The Mans Decree (chinese) 3943

He didn’t realise that this copper mirror was made by Elder Cui himself!
This copper mirror was also given to him by Liu Shitong’s master, in order for Liu Shitong to be able to help with cultivation, after all, with this copper mirror, one could be in contact with the supreme fire all the time, and be able to cultivate more quickly!
But I didn’t expect that this Liu Shitong would take out the copper mirror and use it to cheat during the examination!

Liu Shitong suddenly knelt down in front of Elder Cui and said with tears in his voice, “Elder Cui, disciple is wrong, this copper mirror was given to me by my master for me to use for cultivation.”
“It’s only because that Lu San is now at the sixth rank of the Transition Realm, and has not been able to master the Supreme Fire Breath, and has not been able to be assessed as an inner disciple, that I lent the copper mirror to him to use.”

“I didn’t think that this Lu San would use this copper mirror to cheat during the assessment, causing the Supreme Fire in the assessment place to explode, causing damage to the assessment formation!”
Liu Shitong’s brain was also flexible enough, he didn’t expect to react so quickly and find out a way to shirk!

As for that Lu San, he was looking at Liu Shitong with a face full of shock, he never thought that this Liu Shitong would react so quickly, and even after reaching such a stage, he still pushed the responsibility onto his own head!
“Are you telling the truth?” Elder Cui asked!

“What my disciple said is true, I would never dare to deceive Elder Cui ……”
Liu Shitong knelt on the ground and said!
“Lu San ……”

Elder Cui shouted, and that Lu San was also scared and plopped down on the ground!
At this moment, Liu Shitong was constantly winking towards that Lu San!
Now, as long as that Lu San carried everything down, then it would have nothing to do with him!
Lu San looked at Liu Shitong’s wink, and knew that he could only fight to the death, even if he gave Liu Shitong up, it wouldn’t do him any good!

Maybe by keeping Liu Shitong, he would still have a chance in the future!
“Elder Cui, it was my own momentary obsession to use the supreme fire within the copper mirror to increase the supreme fire aura of the place of assessment.”

“Disciple also only wanted to increase the supreme fire aura so that everyone else would fail the test and only I would pass the inner gate test, so that I could pretend to be a bully.”
“I didn’t realise that the operation error caused all the Supreme Fire within the copper mirror to run out and follow the fusion of the Supreme Fire in the place of assessment, causing an explosion.”

“Disciple deserves to die, disciple deserves to die, please ask Elder Cui for chastisement!”
Lu San took all the blame himself!
Liu Shitong was relieved when he heard that!

“Elder Cui, this must have been instructed by that Liu Shitong, otherwise Lu San wouldn’t have dared, Liu Shitong must be punished.”
Seeing this, Wei Qing hurriedly said to Elder Cui!
It was clear that this matter was Liu Shitong instructing Lu San to do it!
“Wei Qing, don’t spit blood, what evidence do you have that I instructed him?”
Liu Shitong angrily roared at Wei Qing!
“It was you, Lu San didn’t have the guts.”
Wei Qing said!

“It wasn’t me!” Liu Shitong sophistically argued!
The two argued with each other in an uncontrollable manner!

Elder Cui let out an angry shout, and the two instantly shut their mouths!
“Since there’s no evidence to prove that Liu Shitong directed it, then let’s not argue anymore.”
“The accident this time is all borne by that Lu San, from now on, Lu San shall not be allowed to test for inner disciples for thirty years.”

“Liu Shitong is the chief examiner of the examination, and after this kind of incident, he is fined for three years.”
Elder Cui’s words caused Liu Shitong and Lu San to kneel down and kowtow repeatedly!
This kind of punishment was definitely considered light when this kind of thing happened!
Although Wei Qing was unhappy, there was nothing he could do!
“Elder Cui, what about this examination?”
Wei Qing asked!

“The assessment is null and void, after I repair the assessment formation, the assessment will be conducted!”
After Elder Cui finished speaking, he turned around and left, and the formation was automatically eliminated!
Liu Shitong and Lu San’s foreheads were filled with cold sweat as they let out a long breath!

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