Married At First Sight Chapter 2922

Married At First Sight Chapter 2922-Jasmine hummed, “It’s delicious. As soon as I ate it, I said it was delicious.”

“Let’s split it in half.” Serenity said as she walked into the small kitchen, took out a fresh-keeping bag, and shared the sesame cakes given to them by Mr. Charles with Jasmine.

Jasmine was not polite, and she accepted.

Carrie, who was hiding behind the bookshelf and watching, was a little stunned. Have those two women never had cake in their eight lives? What kind of black sesame cake is that delicious? The two of them also divided it one half.

Carrie was a little curious and wanted to try how delicious the cake was that both young ladies would like to eat.

However, she appeared as Mrs. Labbe and had not become familiar with Serenity, so she was embarrassed to ask Serenity for cakes.

“Serenity, Jasmine, are you there?”

A familiar shout came from outside. Carrie, who was hiding behind the bookshelf, suddenly changed her face and became nervous because the voice belonged to Camryn.

Camryn came over holding an umbrella.

The bodyguards that Callum had arranged to protect her were following her. As long as she was not with Callum, the two bodyguards would follow her at all times.

Two bodyguards pulled a cart with several pots of green potted flowers on it.

After Serenity arrived at the store this morning, she called Camryn and asked Camryn to send her some green potted plants when she was free to replace the original potted flowers in the store.

The few pots of green potted plants she had originally kept were growing wildly. Serenity replaced them and gave them to Camryn to take back to the flower shop to branch and plant them in pots.

Camryn waited for the clerk to come back from delivering the flowers and then picked out some green potted plants for her grandmother.

“Camryn, we are here.” Serenity responded.

When the two bodyguards of the York family saw Camryn, they respectfully called her “Second Young Mistress.”

Carrie knocked over several books on the bookshelf, and the books fell to the ground with a sound.

“Sorry, I knocked down a few books.”

Carrie said apologetically and hurriedly kneeled down to pick up a few books and put them back on the bookshelf. Then, continue to look at the book.

She didn’t dare to speak anymore, but her ears were raised high, wanting to hear what the three women had to say.

She changed her face, but her body shape remained the same, and her voice didn’t change much. Mr. Labbe arranged for someone to teach her how to change her voice. She learned it every day. After all, she only learned it for a short period of time, so the change in her voice was not considered.

People who were familiar with her could easily recognize her by the sound of her voice.

Neither Serenity nor Jasmine were familiar with her. She was able to get through without arousing Serenity’s suspicion. Serenity felt that her figure was familiar, but she really didn’t recognize her face. Serenity no longer lets her go into the heart.

If Camryn heard her speak, she would definitely be able to recognize her.

“Serenity, I sent you the green potted plants you asked for.”

Camryn collected her umbrella and put it in the basket at the door, which was specially used for everyone to place umbrellas.

Serenity and Jasmine both greeted her.

“It’s a little rainy and cold today, but you still have to deliver it in person. Just ask them to deliver it for you. Or just tell me, and I’ll have someone come over and pick it up.” Serenity took Camryn’s hand and said, “Your hands are so cold. Why don’t you wear gloves? Don’t catch a cold.”

Camryn smiled and said, “When winter comes, my hands and feet are always cold. It has been for more than ten years. I have to sleep for a long time at night to get warmer.”

It’s because her body was too cold. It was her own mother who was the victim.

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