Married At First Sight Chapter 2923

Married At First Sight Chapter 2923-“My store is not busy right now, so I came over here to chat with you.”

Camryn went there in person, mainly because he wanted to chat with his sister-in-law and good friend.

Serenity directed the bodyguards to help move the original potted plants and replace them with the new ones sent by Camryn.

Jasmine went to pour a cup of hot water for Camryn and said to Camryn, “Drink a cup of hot water. The temperature has cooled down today.”

Then she asked the bodyguards to get themselves a glass of hot water.

Anyway, these bodyguards were familiar with this place.

They knew that these young ladies like her were approachable and didn’t put on airs.

Camryn took a sip of hot water and didn’t ask anything when she saw the cakes on the cashier.

However, Serenity still invited her to eat.

Camryn was not polite and took one to eat.

Carrie: “…”

That cake must be delicious.

Camryn didn’t say whether it was delicious or not. She chatted with her two friends while eating.

Finally, they talked about how Camryn would attend a banquet with her mother-in-law in two days. Camryn said to Serenity, “Seren, if you weren’t pregnant, we would still have a companion. I behave appropriately in front of my mother-in-law, but I’m actually a little nervous. I rarely attend banquets.”

It is true that she was the eldest daughter of the Newman family. Because her biological father died early, her biological mother was not as good as her stepmother. She had a bad life when she was a child. When she was sixteen years old, her biological mother poisoned and blinded her. She lived in darkness. In the Newman family mansion, her life was worse than that of a servant.

Where was the chance to attend the banquet?

Her mother often attended events and had social events, but she usually took Carrie out to see the world.

By the time she became the head of the Newman family, her eyes had not yet been cured, and it was difficult for her to attend the banquet.

Therefore, she attended very few banquets.

It would be a lie to say she was not nervous.

She just didn’t want to show her shyness in front of her mother-in-law.

She was also afraid that if she didn’t perform well, she would lose the faces of her mother-in-law and her husband.

She represented not only the Newman family, but also the York family.

Serenity comforted Camryn: “Don’t be afraid. Aunt Rosella is there for everything. Just follow her. If someone targets you, you don’t have to be polite. Fight back vigorously. If the sky falls, Aunt Rosella will help you hold on. Actually, the banquets that can invite Aunt Rosella to attend are from well-established families. They are all well-educated people. You don’t have to be concerned about them looking down on you or bullying you.

Camryn, you are now the head of the Newman family and the second young mistress of the York family. You have enough confidence to look down upon the ladies of Wiltspoon.”

Serenity had never been timid. Her background was not as good as Camryn’s. Even though Camryn’s mother miserably killed her, the Newman family was still well-off.

She was a country bumpkin, so many people looked down upon her.

Serenity had never had low self-esteem. She only felt psychological pressure after not being pregnant for a long time.

Socially, she never felt pressured.

If others thought highly of her, she would spend more time chatting with those who thought highly of her. She didn’t even bother to get to know those who looked down on her.

She didn’t have to eat other people’s rice.

No matter what others thought of her,.

She wanted her husband’s family not to dislike her.

Jasmine echoed: “What are you afraid of? They are all very well-educated people and easy to get along with. You don’t have to worry about what others are thinking, and you don’t have to care. When I was at the banquet, I lay down on the ground and threw Even though my aunt is so embarrassed, I’m not afraid of becoming famous.”

Serenity chuckled.

Jasmine really became famous instantly.

Josh had an impression of Jasmine because she became famous for her performance at the banquet. Of course, it was also because of this that it was hard for Mrs. Lowe to help Jasmine lead the way, because many ladies saw Jasmine’s behavior that day. look.

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