot pot. After you took me to have a meal, I don’t want to eat it now.”

Josh smiled. “Just tell me what you want to eat.”

Jasmine changed very quickly. Sometimes the fruits she wanted to eat were not available during this season. If she wanted to eat them, he had to go to fruit shops all over the city to buy them, and the ones he bought were all out of season.

It just gave her a taste to satisfy her cravings and didn’t let her eat more.

Sometimes, she would suddenly say that she wanted to bite him a few times, and then she would bite him. She actually bit him, biting his arm. She bit him several times on one arm.

Pregnant women really have different moods and thoughts every day, which are unpredictable.

In private, Josh asked Zachary if Serenity wanted to bite Zachary’s arm after she became pregnant. After Zachary took a shower that night, he dangled his upper body in front of his wife, which made Serenity think that her man wanted to seduce her.

As a result, Zachary asked her if she wanted to bite his arm.

Serenity was stunned at the time, looking at Zachary’s arm stupidly, and stretched out her hand to squeeze the muscles on his arm, saying that she was not a dog, so why would she bite his arm?


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