Married At First Sight Chapter 2930

Married At First Sight Chapter 2930-“Serenity, where is Camryn? Tell her to come out! I know she is in your shop. I went to her flower shop, and the people in her shop said she came to your place! How could she do that to me? actually gave me a bag of loose money, all of which was 15 cents!”

“After all, I am also her biological sister, born to the same mother. Even if I was not very nice to her before, she can’t treat me like this. I almost have no money to eat. I asked her for money; she gave me a bag of 150 cents of loose money, and this is not how I give it to a beggar.”

Carrie was almost furious when she thought of the bag of money.

Serenity and Jasmine also heard Camryn talk about this matter just now.

At this moment, Carrie came over and shouted about giving money, which made it difficult for Serenity to overlap Carrie with the young woman who came to buy information books.

Serenity said coldly, “It’s an unlucky time for you to come. Camryn has already gone back. Why didn’t you meet her on the road?”

Carrie said angrily, “She now travels in a luxury car. I came here by bus; how could I meet her?”

Serenity still had the same cold attitude; she said, “Then please, Miss Newman, take the bus to the flower shop to find Camryn. She is indeed not here now.”

Carrie looked into the store and saw that there was indeed no Camryn in the store. Her arrogance weakened, and then she said to Serenity shamelessly, “Give me some money; I don’t have money to eat or pay rent. The rent has been refunded, and now I can only live in those small hotels, which cost dozens of dollars a day.

Originally, Trenton said he would give me $10,000 a month for living expenses. It was Camryn who told Trenton not to give me that much money. She took over my family’s property and left me living outside, suffering poverty and cold. It’s such a cold day; I’m freezing to death, and she even interferes with the living expenses my brother gives me, intentionally wanting to starve me to death.

I know that she is afraid that I will divide the family property, so she wants to starve me to death. Then she can achieve her goal of actually occupying all of the Newman family’s property. Trenton, that fool, has always trusted her. By then, she will eat my parents’ property until there is no scrap left. That br*t, Trenton, is so stupid that he believes in her so much.”

Serenity and Jasmine both laughed at Carrie’s shamelessness. Jasmine scolded her rudely: “Who are we, and why do you have the nerve to ask us for money? You don’t have money to eat? Camryn clearly said that she gave a bag of money to you.”

Carrie said angrily, “That’s a bag of loose money, all of which are 150 cents.”

Jasmine said, “Isn’t 150 cents money? If you count it clearly, there is a lot of money in a bag. It’s enough for you to eat and stay in a hotel for a while.”

Serenity took Jasmine’s words and said, “You said you don’t have money to eat, but you still have money to buy new clothes. You should buy new clothes.”

Carrie straightened her waist and asked, “What’s wrong with me buying a few new clothes? It’s such a cold day; I can’t buy a few new clothes. Anyway, I don’t have money to eat and rent a house. It must be you people who forced my two eldest aunts to leave, and now they have all lost contact with me.

I don’t even have anyone to rely on. Camryn was too cruel at first. She is taking revenge on me for how I treated her before.”

Serenity sarcastically said, “Miss Newman, you’re quite self-aware.”

Carrie choked.

“Miss Newman, you’re very handy. If you don’t have money to spend, just earn it yourself. Camryn doesn’t owe you anything, so why should we support you or give you money?”

Jasmine disliked people like Carrie the most.

Due to the demolition of her family, her family became a wealthy family. She partnered with Serenity to open a bookstore and a company, and she also worked in the bookstore every day to earn some money.

Carrie only knew how to get money but didn’t know how to make money.

Carrie said, “The Newman family’s property belongs to me. Camryn has occupied my property, so she has to support me. Unless she returns all the property to me, I will pester her every day, pester her for money, and let everyone in Wiltspoon know that the second young lady of the York family abused and bullied her own sister.”

Serenity chuckled, “Sister? Miss Newman, now you know that Camryn is your biological sister. How did you treat her before? When you were cruel to her, why didn’t you say that she was your biological sister? “


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