The Mans Decree (chinese) 3940

“You’re talking nonsense and spitting blood, I didn’t increase the Supreme Flame at all, and I don’t know why the Supreme Flame exploded.”

Seeing that he was wrongly accused, Qian Xiu roared angrily!

“You say you didn’t have it and you don’t have it? What evidence do you have?”

“Of the entire disciples who took the test, only you have the strength to increase the Supreme Flame, who is it if not you?”

Liu Shitong questioned at Qian Xiu!

“It’s her, I saw her sneaking close to the Supreme Flame, and along the way, she, a participant in the Deacon’s Examination, wasn’t in a hurry at all, it’s obvious that she wants to plot against him!”

Seeing this, Lu San also accused at Qian Xiu!

This time, Qian Xiu was speechless, her face red with anger, but she didn’t know how to retort!

Because she also didn’t know why this to fire suddenly exploded!

In the end, Qian Xiu cried in aggravation!

Looking at Qian Xiu in that state, Liu Shitong and Lu San were filled with smugness!

Kai couldn’t help but shake his head, it was really true that the words, the person who wronged you, knows more than you yourself, how wronged you are!

“Senior Sister Qian, was this incident your doing?”

Wei Qing saw that Liu Shitong and Lu San both said that Qian Xiu did it, so he also asked out loud!

After all, it was true that amongst these people, Qian Xiu was the only one capable of doing such a thing!

It was possible that Qian Xiu was afraid of losing in the end, so he simply crashed the test so that he couldn’t tell the winner from the loser!

Hearing Wei Qing ask this, Qian Xiu looked at Wei Qing aggrievedly and said, “Do you …… you think I did it too?”

“Senior sister Qian, I don’t mean that, I’m just asking, if it’s really you, you don’t have to be afraid, I won’t let the sect punish you.”

Wei Qing hurriedly said!

“You bastard, get lost, it wasn’t me at all.”

Qian Xiu roared angrily, her entire body was really about to collapse!

Looking at Qian Xiu’s collapse, Wei Qing was also a little scared!

“If it wasn’t you, then who was it? The assessment formation I laid down would never go wrong, who on earth suddenly increased the power of the Supreme Fire?”

Elder Cui asked at Qian Xiu!

This time, Qian Xiu really couldn’t wash away even if she jumped into the Yellow River, he didn’t even know the slightest bit about who did it, and in the entire assessment, only herself had this ability!

Moreover, she was still following these inner sect’s assessment disciples everywhere, so there must be an intention!

How else could she explain?

Qian Xiu was just trying to take care of Kai, who knew that things had turned out like this.

“It’s not me, it really isn’t me …… Is it only when I die that you guys can believe me?”

Qian Xiu was going to be more than driven mad, the whole person collapsed!

And Kai now also finally understand, many people finally wrongly accused of the collapse of suicide, that really has reached the limit!

“You die ah, you die, we believe you!”

Lu San said to Qian Xiu with a smug face!

As long as Qian Xiu committed suicide, then you can directly dump the pot on Qian Xiu, it was her who did something wrong and committed suicide!

“Ah …………”

Qian Xiu collapsed and shouted as she suddenly slapped her palm towards her Heavenly Spirit Point!

Only Kai on the side was quick on his feet and directly stepped forward and grabbed Qian Xiu’s wrist!

“Senior Sister Qian, you didn’t do it, why did you kill yourself?”

“By doing so, aren’t you letting those who are secretly making things worse get away with it for nothing?”

Kai said to Qian Xiu!

“No one believes me, no one believes me ……”

“Junior Brother, do you believe me?”

Qian Xiu looked at Kai and asked!

“I believe you!” Kai nodded!

Of course he believed it, this matter was done by Kai, of course he believed that it was not done by Qian Xiu!


Qian Xiu jumped head first into Kai’s arms and cried out!

This time, it could make Kai a bit overwhelmed!


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