The Mans Decree (chinese) 3946

Kai this is called not self-importance, if this is followed by Liu Shitong strength equivalent of Wei Qing said out, may be regarded as self-confidence hard!

But from Kai’s mouth, that is a joke, not self-importance!

How can a fourth-grade cultivator of the Transitional Realm compare with an eighth-grade cultivator of the Transitional Realm?

This is a difference of four minor realms!

One must know that the higher the realm, the greater the gap between the minor realms!

“Senior brother, stop talking, I will help you find a way to enter the inner sect.”

Wei Qing frowned and said to Kai with some anger!

“Senior brother, just wait and watch the show.”

Kai smiled faintly, then looked at Liu Shitong, “This is only when the test is nullified, the bet from the beginning is also nullified, now let’s re-do the bet, if you win me, those Spirit Coins I bet on can still go to you.”

“Good, if you win me, my spirit coins will also be given to you, and I will call out to you as big brother when I see you.”

Liu Shitong agreed with alacrity!

This was simply giving himself money for nothing!

“Where is the ring? Compete now, I don’t have too much time to waste on you.”

Kai asked!

“Senior brother ……”

Wei Qing, Qian Xiu all thought about persuading Kai, but Kai waved his hand, telling them all to keep quiet!

“Follow me ……”

Liu Shitong leapt up and Kai followed closely behind!

Having come to this point, Kai did not care if he would expose his strength!

It didn’t matter if he exposed his strength, as long as he didn’t expose his identity!

Seeing Kai leaving after Liu Shitong, everyone followed!

This kind of competition with a difference of four minor realms had never happened before in the entire Purple Flame Sect!

Wei Qing was also worried as he followed over!

“This senior brother, why is he so reckless?”

Wei Qing was filled with anxiety and had asked someone to notify his master!

But whether it could be notified or not, that was unknown, after all, the council chamber wasn’t something that anyone could enter!

“Ai, Junior Master is too impulsive, it would be a shame if this is wasted by that Liu Shitong.”Qian Xiu was also anxious, such a good person, if he was wasted, Qian Xiu felt pity!

“Senior brother, senior sister, you can forcefully stop junior junior brother ah, directly knock him out, this kind of competition, it’s just like sending him to his death for nothing!”

“That’s right, Junior Senior Brother doesn’t know the insidiousness of that Liu Shitong, but we do.”

The many senior brothers also said!

“Right, in a moment, we’ll forcefully take Junior Brother away.”

Qian Xiu seemed to have made up his mind!

Wei Qing nodded vigorously, he could not watch Kai seek death either, if something really happened, there was no way to explain it to Elder Yu!

Liu Shitong brought Kai to the martial arts platform, which was built with special diamonds and had formation patterns flickering around it!

Obviously, these formation patterns should have been laid down by Elder Cui as well, and it was estimated that Elder Cui was the only formation master in the entire Purple Flame Sect!

All around the ring, there were already people who had come to watch the action!

And the four referee elders were also invited out at this time!

“Liu Shitong, I remember that today is the day of the examination, why have you brought people to this martial arts stage?”

One of the referee elders asked Liu Shitong!

“Referee Elder, today, because the assessment formation is damaged, there are disciples who want to challenge each other in a match to be promoted to inner disciple.”

Liu Shitong said!

“Oh!” That referee elder nodded, after all, there were challenges almost every year, so there was no surprise!

“Let the challenging outer disciples and deacon disciples come up to the stage!”

After the referee elder finished speaking, he sat back in his chair!

Kai, on the other hand, followed that Liu Shitong and stood on top of that martial arts stage!

The referee elder glanced at the two of them and said with a slight frown on his brow, “Liu Shitong, let that deacon disciple get on the stage!”

“Referee Elder, this time the challenge is for me!”

Liu Shitong said!

“It’s you?” The referee elder was startled!


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