Married At First Sight Chapter 2931

Married At First Sight Chapter 2931-Serenity added: “Whose property belongs to the Newman family? Who is occupying whom? Your parents are shameless and have occupied Camryn’s property, and you have the nerve to say it’s yours. It’s so shameless.

Carrie, I’m not Camryn, and I won’t tolerate your shamelessness. If Camryn hadn’t been the sister of the same mother as you, you would be penniless now. You don’t even have money for food. Get out of here; I don’t want to see you.”

Camryn was cruel, but she had a little bit of sisterly love for her brother and sister.

Otherwise, it would be easy for Camryn to crush Carrie to death.

“You think I really want to see you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t go to jail. If it weren’t for you, my parents would be fine. It’s all you! Serenity, I am in despair today. You are the most Well, just pray that God will always be on your side. If one day I gain power, I will repay you double what I have suffered.”

Carrie didn’t hide it; she just hated Serenity so much. In front of Serenity, she expressed her hatred for Serenity in full.

This was also what her character would do.

When she appeared as Mrs. Labbe, she was a dignified, generous, gentle, and graceful lady.

Mr. Labbe hired an etiquette teacher for her and trained her to become a qualified lady. But that was not what she liked.

She likes to be like this now. When she was angry, she lost her temper, cursed loudly, hated someone without holding back, and expressed her hatred.

“Miss Newman, what you said terrified me. I’m terrified. I’ve made the decision to pray for God to bless you, Miss Newman, by burning three incense sticks in the morning and three in the evening, starting tomorrow. For the benefit of the world’s common people, Miss Newman, you will always be in trouble and have never been popular.”

Carrie’s face turned green.

It also involved all the people in the world.

Carrie glared at Serenity fiercely a few times. Apart from glaring a few times, Carrie didn’t dare do anything to Serenity. The York family’s bodyguards stared at her coldly. If she dared to touch Serenity’s finger, she would die without a burial place.

Mr. Labbe told her that she was reborn and transformed so that Serenity and others would not doubt her. She must first learn to be tolerant, stay calm when facing people she hates, and not show hatred.

Only when she did this could she truly interact with Serenity and others.

Even if she is Miss Newman now, she still has to endure it. Who said she has no support, no backer, no power, and no money now?

Carrie regretted it for the first time, regretting that she had been too impulsive. If she hadn’t been impulsive, her family would still be fine, her parents would not offend Zachary just to help her vent her anger, and her good family would not be broken up.

And her two eldest aunts. In the final analysis, it was all her fault. It was she who caused a series of things to happen.

Carrie said coldly, “You don’t need to rush me; I will leave on my own, thinking I really want to see you!”

After saying that, Carrie turned around and left, holding her head high and proud as she left.

She still has the arrogance of Miss Newman in her bones.

Serenity signaled a bodyguard to follow Carrie for a short distance until Carrie stopped the bus. After getting on the bus, the bodyguard immediately stopped a taxi and asked the driver to follow the bus.

Carrie didn’t know that the York family’s bodyguards were following her, but she didn’t go to the villa Mr. Labbe bought for her, but to Spring Blossoms.

After showing up in front of Serenity, she had to go to Camryn’s flower shop to dispel Camryn’s suspicion.

The only person who could easily recognize her was Camryn.

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