The Mans Decree (chinese) 3941

“You’re a newbie, what do you know, there won’t be another person who can do this besides Qian Xiu!”

Liu Shitong might hurry up and put the blame on Qian Xiu, so that he wouldn’t have to take any responsibility!

“Why is it that only Senior Sister Qian can do it?”

Kai asked rhetorically!

“Nonsense, only her current strength is able to make the to fire in the place of assessment skyrocket causing an explosion, others don’t have that ability.”

Liu Shitong snorted coldly!

“Without that strength, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t make the breath of the Supreme Fire explode, for example, if someone were to enter with a treasure with the Supreme Fire and then release the Supreme Fire to fuse it, wouldn’t it also be able to cause the breath to skyrocket and explode?”

Kai coldly looked at that Liu Shitong and asked!

As soon as Liu Shitong heard this, his brows immediately furrowed, and there were a few moments of panic in his eyes!

As for that Lu San, his eyes were even wider, looking at Kai with a face full of incredulity!

When he acted at that time, no one saw it, but how did this Kai know?

“There is indeed this possibility line ……”

Elder Cui nodded!

“Elder Cui, don’t listen to this newcomer’s nonsense, they are all outer disciples, how could they possibly have a treasure with the Supreme Fire.”

Liu Shitong hurriedly said to Elder Cui!

“Whether there is or not, a body search will not know, I now suspect that Lu San body, should have that treasure with the supreme fire.”

Kai has been Lu San said!

“I have not, no ……”

Lu San shook his head in panic, his expression becoming flustered!

“No?” Kai looked at Lu San with teasing eyes, “If you say no, then search your body and let us take a look ……”

“Asshole, what the hell are you, Lu San is at least the most senior of the outer disciples, it’s your turn to search him when you say so?”

Liu Shitong reprimanded Kai!

If one searches the body and searches out that bronze mirror, then it would be troublesome!

“Junior Brother, do you know something?”

Wei Qing saw that Kai insisted on searching his body, so he asked!

“Senior brother, that Lu San has something on him, I saw him use it during the examination, and it seems to have the Supreme Fire in it.”

“I guess he wanted to make the Supreme Flame aura increase, and then make us quit without the means to withstand it.”

“As a result, the operation was a mistake, causing the Supreme Flame to explode!”

“As a result, the operation was wrong, causing the to fire to give an explosion!”

Kai whispered to Wei Qing!

When Wei Qing heard this, he was instantly enraged, feeling that these guys even cheated.

“Liu Shitong, the Supreme Flame exploded for no reason, the cause must be found out before it can be done, and Junior Brother’s request for a body search is also a reasonable request.”

“Are you guys weak-minded and don’t dare to let yourselves be searched ah?”

Wei Qing questioned Liu Shitong!

“What do I have to be vain about, just search, but everyone has to be searched.”

Liu Shitong said with forced composure!

“That’s natural, all those taking the test have to be searched.”

Wei Qing nodded!

“Ouch …………”

Lu San suddenly covered his stomach at this moment and said with a hideous expression, “I have a stomach ache, I’m going to go out of my way, you guys search the others first!”

After Lu San finished speaking, he was about to leave, it seemed that he wanted to get rid of that bronze mirror!

Wei Qing, on the other hand, leapt up and stopped that Lu San, grabbed his collar and said, “You kid don’t pretend, you want to secretly dispose of the things on your body, don’t you?”

“I didn’t, I just have an upset stomach!”

Lu San said with a stiff upper lip!

“Unwell stomach? You can even come up with this kind of excuse, who do you think will believe it?”

Wei Qing sneered!

Liu Shitong also glared at that Lu San in anger, this kind of childish excuse could be thought up!

Being a cultivator of the Transition Realm now, you say that your stomach hurts and you need to go take a shit!

Who the hell can believe that?

It’s not like this is an ordinary person!

It seemed that Lu San was so panicked that his brain was dumbfounded!

“Senior brother Liu, he …………”

Lu San still wanted to follow Liu Shitong to ask for help, but Liu Shitong glared at him and said, “Shut up, shut the fuck up!”

He was really afraid that this Lu San would betray himself as well!


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