The Mans Decree Chapter 3861

Chapter 3861 The Five Elements Beast

Kai, on the other hand, was skillfully employing Blazing Stride, continuously dodging with such agility that he seemed to vanish and reappear out of nowhere.

Every single attack from Selma was skillfully dodged by Kai.

As Kai pushed Blazing Strides to the limit, numerous images of him emerged. These were all afterimages left behind due to Kai’s extreme speed.

Selma furrowed her brows slightly. She understood that Kai wasn’t retaliating, but was merely dodging with all his might, aiming to wear her down.

With this in mind, once the time came for Selma’s aura to explode, her defeat would be inevitable.

“You’re dreaming if you think you can wear me down!”

Selma saw through Kai’s strategy, and subsequently, her fingers moved subtly. The dazzling, multicolored frost energy began to spread.

At the same time, a glimmer of light began to flicker at the center of Selma’s brows. This shimmer then took flight, darting straight into the midst of the frost energy.

Upon observing the situation, Kai couldn’t help but frown. He could sense that Selma seemed to be breathing life into the vast expanse of frost energy before him.

With this in mind, the repercussions that Selma faced were not as simple as becoming incapacitated. There was a high probability that she could die as a result.

“Is she planning to take me down with her?” Kai mumbled through gritted teeth while activating Golem Body.

The Power of Dragons stirred within his chest, all his strength gathering in that single moment.

Faced with Selma’s formidable Ultimate Realm strength, Kai dared not to take it lightly.

“Rise again!”

With a thunderous roar, Selma merged the radiant light with the dazzling and multicolored frost energy into one.

Immediately following, waves of frost energy exploded forth, after which an array of differently colored frost energy solidified once more.

However, this time, the frost energy solidified into ferocious beasts.
Each one had a unique shape. Such demon beasts didn’t exist in the Ethereal Realm.

As the demon beasts materialized, everyone was taken aback with shock.

After all, the shock from encountering such never-before-seen demon beasts was truly the greatest.

Kai was also utterly bewildered as he had never seen these bizarre and strangely shaped demon beasts before.

There were five demon beasts in total, each exuding an aura of wild fury.

At that moment, Vermilion Demon Lord said, “The five elements beast? I can’t believe the ancestors of the Mueller family were actually from the celestial realm!”

As the Demon Lord of the celestial realm, he was well-acquainted with these five demon beasts.

“Five elements beast?” Kai wore a face of confusion.

Moreover, if the ancestors of the Mueller family were from the celestial realm, how did they end up populating the Ethereal Realm?

Moreover, it seemed that the Mueller family did not practice any celestial techniques. They couldn’t even recognize, let alone absorb, the celestial energy.

Judging from this, it seemed impossible that the ancestors of the Mueller family could have been from the celestial realm.

Seeing the confusion on Kai’s face, Vermilion Demon Lord explained, “It’s quite simple. Not everyone perished in the Celestial Battle all those years ago. Undoubtedly, there were immortals and Demonic Cultivators from the celestial realm who survived. These individuals must have been injured and unable to return to
the celestial realm, so they chose to stay. However, in Ethereal Realm, there was only spiritual energy and no celestial energy. If they wanted to thrive, they had to modify their cultivation methods, allowing their descendants to cultivate using spiritual energy. It’s quite normal that, thousands of years later,
descendants only understand the concept of spiritual energy but are unfamiliar with the essence of celestial energy. Moreover, this person’s power surged unexpectedly. The aura she exuded at that moment contained traces of celestial energy. Now, she has even conjured the five elements beast. It’s certain that the
ancestors of the Mueller family must have been from the celestial realm.”

After hearing Vermilion Demon Lord’s explanation, Kai had also come to understand some things.

But how am I supposed to deal with this five elements beast?

“Mr. Vermilion, how do we deal with this five elements beast?” Kai asked.

“The five elements beast has the ability to separate and merge. Each one possesses its own unique power, corresponding to one of the five elements. However, when they come together, that’s when they become truly terrifying. You must overcome them, taking them down one by one,” Vermilion Demon Lord replied.

“Take them down one by one?” Kai’s head was spinning.

How could I take them down one by one?

“Mr. Vermilion, does Celestial Devourer have the upper hand when confronting the five elements beast?”

Kai found himself recalling Celestial Devourer.

If Celestial Devourer were to emerge and directly devour the five elements beast, that would make things much easier!

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