Married At First Sight Chapter 2848 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2848-An hour later, Julian arrived at the Caron family martial arts gym.

It’s already dark; actually, it’s still early, but in winter, the days are short and the nights are long, so it gets dark quickly.

Kiera was in charge of the class, which had just ended.

“Uncle Bucham is here.”

A child saw Julian’s car and shouted, and then the group swarmed out.

“Don’t run out; it’s windy outside.” Julian laughed and shouted, but everyone still ran out.

He then gave the several large bags of snacks he bought to a few older children to carry into the martial arts gym, and he gave the packed barbecue to the younger children for them to take in.

Kiera walked out, holding a thick coat while putting it on.

When she saw Julian, she smiled and said, “Before you came, I was the most popular person in the martial arts gym. After you came, you became the most popular.”

Kendrick followed Kiera out, and he took over what she said: “Kiera, you are so stingy; if you are as generous as Julian and treat everyone in the martial arts gym to eat every time you come over, I guarantee that everyone will like you the most like before.”

Kiera said, “It’s not that I’m stingy. How many times can I treat everyone to dinner with such a small amount of money? Julian runs a big company and is the big boss. I don’t want to compete with Julian for this.”

After Kiera finished speaking, she suddenly said, “It seems to be snowing.”

Kendrick looked at the sky and said, “It seems to be snowing. What’s weird about snowing? After the winter, it snows every now and then. It’s normal.”

Julian said, “Brother, come here; here are some boxes of chrysanthemum tea for you. I bought a barbecue and came here. I was afraid that everyone would get angry after eating it, so I bought a few boxes of chrysanthemum tea.”

Julian unloaded the boxes of chrysanthemum tea and summoned Kendrick rudely.

Kendrick went up to his car and took a look at it. He saw the bouquet of flowers placed on the passenger seat. His eyes flickered, but he didn’t say anything.

Julian had lived in their Caron family for such a long time, and the family had a clear understanding of Julian’s character and conduct.

Julian had a cold side and a gentle side. That cold side had never been shown in front of the Caron family, but the Caron family could tell that he was not as gentle as he appeared.

How could the big boss of a large group be such a gentle person after more than ten years of experience in the business world?

The Caron family felt that he had a bottom line in terms of conscience and would not do anything illegal or harmful to others. In addition, his sweet talk made the two elders of the Caron family fall in love with him more and more. His purpose for Kiera was of great concern to the Caron family. It was all tacit and allowed for the two of them to develop freely.

However, Julian was a bit older, which made the Caron family a little concerned.

Mrs. Caron often made soup for Julian to drink recently.

In order to take good care of Julian’s body so that Julian could live a long life, he could accompany Kiera to the end.

Julian didn’t know the real purpose of Mrs. Caron’s making soup for him to drink every day.

“Julian, my mother has infected you. You are afraid of getting angry after eating some barbecue. Look at what kind of weather it is. The north wind is blowing, it is snowing, it is freezing cold, and you are still afraid of getting angry. The people here are just like you. The city is different; we eat chili peppers every day without getting angry, but you people in Wiltspoon say you get angry when you eat spicy or fried things.”

Julian smiled and said, “Habitual.

In Yonsburg, I also feel that no matter how much I eat, I won’t feel the heat. It’s a climate problem.”

Yonsburg was cold.

“The kids probably won’t want it.” After Kendrick said that, he carried the boxes of chrysanthemum tea into the martial arts gym. There was heat in the martial arts gym. When the children practice martial arts, they all wear the uniforms issued by the martial arts gym. They were not too thick. Otherwise, it would look clumsy, and it would be inconvenient to practice martial arts.

“There is also chrysanthemum tea. If you need it, come and get it yourself.” Kendrick put the boxes of chrysanthemum tea on the ground and spoke to everyone in a loud voice.

“Coach, I want a bottle. Bring me a bottle.”

“I want it too. I want it too.”

Everyone was eating barbecue and wanted to drink water. There was chrysanthemum tea, which was just right.

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