Married At First Sight Chapter 2847 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2847-Julian paused his work and looked up at his secretary.

The secretary came over with a bouquet of flowers.

Julian said, “Put it on the coffee table over there for me.”

The secretary: “Okay.”

The secretary turned and walked away holding the bouquet, walked to the sofa, gently placed the bouquet on the coffee table, stood up straight, looked at Julian, and asked, “Mr. Bucham, do you have any other instructions?”

Julian said, “No more for now; go do your work.”

The secretary: “Okay, then I’m going to do something.”

When the secretary saw Julian lowering his head to deal with documents, he left the office.

Julian finished the work as quickly as possible, then he closed the computer and picked up his mobile phone and car keys. He bought a new car for the convenience of taking Kiera out for a ride.

Walking over, Julian picked up the bouquet of roses. After examining it for a moment, he felt that it was more beautiful than the bouquet he had randomly bought for Elisa before.

Next time, he would buy flowers in person.

Was it enough to just buy a bouquet of flowers?

Julian remembered that Josh often sent bouquets of flowers and jewelry to Jasmine.

But it was definitely not appropriate for him to give jewelry to Kiera, and Kiera would not accept it from him. He also wanted to give Kiera a mansion and a luxury car, but he had to accept it if Kiera was willing to accept it.

“Let’s test the waters first.” Julian muttered to himself.

He thought of sending a bouquet of flowers first to see Kiera’s reaction. If Kiera accepted it happily, he would then slowly change the gift, step by step.

Julian walked out of the office holding the bouquet of flowers.

The secretary: “Mr. Bucham.”

Julian: “I’m off work. Don’t call me at night as long as the sky isn’t falling.”

Don’t affect his relationship with Kiera.

No matter how important his job was, it was not as important as his life events. The main reason was that he was different from others. If others break up, they can still find someone else. If he can’t catch Kiera, he will have to be a bachelor for the rest of his life.

“Okay.” The secretary had long known that Julian would accompany Kiera at night. He had the good fortune to meet Kiera several times and also saw Julian’s doting on Kiera, but Kiera seemed to have no feelings for Julian.

Seeing that Julian specially asked him to help buy a bouquet of flowers, he must be confessing his love to Kiera.

Julian left happily.

A few minutes later, he drove out of the company and went to buy barbecue for Kiera and the children. He packed a lot of barbecue, bought a lot of snacks for the children, and finally bought a few boxes of chrysanthemum tea.

Mrs. Caron was always worried that they would get angry after eating barbecue, so she bought several boxes of herbal tea for everyone.

Of course, they still couldn’t let Mrs. Caron know.

They know he and Kiera could be talked about until their ears fall off.

It’s very cold outside.

Yonsburg was not like Wiltspoon. The lunar calendar was in its eleventh month. Wiltspoon had experienced a few days of cold weather, but the temperature had warmed up. During the day, simply dress in autumnal attire. Some people even wear short sleeves, but dress like a rice dumpling in Yonsburg.

With the heater on in the office, Julian didn’t feel too cold. When he came out, he got out of the car to buy things for the children. He couldn’t help but shrink when the north wind blew.

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