Married At First Sight Chapter 2921

Married At First Sight Chapter 2921-Serenity smiled and said, “It’s normal for you to feel fetal movement. I can feel fetal movement sometimes, but it just doesn’t feel real and can easily lead to misunderstandings.”

Having said that, she still asked Jasmine to touch her belly.

There was no one else in the store except two.

Jasmine sat back at the checkout counter and generously let her touch it, but the baby was sleeping. Serenity gently touched Jasmine’s belly but received no response from the baby.

Jasmine said, “Maybe he was sleeping. When I woke up in the morning, I said that I could feel the fetal movement. Josh also touched it. When he felt it, he was very surprised. He interacted with the baby for a long time. Maybe the baby was tired, and he was sleeping.”

Serenity smiled and retracted her hand. Anyway, she would be able to clearly feel the fetal movement soon, so there was no need to envy Jasmine.

There was the sound of high-heeled footsteps outside.

Soon, they saw a young woman walking in.

It’s still the young woman from yesterday, Carrie, with a changed face.

Seeing Carrie coming, Serenity asked her with a smile, “Hello, do you still need to buy information books?”

Carrie glanced at Jasmine, then returned to Serenity and said, “The set of information books I bought in your store yesterday, my brother-in-law said it was very useful, and his classmate also wants a set; he asked me to come here and buy another set for him to take to his classmates.”

Serenity stood up to get the matching information book and said, “It is very useful. All students in the junior high school at Wiltspoon Middle School use this set of information.”

“Many middle schools in Wiltspoon use these materials.” Serenity added.

Carrie followed Serenity and saw that Serenity was still eating half a piece of sesame cake in her hand. She cursed in her heart: The eldest young lady of the York family is still eating these things. She looks like a bargain.

A country bumpkin who comes from the countryside is a country bumpkin, and she cannot become a phoenix even if she flies on a branch.

Carrie secretly looked down on Serenity and despised her.

She felt that Serenity’s life was better; she married Zachary and became the eldest mistress of the most wealthy family. In Wiltspoon, who didn’t know that the elders of the York family, the richest man, were very open-minded and would respect any decision of their children.

So Serenity, the Cinderella, married into a wealthy family, lived a carefree life, and even bullied her.

Carrie still didn’t think she was at fault. It was Serenity and Camryn who were at fault.

It was originally a conflict between her and Camryn. Serenity was nosy and helped Camryn vent her anger, which made her angry, so she hired someone to teach Serenity a lesson. The miscalculation was that Serenity was very skilled, so she hired him. Not only did they fail to teach Serenity a lesson, they also implicated her and sent her to jail for a period of time.

If her parents were still outside, she could still be the same as before when she came out of jail, but after she went in, her parents followed them.

This series of events was all caused by Serenity’s meddling in other people’s affairs.

She really hated Serenity.

Following Serenity, she looked at Serenity with hatred in her eyes. Looking at Serenity’s slightly bulging belly, she really wanted to kick her from behind so that Serenity would fall forward and fall to the ground. She was guaranteed to have an abortion.

Carrie endured it again and again before acting impulsively.

Serenity got another set of information books for Carrie, turned around and handed them to Carrie, and said, “This is the set of information books you bought yesterday.”

After Carrie took it and looked at it, she looked through other books on the bookshelf.

“I’ll look at other books.” Carrie said.

Serenity smiled and said, “Take your time and watch.”

Then Serenity turned around, walked back to the cashier, and sat down. She quickly finished the half-piece of sesame cake.

Serenity asked, “Jasmine, is the sesame cake delicious?”

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