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Married At First Sight Chapter 2849-Kendrick simply gave everyone a bottle of chrysanthemum tea. He was thinking that, in order to let them say good things in front of Kiera, Julian was also very generous. Every time he came over, he would treat everyone in the martial arts gym to eat. He would bring it to everyone if they wanted to eat, and everyone would have a share. Not only that, sometimes they couldn’t finish eating.

The amount of money that so many people need to spend every time is really not a small amount of money for ordinary people.

In Kiera’s words, with her little income, how many times could she treat everyone in the martial arts gym to food?

Kendrick thought to himself that his income was the highest among the many coaches in the martial arts gym, and he could not be like Julian.

As expected of the boss of a big company, Julian was so inhumane.

Kendrick paid attention to Julian and Kiera outside. Seeing that Julian and Kiera had not come in yet, he cursed in his heart that Julian must have fallen in love with his sister at first sight.

Julian traveled all the way to Yonsburg. Although Julian was on a business trip, it seemed that he didn’t have to socialize in the evening. All the business matters had been taken care of, but he wouldn’t leave. He acted like he wanted to stay with the Caron family for the New Year. What did he mean?

It was aiming at his sister, of course. Also, Julian and his sister had just met, and even if his sister had helped Julian, Julian said it was a life-saving grace.

Kendrick felt that his sister helped Julian because he acted too quickly and was nosy. In fact, with Julian’s skills, the speedsters who stopped Julian that night were probably no match for Julian.

In this way, his sister became Julian’s savior. His sister was interested in the love between Zachary and Serenity, so Julian came all the way to pick her up and attend their wedding.

The Carons were far away in Yonsburg, but the Yorks in Wiltspoon are too loud. They could learn about the York family in Wiltspoon by searching the Internet.

The head of the family, Zachary, could Kiera attend his wedding?

If Julian had not been with him, and if Julian’s status was not high, he would not have been able to satisfy Kiera’s curiosity, nor would he have helped Kiera and the eldest mistress of the York family become good friends.

Julian didn’t know what his future brother-in-law was thinking about him. Everything in his car was empty except for the bouquet of flowers placed on the passenger seat.

Kiera took a look at the car and asked him, “Have you finished moving everything?”

“Your luxury car feels like a truck when you drive it. It’s packed with stuff every time you come over.” Kiera teased him.

Julian said with a smile, “I bought a sedan just so I could stuff things in it. Otherwise, I would have bought a convertible.”

He walked around the car and came to the passenger seat, opened the car door, picked up the bouquet of flowers, and picked up an insulated lunch box. Then he turned around and handed the insulated lunch box to Kiera, who was following him, and said to her, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to beat them, so I prepared some for you and put them in an insulated lunch box. They should still be warm.”

Kiera took the lunch box and said with a smile, “Do you always have an insulated lunch box in your car?”

Every time he came over to give her something to eat, he always used an insulated lunch box.

“It is always prepared. You don’t need an insulated lunch box in Yonsburg because it’s too cold. It will quickly become cold.”

With that said, Julian handed the bouquet of flowers to Kiera, his eyes locked deeply on Kiera’s pretty face, and he said gently, “I passed by the flower shop and saw those beautiful flowers, so I bought a bouquet and gave it as a gift. Here you go.”

Kiera didn’t think much and took the bouquet with a smile. “It’s very beautiful. I liked it at first sight. Thank you, Julian; I like this bouquet very much.”

Julian smiled narrowly and said, “As long as you like it.”

Just afraid she won’t like it.

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